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October 6, 2015

NORSE Live Attacks Shows America Under Major Cyber Attacks After Paypal Crashed Worldwide Monday Night! Are They Prepping Us For 'Total System Failure'?


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to this linked story at Thomas Dishaw and the newly released video below from KafkaWinstonWorld, the entire Paypal system crashed worldwide on Monday night for several hours, just the latest 'outage' that makes us feel like they are 'preparing us for the big one' - worldwide system failure.

A visit to Down Detector for Paypal found hundreds and hundreds of problems reported on Monday, all day long, before they really ramped up at approx. 17:00 UK time. Computing reported the problem at approx. 19:30 UK time and as of 21:00, the problem had still not been resolved.

As of 21:30 EST, the Paypal system seems to be up and running again but according to the story on Computing, EVERY Paypal account in the world was affected by the outage showing us once again, it's much safer and much smarter to carry cash rather than count on computerized systems, bank cards and banks which could quite easily go down at any moment and as we see in the 2nd video below, our infrastructure is ALWAYS under attack by those who intend to do us harm.

All we need to do is take a visit to Norse Live Attacks website at any time to see that America is being absolutely pummeled from all across the world in cyber attacks. If this video and the screenshots seen on this story were regular warfare, we'd have very little country left standing after the countless blows we're taking. How long will it be until we suffer a cyber attack that leads to catastrophe? In the 3rd video below from X22Report, our videographer takes a look at what could one day bring down our entire system.


UPDATED Electronic payments platform PayPal has been hit by a major systems failure worldwide. The fault rendered all new transactions made since the fault occurred invisible to both the sender and the recipient.

Some users reported that their account showed a reduced balance after making a transaction, but that the transaction itself was not listed. As a result, their money appeared to have "vanished into thin air", according to one account holder.

Historical transactions were apparently not affected.

The problem began at approximately 17.00 UK time and hit every account in the world, according to a spokeswoman from the company’s customer service team. “No one can see any transactions,” she said. This apparently included PayPal staff: “We can’t see anyone’s activity logs,” she explained.

Users were not informed of the system failure unless they contacted PayPal by phone, meaning that PayPal was "swamped" by complaints from every part of the world, with some customers making payments twice, believing that the error must have been theirs.

Asked why the company had not posted a warning on its website, PayPal told Computing that it "expected the problem would have been fixed [by now]".

The warning from the Pentagon on Reuters only days ago that the US needed to beef up their ability to deter cyber attacks seems to underscore what we are now watching on the NORSE live attacks website as we're watching many locations within the United States being completely devastated by cyber attacks, often happening hundreds and thousands at a time, as seen in the screenshots in this story. 

The story on Network World tells us what this all could mean for us in a story called "U.S.Critical Infrastructure Under Cyber-Attack" in which they warn that according to experts in the field, a 'worst-case cyber attack scenario' could likely leave our entire society in total havoc for several weeks or months or even worse. When we take a look at the Department of Homeland Security's list of the 16 critical industries
 in the US that, if crippled, could leave America in dire straits we see exactly why what we've been watching over the last few months is so important - we're standing on the edge of destruction. 

The video below shows DDOS attacks upon America on October 1st, 2015. Imagine if these were bombs falling down upon us! 


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