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April 1, 2016

Planet 7X - Is The Return Of The "Destroyer" Imminent?


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There is much buzz around the supposed sightings of Planet X on the internet. All manner of supposed footage seems to surface each week a people anticipate it's potential arrival. There seems to be such a mixture of fact and fiction, hoaxes and deliberately mis-leading information on this subject. Speculation abounds, as does fear in some circles and mocking in others. So what is the truth? In fact, is there any truth to the legendary existence of Niburu "The Destroyer" , Planet X, the Winged Planet or Planet 7X; whatever name you want to give it? Well one man has spent several years investigating this. His name is Gill Broussard. He believes that not only is there truth to the existence of this mysterious planet, but that it's return to our skies may in fact be imminent!

Gill, an amateur astronomer and independent researcher, began his journey into the study of Planet X ( or Planet 7X as he calls it) as a skeptic on it's existence. However, upon encountering so much data, scientific, astronomical, and Biblical evidence Gill became not only a believer in it's existence but a prominent voice in sharing his discoveries with the world. He does done many hours of interviews, created an informative website (, added a free pdf download to this along with videos etc. Gill actually states that he believes there is a strong chance that we will witness Planet 7X begin to make an appearance in the latter half of 2016. with a full blown and catastrophic close orbit, coming between the Earth and the Moon in March or April 2017! He doesn't say this is a certain event for this year, but that it is a highly likely one based on numerous models. Find out in the following videos why he asserts this:

Here we are presenting parts one and two of a three part interview series conducted by Tony Of A Minute ToMidnitewith Gill where he outlines the evidence for the existence and the returning orbit of Planet 7X. The interview videos both contain extensive graphics outlining the appearances of Planet 7X in the past, and charts plotting it's likely orbit and close encounter with earth.

Gill Broussard- Part-1- Planet X In The Bible & Ancient History

In Episode 032 of A Minute toMidnite, Tony is joined by Astronomer Gill Broussard in part one of a three part interview series on the subject of Planet X ( also known as Planet Niburu "The Destroyer" or P-7X). In Part One Gill lays a foundation, showing how the orbit of Planet X intersects with that of the Earth every few hundred years. It was seen throughout ancient history, and He believes this is particularly well documented in the bible (in both Old and New Testaments). He sets out to prove that many times this Planet's appearance has cause major destruction to earth and other planets. We can see how God used a naturally occurring phenomena that He Created, to do Supernatural things. It's a fascinating journey back through time. But it also gives us a sombre warning of the End Days, because The Book Of Revelation is absolutely filled with signs that Gill believes shows Planet X "The Destroyer" is very soon to return and cause unprecedented devastation. This interview covers the topic from a biblical and scientific point of view, and Gill shows how the science actually lines up perfectly with biblical accounts.

Gill Broussard - Part 2 - Planet X- Historical Records & Potential Close Return

Episode 033 Of A Minute ToMidnitesees the return of Gill Broussard for part two of a three part interview series. He joins Tony to discuss historical accounts of Planet X, and then lays out this belief that it's return may be imminent. Citing examples of the destruction caused by this planet in the middle ages during some of it's less close encounters with Earth, Gill asserts that this time around it's orbit will bring it much closer to the earth than it has in the last several thousand years. According to his research, such close encounters previously had caused the earth to tilt 26-28 and even stop rotating entirely for a periodic of time, and causing great destruction. The most catastrophic of those close encounters was the cause of the great flood of Noah's day, he says. If Gill is correct in his assumptions, then this latest pass of the planet will be what sets the Great Tribulation spoken of in The Bible ( Book Of Revelation etc) into motion.

There is also going to be a third part ( equally fascinating) in this series of interviews with Gill posted in the near future. If you haven't already done so, you may wish to subscribe to the aminutetomidnite youtube channel so that you don't miss this and other interviews.
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