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July 17, 2016

This Video Shows How Easily Millions Will Be Led Like Sheep To The Slaughter - The FEMA Camps Are Waiting  

Virtual Mind Control Has Real Life And Death Consequences


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Will millions of Americans soon follow 'Pokemon Go' to 'death's door'?

As we told you in a story only days ago, the CIA's new creation the 'Pokemon Go' App is captivating the nation. Showing us just how easily the masses of American zombies will be led to slaughter, the videos and stories we've linked to within this story help to prove that virtual mind control can have very real life-or-death consequences. Not only are the zombified masses eating this all up, we can clearly see why many Americans are so easily and totally controlled and likely have no chance what-so-ever to survive once things completely fall apart.

We learn here that 'Pokemon Go' has already led Americans playing the game to fall off a cliff and as Steve Quayle recently warned us of in linking to a story about 'Pokemon Go' on his website, this 'game' has become the virtual world equivalent of the 'pied piper of perdition'. Back on June 4th we warned you that Obama's White House had unveiled a 'FEMA camp' app to help people find their nearest FEMA camp in case of a disaster. 'Pokemon Go' is a FEMA camp app on steroids, and completely stealthy as long as 'the controllers' have their way.

Just take a look in the 1st video below of what happens in America when a 'rare Pokemon' shows up in a park. 'Pokemon Go' may very well be the NWO's tool that leads mindless Americans straight to the FEMA camps to be slaughtered. Below this video we show you absolute proof that the 'Pokemon TV show' has already been used as 'inspiration' by the US and Russian militaries for a 'zombie gun'. What else don't we know? As we hear in the 2nd and 3rd videos below, we're likely just seeing the tip of the 'Pokemon-mind-control-iceberg'. First, let's watch some Pokemon-madness. I can't imagine that any ANP reader would fall for this but look how many hundreds do. Would these same people follow 'Pokemon Go' to death's door? 

This 2012 story from Infowars is called "How An Episode Of Pokemon Inspired The US And Russian Militaries To Create 'Zombie Guns'" and in it we learned that back in 1998, top military brass planned on creating weapons non-lethal weapons that would 'zombify' anyone within hundreds of meters. Yes, the US military actually used a 1997 Pokemon show as their inspiration for this 'zombie weapon'. We're also told that the incident described below is a 'very visible example of how the human brain can be manipulated and how consciousness can be altered on a mass scale'. If this was in the works way back in 1997, what else do they have planned now, nearly 20 years later? We've clearly only seen the iceberg tip.

In 1997, an episode of the popular “Pokémon” cartoon caused almost 700 japanese viewers, most of whom were children, to experience a vast range of ailments from blurred vision, dizziness and nausea to hyperventilation, convulsions and even seizures and cases of temporary blindness.

The severe reactions were caused by a virtual explosion scene that flashed red and blue light on the screen at just the right frequency to effect the brain and trigger a photosensitive reaction.

In a follow up study, it was revealed that close to a quarter of those affected by it experienced at least one more convulsion in the five years following the broadcast of the episode.

The incident served as a reminder that visual stimuli such as flashing lights and whirling circles can cause altered consciousness. It is believed that around 1 in 4,000 people are susceptible to seizures induced by such visuals, however, the number of people affected by this Pokémon episode caused some to question those figures.


From a 2012 story from Wired about the US Army's 'seizure gun' that could almost instantly turn people in mindless zombies that took its inspiration from a Pokemon episode.:

In 1998, a secret Army intelligence analysis suggested a new way to take out enemies: blast them with electromagnetic energy until their brains overload and they start to convulse. Amazingly, it was an idea inspired by a Pokemon episode.

Application of “electromagnetic pulses” could force neurons to all fire at once, causing a “disruption of voluntary muscle control,” reads a description of a proposed seizure weapon, contained in a declassified document from the Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center. “It is thought by using a method that would actually trigger nerve synapses directly with an electrical field, essentially 100% of individuals would be susceptible to seizure induction.”

We also know for a fact that government has been preparing for a 'zombie apocalypse' and as we hear in the next video below, our videographer clearly shows us how this devilish app could be used to lead Americans straight into FEMA camps or much worse. As the video above proved to us, if a rare pokemon is around, people will go crazy over it. 

Has the NWO secretly slipped a phone app into the hands of hundreds of millions of Americans that could quickly lead them to their final resting place? 
Is the 'round-up' ready to commence here in America? In the final video below we hear from another videographer who shows us why 'Pokemon Go' is 'massive mind control' being carried out against the totally clueless American sheeple who'll quite obviously continue to be led like sheeps to their slaughter. 


The story title from the York Daily Record is "Pokemon Go Brings People Outside To Play". Keep in mind, the majority of these people aren't children playing a game but 'adults'. We also see below that criminals are using this App to lure victims to deserted places. Might ISIS use it to lure Americans to their deaths? What has happened to America? One very good answer comes to us from the Eric Barger Ministries 'Pokemon' story that Steve Quayle linked to a few days ago.:

Most players have no biblical understanding of just what they may be embracing. That's expected in the secular world. But many Christians seem to have a problem with just jumping in the pool before checking to see if there are sharks present!

Pokémon Go was developed by Niantic Inc. and is funded by Nintendo. However, the original Pokémon franchise was developed by Wizards of the Coast, who gave the world the occult games, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS and MAGIC THE GATHERING. Pokémon comes from a long line of anti-Christian, occult, and evolutionary development. For example, did you know that the very word Pokémon means "pocket monster" - i.e. "demon?"

Armed robbers in Missouri used the app to lure victims to isolated locations, police said. Others have been injured chasing the imaginary characters without paying attention to their real-life surroundings.

Stores and malls are reporting a marked increase of foot traffic and a unique security issue because of the game. Kids and adults on a quest to capture the virtual Pokémon creatures are so intense that they sometimes stumble down stairs, knock down other patrons, and even end up behind store counters or in offices marked "employees only." If Pokémon Go had arrived on the scene just a few months ago then reports of men being found in women's rest rooms would probably be surfacing but now that's a sad accepted practice in a culture resembling ancient Sodom!

It's become clear that in the technological day and age we're now living in, Americans are being controlled like never before. Will enough Americans awaken to the forces that are controlling the masses to prevent genocide in America? For those who continue to mindlessly play games, not paying any attention to where they are being led, the FEMA camps are staffed and waiting. 

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