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July 3, 2015

Constitutional Cops On Closed Wal Mart In Oklahoma: "They're Gutting The Hell Out Of It" - Talk About Jade Helm 15 And FEMA Camps


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

In the eye-opening, brand new video below from YouTube videographer HighImpactFlix, our videographer gets the opportunity to speak to a couple of Tulsa, Oklahoma police officers about the closed Wal Mart store in Oklahoma which has been getting a lot of attention from truth seekers and in the process, brings up Jade Helm 15 and Wal Marts potential ties to FEMA camps and gets some surprising answers. In the outstanding 2nd video below, these same two outstanding officers send a message to the 1%, the bad cops - who have made life much more difficult for the 99%, the good cops across America, in a must watch video.

During a week in which the FBI has put out a nationwide terror alert for threats against America while the US Parks Police Chief Robert MacLean has asked the American public to be their 'eyes and ears' this upcoming 4th of July weekend, this video gives us something new to chew on in regards to these closed Wal Mart stores across America. 


Telling us that the closed Tulsa Wal Mart store is being completely gutted - then later re-emphasizing "they're gutting the hell out of it" (which is a surprise considering that they're supposed to be reopening in a few months and the store was only a few years old in the 1st place), these 'Oath Keeper' officers give us reasons to believe that America and the US Constitution aren't quite dead yet, reminding us that the rounding up of Americans to throw into FEMA camps is illegal in America while at the same time, protecting the freedoms of those whom they serve while upholding their Oaths to the US Constitution.

In a request to construction contractors, the videographer asks why an entire store would need to be gutted to only do plumbing repairs? Are they actually preparing to turn this store into 'something else?'

Across much of the country, law enforcement has been on the beating end of those trying to stir the pot of racial division, All News Pipeline has always felt that the large majority of the men and women in uniform are fine, upstanding citizens and both of these videos are another perfect example of that.

We wish we could be as optimistic as they are, though, about the NEVER being a possibility of Americans being thrown into FEMA camps. We hear from one of them 'that kind of thing, by law, can't happen inside the country." Our videographer reminds him that a lot of things are now happening in America that by law SHOULDN'T be happening here. He nods his head in agreement.  

Screenshot_from_2015-07-03_190143.jpg Screenshot_from_2015-07-03_190156.jpg

While we obviously aren't quite as optimistic as these men are about the possibility of never seeing Americans being thrown into FEMA camps, we find it heartening that so many military men and women and law enforcement officers are speaking out to say about the mass imprisonment of Americans: "not on our watch."

This story is a huge public thank you to all of those men and women from ANP and ALL Americans for your service to your communities and America on this 4th of July! Americans need all of the men and women in law enforcement and the military to follow their Oaths if humanity is to have a chance to overcome what we face ahead of us.



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