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September 24, 2015

Get Prepared Now! 'We May Very Well See A Red October!' Warns Federal Law Enforcement Officer


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline

The tips, pictures and videos keep on flowing in to All News Pipeline from readers across the country and we see a common theme just about everywhere within them: Prepare Now! We also see another common theme this week directly from FEMA: "Power Outage"

An ANP reader in Colorado tells us that, for the 2nd time in recent weeks, she has received the following email. September is National Preparedness Month - and Rocky Mountain Power offers some sound advice. "It's a great time to create or restock your three-day emergency supply kit and update your communications plan so family members know how to contact teach other and where to tmeet. Preparing now provides peace of mind in knowing you can stay safe, warm and informed should the unexpected happen." 

Sound advice except a 3-day supply of food only lasts 3 days...if that...and we all know this fact; only 9 meals stand between civilization and anarchy. We also know this, an EMP could knock out power to large parts if not all of America for up to a year...or more. Millions would die in the first month alone...3 days of food would only delay the coming horrors. 


FEMA's weekly focused theme this week is 'power outage'. Oklahoma's NewOn6 has this advice from a story this morning.: "Homeowners are urged to consider emergency backup power during national preparedness month." Everywhere we look this week we see power outages, from a mysterious metro power outage in Washington DC with Pope Francis in town to being told of society being set back 100+ years WHEN we lose it. Instantly. 

Lt. General Russel Honoré (Ret.), commander of Joint Task Force Katrina and head of the relief efforts along the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina ten years ago.: "When you lose power, it sets our society back at least 100 years. It cuts off our communication, it inhibits our access to safe food and water, it impacts our comfort, and creates sanitation issues. The fastest way to recovery is when people have access to safe, reliable power."

If you're reading this story on ANP, you are most likely one of those people who are preparing. We are incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing readership of people who are preparing for whatever might come and who freely share their own prepper tips with others in our comment sections. ANP readers will make the jobs of 1st responders and law enforcement much easier when disasters happen...we are the ones who WON'T be in the streets trying to find their next meals. As Susan Duclos recently warned, we need to be prepared now for what may come with even this US News & World Report story telling us food stamps are in the cross hairs, possibly as soon as October 1st. 

We also take a look below at an email sent to ANP by someone who works at Wal Mart as well as a very interesting SQAlert from a Federal Law Enforcement officer who warns of a possible 'red October' ahead. We'll also take a look at several new videos including a late night fully loaded down military train sent to ANP by Stacy White in Texas while in the 2nd video, Weekend Vigilante Sheila Zilinsky interviews Nathan Leal of The Watchman's Cry in a riveting discussion called "Satanic Signs" in which they explore the satanic signs we're now seeing all around us. In the third video from Jeremy Hopper, we learn exactly why civilization is only 9 meals away from anarchy. 
ANP recently received the following email from a Steve Quayle reader who works at a Wal Mart. We also see a SQAlert from a very concerned federal LEO about what may be coming in October.

Steve I would like to let you know that I work at Wal-Mart. I have worked at Wal-Mart in different states for some time. Wal-Marts are running low in food and we have tried ordering from several different accompanies we can't get alot of items no more. Meats produce and deli is where I work. A lot of staff has noticed this and I warn every one as they ask. Food is running low. I see it now.GOD BLESS you and YOUR family Steve you are right on ABOUT everything. The fallen, war ,famine. God is so awesome and true -- He made me see so many THINGS I'm in awe Steve.


Well Steve from my special operations back ground, mercenary back ground and now federal law enforcement background I would suggest you weaken the enemy in every way possible before you have coordinated attacks on it. Psyops is what's going on right now, NFL and Presidential Debates, a pending war in Syria with Russia and ISIS, Civil war looming in the country, the Popes Visit for peace or whatever he calls his deception, Conspiracy Theories out the wazoo, Biblical prophecies coming true, and so on and so forth. Soon mass hysteria will over take this country, and the President will swoop in as our saviour with more promises on how to fix things..I think this is what we are facing now and will through to December..we are still too strong to be attacked...but it's coming.. the Gog Magog War is building...look at how many coalitions are fighting ISIS right now in Syria...and almost every country in their has problems with the other.. I honestly thought that this would happen this month...but we still have a few days left. And we may very well see a Red October..

We must remember that the well-linked website STILL has the US population for 2025, less than 10 years from now, listed at 240+ million LESS people than are living here in America now. Only a few things, such as a war that came to American soil or an EMP attack upon America that took down our power grid for an extended period of time, would likely leave such a result. Whether for such an extreme possibility as one of those or a weather emergency, short term power outage or anarchy in US streets, those who are prepared for ANY such event will have a much better chance of making it through to the other side.

First video below from ANP reader Stacy White shows some heavy duty military equipment traveling at night time in Texas. We've continuously seen that the US government IS preparing. 

Sheila Zilinsky with Nathan Leal discuss all of the satanic signs that we are now seeing around us and what we may soon be seeing in our futures. 

Are you prepared to survive for at least 3 days should emergency strike? Is 3 days enough? While this video is a couple of years old, it shows us excellent reasons we need to be prepared for much longer than 3 days. 


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