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October 31, 2016

Vladimir Putin Cripples The Mainstream Media And Blows A Hole In The New World Order As We Reach The Eve Of Destruction


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With Hillary Clinton's camp now pinning her rapidly disintegrating chances to be president of America upon the American people 'buying' that FBI Director James Comey is part of some vast right-wing conspiracy that includes;

1) Donald Trump
2) The countless good men and women at the FBI who had recently submitted resignation letters to Comey
3) The entire 'alt-right media'
4) Every single 'deplorable' across America
5) Any American who wants the 'swamp drained'
6) Any former Bernie Sanders supporter who doesn't like Hillary (and her never-ending lies!)
7) AND Vladimir Putin himself.

We hear directly from the Russian president in the newly translated 1st video below. Meanwhile, in the 2nd video, we hear all about this new-fangled 'conspiracy theory' invented by the Clintonistas in a last gasp attempt to steal away America from Donald Trump and the American people by trying to blame anything and everything on Russia.


With Senator Harry Reid (clearly an integral part of the swamp that needs to be drained) now claiming that the Feds are sitting on 'explosive' information about Trump and alleged ties to 'hostile' Russia, Reid and much of the rest of DC could learn a great deal from listening to Putin in the 1st video in which we're told what completely out of touch politicians like Reid, Clinton and the rest of the DC swamp-scum will never understand....or more likely, they understand TOO well. 

Telling us that the American people are simply tired of the 'elites' who have been in the halls of power for far too long and represented in this election by Hillary Clinton, Putin laid all out on the table, claiming we're witnessing desperate attempts by our MSM to create an enemy and then pin that enemy to Trump. Will the American people fall for it?


In crippling the mainstream media that long ago sold away their souls to profit from the Clinton's while completely betraying the American people while many would argue, committing treason against America, Putin also shows the world the kind of level-headed leadership needed with a possible World War 3 on the line, while ripping apart the 'political elite', rightfully claiming that the American people and the world are sick and tired of them.

Putin also completely exposes the mainstream media manipulation at work here in America, sharing with us how the MSM is in complete collusion with Hillary to distort reality, making out Russia appear to be 'the enemy' the enemy of America as part of a sick attempt to sway public opinion as part of the US presidential race. 

msm_creates_perceptions.PNG msm_manipulation.PNG

With Clinton and the globalists trying their very best to make Russia appear to be 'the enemy' of America as part of their strategy of getting Clinton into office but doing it against the interests of the large majority of the American people including Donald Trump, we have to ask, is it wise to attempt to turn a country that doesn't want war, but could completely destroy us, into our enemy? 

no_accidents_with_msm.PNG paid_clinton_reporters.PNG

one_purpose.PNG create_enemy.PNG

Telling us that Donald Trump clearly stands for the will of what the American people want, Putin rips US power passed on through family networks and tells us it seems Trump has figured out how to get through to the American people. 

nepotism.PNG bloke.PNG


Putin even has 'kind words' for Hillary Clinton if she somehow wins and choose to work with Russia rather than attempting to 'lord over' them, claiming Russia will be happy to work with whoever is president of America. He also shows that he understands that whoever wins in November, there's no guarantee that they'll follow through with their plans.

has_a_will.PNG who_wins.PNG

With Putin recently asking the US to stop provoking Russia according to this new story from Paul Craig Roberts, we hear in his own words that he wants to work together to solve the deteriorating relationships with America that could be extremely dangerous to the existence of all of us yet claims this will be unable to happen if the US choice is Hillary.

And with Clinton's campaign now trying to tie a huge portion of the US population to some vast right wing conspiracy that's clearly only happening within her own head, why hasn't she taken the responsibility for her own problems, her own emails, her own server issues, her own relationship with Huma and her own relationship with Anthony Weiner?


In the final video below we hear from YouTube videographer The Prepared Mind who gives us his take on all of the recent events that happened over the weekend including the bombshell news that the FBI is reopening their investigation into Hillary's emails and gives us this dire warning: We are on the eve of destruction.

Warning us that the entire system is absolutely corrupt and if Hillary somehow wins, ALL govt. resources will be used to exact a despotic and unholy revenge upon us all and that the 1st, 2nd, and all other amendments to the US Constitution will all go up in flames, it's quite clear that the US Constitution itself will be nothing but toilet paper to Hillary.

Whether America is able to throw off Hillary and drain the swamp in DC, only time will tell but we can guarantee you this, the next week+ will be hours for the ages. And if America can stave off world government represented by Hillary Clinton by voting Donald Trump into office, this will be something that we can tell all future generations about - how a rag tag gang of 'deplorables' drained the swamp.


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