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October 10, 2015

Threat Level High In Oklahoma And Texas As Quiet Invasion Takes Place With 41 New Sanctuary Cities In America In Last 4 Months - Reports Of 6 Buses Of 'Fighting Age Men' With Govt Escort 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Reports are coming in from several different sources to suggest that a 'quiet invasion' is now ongoing in America as shared in a popular Facebook post warning seen below of 6 buses witnessed driving through the Oklahoma area completely filled with Middle Eastern men of fighting age and being escorted by several official vehicles. We also see the recent 1st video below in which we learn of 41 new sanctuary cities that have popped up across America in the last 4 months alone. 

While at this time, ANP is unable to confirm the authenticity of the Facebook post seen in the screenshots near the bottom of this story, we felt it best to put this notice out there and ask our readers who are in the Texas, Oklahoma area if they are aware of any such events now happening? We are also republishing this as a community service announcement that has already been picked up by other alternative news and militia websites including from retired US Army Captain Terry M. Hestilow at the WRAMSite who tells us the threat level is high in Texas and Oklahoma, The Marshall Report and Popular Liberty among other sites. 

All News Pipeline has also recently been contacted by several different readers about something they found to be very strange and not talked about by the mainstream media - two separate American heroes who recently thwarted the train attack in Paris, France have either BEEN attacked or have been close to being attacked upon American soil and there is evidence these attacks are tied to ISIS.


Though the facts that Spencer Stone was recently stabbed in Sacramento, California and Alex Skarlatos was supposed to be at Umpqua Community College on the day of the shooting could simply be a coincidence, we've gotten to the point that mere coincidences are often hard to believe. The 3rd video below from ExplorerOne takes a look at some of these strange connections. 

The fact that Oregon shooter Chris Mercer Harper has been tied to ISIS raises the stakes - is ISIS now carrying out attacks against Christians and other innocent Americans here in America as they have previously warned that they would do? We also know that a Texas law enforcement officer has warned that ISIS is infiltrating the Texas border.

All of this also opens up a mind-boggling question - how many more potential Chris Mercer Harper's, radicalized Muslim's eager and ready to kill Americans, are there here in late 2015 America? Much more below including the above referenced Facebook post and video reports. 


As we stated above, we are unable to confirm the authenticity of the Facebook post below. If there are  readers in the Norman Oklahoma or Texas areas that have seen or heard anything recently regarding this posting, we'd appreciate it greatly if you could leave a comment below.

We also learn about the 41 new sanctuary cities in America in the last 4 months alone in the 1st video while in the 2nd video, we hear from Ann Corcoran from Secure Freedom who tells us all about the refugee resettlement now going on across America and let's us know all about the Hijra to America and what this really means to all of us. 

Corcoran confirms what many of us are already figuring out - we are witnessing an invasion that could easily be set to topple America and it's all being orchestrated by the United Nations and those who would benefit most greatly by an intentionally destabilized America. 

Even some might think it impossible for such a strong and mighty nation like America to be invaded, the latest SHTFPlan story from retired Green Beret Jeremiah Johnson goes beyond merely ISIS and a quiet invasion of America as he warns: "Is China Preparing For A Land Invasion Of The West Coast Of The United States?" The signs are all here - they're getting ready for something huge - are you?


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