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April 2, 2016

UPDATE! 'Madness In The Making' - Was This An Attempt To Cripple East Coast Electric Grid? Reader Warnings Sent To ANP And SQAlerts†


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

HUGE UPDATE! The SQAlert republished below has been confirmed by the FBI and ABC News in Massachusetts as shared in this linked story. The devices found on power lines were built similarly to pipe-bombs but were deemed non-explosive. Was a message being sent? Law enforcement agencies and utility companies across the country have been notified. †Of interest as told to us by a well-trusted ANP source:†Greater Lowell Islamic Society is 5 mi away from Tyngsborough, MA where the power lines were tampered with. PRACTICE RUN/BETA TEST??

According to remarks made by Barack Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit shared in this new story from the Telegraph, ISIS/ISIL is 'seeking nuclear material to kill as many people as possible'. According to UK leader David Cameron in the same story, these same terrorists are planning on using drones to spray nuclear material over Western cities in a 'horrific dirty bomb attack' we are told.†Obama also recently said†we can never allow these 'madmen'†to gain access to nuclear material.However, according to a researcher from Harvard University as shared by Gary Franchi in the 1st video below, an ISIS nuclear attack upon America and the West is not that far-fetched and after we recently received a very alarming tip from an ANP reader we have to ask, might those in 'high places' be inviting such a thing to happen?†

All News Pipeline was recently contacted by a very concerned reader who shared with us a warning that is a bit bewildering considering everything else going on right now. When combined with one of the latest SQAlerts from the website of Steve Quayle†republished below and several other recent news stories coming from the alternative and mainstream medias as outlined as well, we see huge potential problems in America are being completely overlooked (covered up?) while very real attempts are being made by those who don't have our best intentions in mind to harm us.†

According to an ANP reader, a person they know recently was able to gain access to a nuclear power plant without being stopped by anybody before being within very close proximity of the plant; no outside guards, no gates, no security what-so-ever prevented them from reaching that an absurdly close distance from it.†ANP will not mention the name of the nuclear power plant for good reason; to do so could possibly put people in very real danger due to the fact that, if this person was able to gain access to this location, so could other people who might have more evil intentions in mind than simply 'delivering Chinese food'.†

ISIS is continually threatening nuclear plants according to recent stories; why is not more being done to protect them? The new SQAlert below (NOW CONFIRMED - SEE UPDATE AT TOP OF STORY) shows us that those who seek to do Americans harm are already attempting to do so as attempts may have been made to take down part of the electrical grid along the East coast according to this alert.†


I received these messages at work (Power Utility Company) on a tool called the RCIS (Reliability Coordinator Information System) which is maintained by NERC. I am a Reliability Coordinator and work in the SERC sub-region (Southeast) Don't know if this will make the news and wanted you to know about it.At approximately 2115, the New England ISO control room received information from REMVEC that some person or entity constructed a line of metal cans tied together, and projected them over the 326 line and Phase II lines, (where they share a right of way) draping them over the lines, and back to the ground causing a fire. This is located in Tyngsborough, MA. The Local Control Center has personnel in route to assess the damage. The lines have stayed in service to this point, and it is unclear as to the damage suffered.

This is an update to the potential vandalism post sent at 2130, 3/30/2016. A 345 kV AC line (326 line) was found to have 3 separate wires, each attached to a pipe bomb, over each conductor. Work crews were able to remove the lines before the pipe bombs were found. The 326 line is now believed to be safe. The 450 DC tie line (Phase II tie line with HQTE) in the same right of way has the same issue. There is a wire with attached pipe bombs over each line. The state bomb squad has been contacted to come and remove the bombs prior to removing the wires from the lines. It is unsure if Phase II will be required to be taken out of service once the bombs are removed to remove the wires.


With more and more threats coming out from those who want to do very real harm to Americans, why is govt spending billions on the mass surveillance of innocent, law-abiding Americans while not properly securing a very real achilles heals, nuclear power plants that terrorists are now threatening to use as potential weapons of mass destruction?

The fact that ISIS sympathizers were recently found working in a Brussels nuclear plant while another nuclear plant worker there was murdered and his ID badge stolen tells us what their plans are, and they're quite sinister. Obama and Cameron's recent announcements help to confirm those plans even, once again, why are we not securing, round-the-clock, such high value and possibly catastrophic locations?†

We hope that this story leads to moves by those in the positions of power to ensure that these sites, all across the country and the world, are safe and secure. Seeing that Obama recently stated these 'madmen' want nuclear material to harm us, for them not to be properly secured is madness in the making. According to this story from Emergency Management, ISIS's threats of using nuclear weapons have become a 'psychological weapon' and their 'apocalyptic ideology', when combined with an actual nuclear attack, will clearly forever change the world.†


So many questions remain; why is Barack Obama allowing the opening of Islamic charter schools on US military bases when these threats of nuclear terrorism by Islamic radicals are being made against us? Why is our own president still unable to say the words 'Islamic terrorism' and HUGELY,†why did the White House recently attempt to doctor a video in which those words were uttered by another country's leader as also discussed in the 2nd video below from Infowars? It's good to see that both the alternative and mainstream media are completely slamming Obama for doing so.

Finally, as the last video below from†
The Arabian Prophetasks, how many Islamic terror attacks in Brussels, Paris or elsewhere does the world need to happen for the majority of the world's people to understand what we REALLY need to know about Islam? Will it take a nuclear or dirty bomb attack? We shouldn't need this to go on that long. From 'I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ' and "3 Things You Need To Understand About Islam".:

While pouring over the news of the last days 3 things became abundantly clear.
1.† Islam is not a religion of peace itís not a religion at all. But a totalitarian form of Oppression.
2.† Islam will not integrate into 'Free society'.†
3.† The world is blind and does not seek peace or it would not tolerate Oppression by these so called peace loving Islamists.

The left came unhinged when it was suggested that there were no go zones in Europe.† Denying vehemently their existence.† But in reality thatís what they are finding.† As millions of Muslims pour into Europe and call for separation and sharia law they have found that this is indeed a reality.† Pockets of Islam working against a free society has exploded.

While the large majority of Americans I have met in my time upon this Earth have been largely tolerant of others beliefs and faiths, if we are to remain tolerant to those who want to destroy us, we are contributing to our own downfall and in so doing, we deserve the fate that awaits us. To do what needs to be done in the face of widespread criticism and calls of 'racism' by those who are 'enabling the overthrow of America' is the only choice that we have if America is to remain a 'free' society, a 'sharia-free' society, and a society at all considering how many people have been allowed into this nation who clearly don't have our best interests in mind. We're clearly running out of time. How many more Brussels need to happen?

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