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January 8, 2015

It's "Unfolding Right Now" - Return Of The Gods, Portals, Gates, Giants & Little Creatures - Steve Quayle And Tom Horn On Hagmann And Hagmann

By Susan Duclos - All News Pipeline - All Original Stories All The Time

Author's Note- It is not often that I will watch or listen to anything for three hours in one sitting, but last night's Hagmann and Hagmann show with Steve Quayle and Tom Horn not only captivated me, but I stayed up later than usual to listen to the whole thing live, and was disappointed when it ended. It was THAT fascinating.

In the show below Doug and Joe Hagmann are joined by Tom Horn and Steve Quayle for a riveting, and at times mind-blowing, show where they provide evidence, which includes decades of research, to their assertion that events foretold in ancient predictions by occult societies including the Mayans, Hindu and Cherokees, are "unfolding right now."

At the beginning of the show the Hagmanns introduce Steve Quayle, author of the new book "Little Creatures- The Gates Of Hell Are Opening," who ushers in Tom Horn to kick off the show by explaining that back in 2009 and 2010 he made it clear that people interpreting the Mayan calendar as predicting the end of the world in 2012, were incorrect, and that the Mayans, like other ancient occult societies predictions were actually pointing to a series of events that would occur between 2012 and 2016 where an "era was coming to an end" and would "give birth to a new final era."  

Three specific events are spoken of, those being 1) The arrival of two powerful men 2) A new form of humanity (Transhumanism?) and; 3) The return of the Gods.

Quayle delves into some recent current events, reported by the mainstream media and the Alternative Media, such as ABC News reporting on "mysterious beasts" captured by Arizona Highway cameras, as well as reports of giant beings seen and photographed climbing a Mexican mountain, connecting these events and others with past research and newly discovered findings, which paints a picture that is chilling in it's intensity.

Inexplicable events....  unless you consider biblical passages, ancient prophecies and predictions, portals, gates and the possibility that we are witnessing the return of the Giants.

One does not have to believe exactly what these two gentlemen believe in order to listen with an open mind and to consider the massive amount of information they provide after years of research and compiling evidence, in conjuction with the aforementioned events, as well as the others you are informed of in the show below.

From the Pope to the much talked about Disclosure, from demons to the Messiah, current events and old prophecies and predictions, this is a show you don't want to miss!

Are we witnessing the gates of hell opening in the frequent and increasing accounts of strange  beings being seen and even captured on camera, tales of the"supernatural," demon sightings, and more?

Listen below and decide for yourself.

The gates of hell open in this time-lapse video

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