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September 20, 2015

Are The Elite Building Space Ships To Escape The World That They Destroy? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The headline of the story at the Guardian caught us by surprise this morning and made us ask, is this another sign of things to come after reading the story, "What If The Mega-Rich Just Want Rocket Ships To Escape The Earth They Destroy?" 

At 1st we thought it was some kind of joke until we researched it ourselves to find out that, indeed, several of the 'elitists' are now investing their money in space ships and space travel and as shared in the brand new video below from FaceLikeTheSun, are the elite now attempting to escape the damage that they have done by escaping off to other planets, Mars possibly?

Asking us why does everyone who achieves financial dominance over the planet immediately turn around and try to get off of it, are we simply watching the elite with their new play things or is there something much more to Amazon's Jess Bezos, Tesla's Elon Musk and Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson decisions to invest their money in helping people get off the planet Earth?

Just over 500 days ago, we were warned that we only had 500 days to 'avoid climate chaos' by French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius; have we reached a point in time when the planet is no longer 'saveable' and the 'new world order' has decided to vacate it before its' final destruction? As our videographer argues here, are the elite attempting to escape the 'firmament'?

From the Guardian story.:

Of course, uber-wealthy tech entrepreneurs aren’t just buying rockets for their personal amusement. They’re founding or investing in space travel – they want to get you off-planet, too. Well, not you-you, but someone like you with much, much, much more money.

And that’s where the vogue for billionaire space travel magnates gets a little weird –and maybe even sinister. It’s already very true that money expands your world; the person with the funds to have a car is less restricted in her movements than the person without one, and the person with a huge plane and the money to fly it is less restricted still.

Some people with a great deal of money care more about the fate of the world than others, but they’re all willing to cut corners if it affects the bottom line. You can tell because they have a great deal of money; you can also tell because they’re willing to spend it on a ride in a spaceship.

Which raises the question: are they just gearing up to wash their hands of the planet and leave the rest of us to clean up? By pushing outward while ignoring the problems it causes back on the home turf, are they effectively creating a galactic upper class that rests on the backs of the earthbound? Even if that’s not literally the plan, it may be the ultimate outcome.

More below video. 

Are the elite attempting to escape the firmament as asked by our videographer? We learned back on August 15th that the elite were going into 'bugout mode', with many purchasing private islands far away from the masses who might hunt them down for destroying the economy and the world. We learned on September 5th that the 'elite' were taking 'September doom preparation to the next level' while a September 12th story told us how the elite would be notifying each other that 'all hell is about to break loose'.

That story told us to watch the interest rates...if the FED were to raise them, doom would be near. With the decision by the FED NOT to raise interest levels, is that a signal that we still have more time to prepare? We take all good news of more time to spend with our friends, families and loved ones and more time to prepare as a true blessing.


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