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December 22, 2014

Rob Kirby -  "Buckle Up, The Ride Is About To Begin!" Banksters' Plans For 2015 - The Cabal And The Next Step In The Financial Collapse

By Susan Duclos


In the three part series shown below, the last of which was published December 21, 2014, financial expert Rob Kirby provides an inside look into how "JPMorgan made off with BILLIONS of YOUR dollars" (Part 1), the banking cabal and their crimes against humanity (Part 2), and "what the banksters have up their sleeves for 2015 and beyond." (Part 3)

Kirby provides a harsh but accurate glimpse into how we arrived to the point where we are at today and answers questions such as "Will the treasuries blow up, will China, Russia and the other BRICS take break away completely from the Anglo American banking cartel? What role will gold and silver play in the upcoming system?"

As the video uploader The Daily states in the video details "Buckle up, boys and girls, as the ride is about to begin!"

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