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January 10, 2019

White House Correspondent Warns Of Chaos In 2019: Claims We're Witnessing 'Demonic Disruption' And Warns The Attacks Upon President Trump Will Skyrocket 

- If They Take Down President Trump, How Long Would It Be Until The 'Red List Roundup'?  


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The two new stories over at the Daily Mail and the Associated Press that the Drudge Report linked to on Wednesday evening hit some President Trump supporters like a ton of bricks with the AP story reporting President Trump's new nominee for Attorney General William Barr has expressed confidence in special counsel Robert Mueller and will allow him to complete his Russia investigation.

While we'd love to see Mueller's investigation finally bring truth to light, as we've reported previously on ANP, we have very little reason to believe that will ever happen with Mueller a Hillary Clinton and deep state tool, long bought and paid for. And as this new story over at the Daily Mail that Drudge had linked to also on Wednesday reports, Barr is not only a 20-year friend of Robert Mueller but that their wives go to Bible classes together while the two have considered themselves "best friends".

With these stories hitting home the reasons why some believe that the swamp will never be drained under President Trump and the massive and never-ending DC corruption allowed to continue till the point that the globalists destroy the entire planet as Paul Craig Roberts warned in this new story, we'll take a look within the rest of this story at another recent must-read story by Mike Adams over at Natural News titled "Preview of the CHAOS to come in 2019 and 2020… if you dare to glimpse reality" within which he reports "I don’t think anyone is mentally prepared to accept the level of chaos that’s coming" and the globalists continuing 'war upon reality'.

We've also embedded below a new video from Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries who interviews White House Correspondent Bill Koenig about President Donald Trump and his role as a 'disrupter' of the 'New World Order'. And Koenig warns us of a great 'demonic disruption' in Washington DC and that the huge number of attacks that we've been witnessing by globalists upon POTUS Trump in 2018 will likely skyrocket in 2019, bringing chaos to America as Adams also warns. 

And while we'll hold out hope that Barr does the right thing as AG as he once stated he saw more basis for investigating Hillary Clinton's Uranium One deal than any supposed collusion between President Trump and Russia, the fact remains America has been set up for a huge fall by the globalists and nothing may be able to stop what's coming. From Adams story.: 

The suicide of humanity is under way and accelerating rapidly. It cannot be reversed. Now, we can only watch as it plays out over the next several years, accelerating in 2019 – 2020 and likely exploding with unimaginable chaos following the 2020 election (regardless of who wins). Violence will spill into the streets, where deranged, lunatic Leftists will have to be met with force to prevent them from burning down America’s cities. Martial law is a distinct possibility, yet even martial law cannot prevent the collapse of modern society, since the root causes go far beyond the mere lack of civility.

America has raised a generation of chemically-intoxicated, emotionally fragile morons. The media has abandoned any last pretense of engaging in “news reporting.” The tech giants have sold out to the communists and globalists, and every cultural institution of our modern day has gone all-out to promote transgenderism and pedophilia while attacking morality, reason and truth. The vaccines cause brain damage, the food causes cancer and the institutions of science teach climate change quackery. Meanwhile, at least a million Americans are hooked on opioids and other painkillers, and the day the pharmacies run out is the day these people go “full zombie” on society.

You will need to be armed to survive what’s coming, and the police and sheriff’s departments will be powerless. 911 services are already breaking down on a regular basis, with nationwide telecommunications infrastructure failing with stunning regularity. If you don’t yet own a pistol, a rifle and a shotgun, you’re already late to the game. There will be mass violence — especially in the cities — and only the prepared will survive.


As we've reported previously on ANP, if the completely corrupted faction of the deep state is not held responsible for their attempted coup against President Trump and his America-1st agenda, with a 'take down' of Trump effectively nullifying the vote of the American people (just as we're seeing happening to the British people over Brexit), there may be nothing that can stop all-out chaos from breaking out here upon US soil.

And Adams warns us that 2019-2020 will likely only be the 'warm up', with a decade or more of chaos likely to follow. Warning also that only the prepared will survive as society goes into full scale 'zombie mode' and the unprepared fight against and slaughter each other for food and what's left of supplies, what we're witnessing now in Venezuela with one person fighting against another for 'a meal of dog' caught on the streets will look like mere childs-play compared to what is coming to America.

And while the mainstream media has NEVER touched upon the mysterious website that is forecasting a huge depopulation event(s) for the United States that will take our population down to less than 100 million people by 2025, America breaking out into total chaos this year and next will put us directly on the path towards that number with only the mass exodus or 'grand culling' to follow.

With a record number of Americans actually wanting to leave America with a whopping 16% of those polled saying they'd like to get out, a bit higher than the 10% under Barack Obama and the 11% under George W. Bush, Mac Slavo's SHTFPlan story hit the nail on the head by pointing out no matter where these people run, the same 'globalists controllers' await them and whether they like America or not, things are so much worse for freedom loving people elsewhere around the world.: 

While Gallup’s World Poll does not ask people about their political leanings, most of the recent surge in Americans’ desire to migrate has come among groups that typically lean Democratic and that have disapproved of Trump’s job performance so far in his presidency: women, young Americans and people in lower-income groups.

Which means these people don’t wish to be free, they simply want a different master somewhere else. And women appear to be angrier than men that their desired master isn’t controlling them, and their fellow slaves chose subservience to someone else. What’s truly horrifying about this particular poll is that Americans, for all intents and purposes, have simply accepted the fact that they are required to be enslaved by the political elites.


As we hear in the must-listen 1st video below from the Prophecy Update Videos featuring White House Correspondent Bill Koenig, himself a strong Christian man, what he calls 'demonic disruption' is now happening in Washington DC to the administration of President Donald Trump and he expects it to get far worse in 2019 moving towards 2020 and the 2020 presidential election which will decide all things for America and whether we remain a sovereign nation or be absorbed into the globalist borg.

As host Jan Markell warns, it appears to her that the leaders of the Democratic party could care less if they take the entire country down, as long as they destroy President Trump which she considers 'demonic' and is unable to wrap her brain around their motivation of being willing to destroy America just to get someone they hate and as Koenig responds, we're witnessing nothing less than 'psychological demonic obsession' and what appears to be 'demonic possession' of the Democrats and their all-consuming hatred of President Trump.

Koenig also warns that we're witnessing nothing less than a battle between good and evil while Markell points out that 'globalists' inhabit both the Democrats and Republicans and it's been the globalists who've gone most insane since the 2016 election as more and more people 'awaken' and see what is really happening to America and around the world. 

With that 'great awakening' also seen in France where many of the French people are revolting against globalism as we hear in the 2nd video below from Paul Joseph Watson, and with the 'Yellow Jackets' in France now threatening a massive bank run on Saturday and that outrage being felt by others within the European Union who are threatening now to withdraw their funds themselves, we see why Prophecy Update believes we're living in truly Biblical times. From their video description.: 

All the signs of the last days are converging at the same time. Bible Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and like birth pains, the predicted events are happening more frequently and more intently. Never, in the history throughout the world have so many forces, including economic, scientific, techno-logic, ecologic, cultural, geopolitical, moral, spiritual and religion, converged together to bring this world that's already teetering over the edge into the abyss, to a point of no return. Jesus said when you see all these signs happening, know that I am near, even at the door.


A new story from Charles Hughes Smith of the Two Minds Blog republished over at Zero Hedge might be one of the most important stories online right now. Titled "If We Can No Longer Tell The Truth, We've Failed", the story warns "the Gulag Archipelago is not a distant memory; it lives on in every modern state, cloaked with modern-day technologies and the well-worn tools of suppression", just as we had reported on ANP in this earlier story.

Just as George Orwell had warned decades ago, the further away a society falls from the truth, the more those societies have come to hate those who speak truth and with 'big tech' combining with Democrats who are pushing the country towards socialism and totalitarianism, 'big tech' has successfully chipped away at the 1st Amendment with much of the world now online and Conservatives, Christians and supporters of President Trump's "America First" agenda censored every step of the way. From Smith's story: 

Communist states still prefer the absurd cliche of re-education camps, while so-called democracies use intimidation, limitations on free speech, de-platforming, shadow censorship and the ever-popular charges of treason and "fake-news" to suppress dissent and skeptical inquiry.

In the Kingdom of Lies, everything is spun, massaged, interpreted and fed to the corporate / state media for the benefit of those enjoying centralized wealth and power. But the spin is getting painfully obvious, and the interpretations blatantly self-serving.

For example, steep increases in taxes on diesel fuel are part of a wonderful plan to save the planet (no additional taxes on jet fuel for private jets, because those are our cronies' toys).

If our governments and institutions can no longer tell us the truth because it undermines the ruling elites, they've failed the citizenry. And if we remain complicitly silent, then we've failed ourselves.

So we have no choice but to shout down truth from the mountain tops and urge ALL Americans to do whatever they legally can to help awaken the masses as we head towards a final showdown in the 2020 election and as White House Correspondent Bill Koenig warns, a final battle between good and evil. 

And should the worst come to play and the globalists succeed in taking down President Trump, how long might it be until they commence their 'red list roundups' of Patriots, Christians, supporters of the 2nd Amendment and the US Constitution and herd us all into the "re-education camps" or "death camps" quite popular during regimes of leftist government reigns of terror? 

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