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December 18, 2017

Mass Protests Scheduled Over A Capitol Hill 'Rumor' - Media Hysteria And Trump Derangement Syndrome Has Driven Liberals Insane

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

I have come to the conclusion that President Trump, in the midst of going about his business of doing the job he was elected to do, has also decided to have a little fun, get some revenge on his biggest haters, those with full blown cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome, for no other reason than to give himself and his "deplorable" supporters a bit of entertainment.

The side benefit of this is that the entire country, no scratch that, the entire world is getting to witness the complete and utter meltdown of the opposition party, meaning Democrats, Liberals and the mainstream media, as they publicly fly over the edge of insanity, and in some cases, I think we are talking "clinically insane."


Multiple Trump hating organizations and groups are organizing a massive protest, claiming over 100,000 people will participate in over 500 protests across the country.  Those groups include Center for American Progress Action Fund, the Truman National Security Project, Public Citizen, Stand Up America, Civic Action, March for Truth, Indivisible, People for the American Way, Common Cause and Democracy 21.

They even wrote a press release and everything, including a little map showing where all the protest are to held!


Why are they scheduling these protests all across the country? 

Because a Democratic Representative heard a rumor.  Uh huh, yup.... you read that right. Let me repeat that.... Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) heard a "rumor" on Capitol Hill that President Trump might fire special counsel Robert Mueller on December 22, 2017

“The rumor on the Hill when I left yesterday was that the president was going to make a significant speech at the end of next week. And on Dec. 22, when we are out of D.C., he was going to fire Robert Mueller," Speier told California's KQED News.

Speier, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said that Trump was trying to shut down the committee's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, pointing to the lack of interviews scheduled for the new year.

Mueller aside for a moment, a President cannot shut down a congressional committee's investigation, that is the decision of the controlling party's leadership in said committee, but hey, why should Speier bother with the facts when she can incite liberals (yes, that includes the MSM) to planning, announcing mass protests.

Republican leaders are trying to wrap up the nearly year-long investigation after having nearly completed all the relevant interviews but it has nothing to do with President Trump wanting them to end it, as is explained by Rep. Tom Rooney of Florida:

GOP Rep. Tom Rooney of Florida, who along with Gowdy and Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas, have overseen the panel’s work on Russia, likewise said that Democrats were seeking to needlessly extend the investigation by exploring issues beyond the agreed upon scope.

“We’re not a criminal investigation,” Rooney said in an interview. “If I honestly thought that there was fire somewhere we have an obligation constitutionally to look further into, I would have no problem doing that. But when you don’t and you’ve got to the point where you’re getting into the fifth and sixth level of people coming in here, then you’re spinning your wheels. “

Ok, lets get back the "rapid response" protest plans because it highlights a pattern of illogical and, frankly, unreasonable behavior on the part of the media and liberals since their little worlds ended and their safe spaces were invaded by reality the day Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

According to their "Trump is not above the law" page, "Donald Trump is publicly considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller."

Errrrrrr.... no, it is a rumor some Democratic congresswoman claims she heard. In fact President Trump when asked (what a novel idea, ask him!) stated clearly he he has no plans of firing Mueller.

I wouldn't be surprised if President Trump started the rumor himself just to watch the meltdown. I can hear him now, "Hey, grab me a diet coke and some popcorn, watch, watch, watch them totally freak out!"

We have seen this happen time and time again since the 2016 election, where a rumor starts,  a Democrat says something, the media hypes it as the great hope for liberals that the whole election will be nullified, the whole thing falls apart, then liberals rant and rave.

Remember the last huge, massive protest... the Vulgar Vagina March where a bunch of freaks ran around in pink p*ssy hats, chanting, and declaring they are "nasty women", grabbing their crotches and threatening to blow up the White House? 

When it all ended...... Donald J. Trump was still the President of the United States of America. Big waste of time, but hey, they spent a lot of money on merchandise, travel and organizing events, so in reality, they helped President Trump start kicking off the economy. Yeah, them! Maybe he should send them a fruit basket :)


Really, why would he fire Mueller? Mueller and his team has done more than anyone else to prove President Trump's claim that this entire Russian Collusion" idiocy is nothing more than a witch hunt being conducted by partisan hacks and deep state members of the intelligence community, working against the U.S. government's commander-in-Chief, to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States of America.

Over the last three weeks we have seen it revealed that Mueller's deputy, Andrew Weissman, the chief of the criminal fraud section of the U.S. Department of Justice, was "in awe" of the former acting AG Sally Yates, and was "so proud" of her for refusing to do her job to defend President Trump's immigration order.

We have seen three other members of Mueller's team, FBI member Peter Strzok, and his lover FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, along with Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe, implicated in actively planning to meddle in a presidential election, then planning an "insurance policy" in the event that the candidate of their choice lost.

We have seen yet another member of Mueller's team, Bruce Ohr, demoted because of meetings with Fusion GPS, who created the unverified Kremlin sourced Trump dossier, paid for in part by the Clinton campaign and the DNC, and found out Ohr's wife Nellie actually worked for Fusion GPS.

Last but not least, we now see that Mueller's team embroiled in "new and troubling controversy," over thousands of emails from the Trump transition team, they improperly seized, which included attorney client communications as well as other privileged communications.

More on this most recent scandal which ANP covered on Sunday, from well known and respected law professor and attorney, Jonathan Turley, from over at The Hill:

That seems to be the case with a new and troubling controversy over a massive seizure of emails by special counsel Robert Mueller from the General Services Administration (GSA). Mueller did an end run around Trump transition officials and counsel by seizing tens of thousands of emails from the GSA despite claims of privilege. The move was legally unprecedented and strategically reckless. In a gratuitous muscle play, Mueller may have added a potential complication to the use of evidence that could contaminate much of his investigation in any later trial.

You don't fire that man, you keep buying him more shovels to bury more of his team members and crooked intelligence agency members!

In the meantime, from congressional testimony by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, shows that the buck ultimately stops with him. He stated clearly more than once that he is responsible for oversight on Robert Mueller's investigation. Considering how many of Mueller's team has been removed or demoted, how much bias has been revealed from texts messages uncovered by the Office of Inspector General, and the latest unethical behavior by Team Mueller in regards to the transition emails, maybe it isn't Mueller that the President needs to fire, but rather Rosenstein himself.

Replace him with someone that will actually do the job Rosenstein claims he is responsible for doing, but isn't.

Who Will Donald Trump Tell "You're Fired"
Special Counsel Robert Mueller
Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein
AG Jeff Sessions
No One


These latest plans to organize hundreds of protests over nothing more than a rumor, fits a certain pattern of behavior that when events are looked at all together, shows that Trump Derangement Syndrome is not all that is in play here, but rather some of these people have quite literally become unhinged.

Remember right after the election? A recount! The media jumped right on that bandwagon, breathlessly reporting how a recount in the states they expected Clinton to win, but she ended up losing, could change the whole outcome of the election. Liberals cheered and donated millions to Jill Stein who called for the recounts. Trump ended up with more votes in the limited number of places that conducted recounts.

Didn't work out so well for them..... Donald Trump was still President-elect of the United States of America.

Next liberals decided to pressure the electoral college members to not cast their vote consistent with how their state voted. The media clung to that too, promoted it, which resulted in electoral college members receiving death threats. They cast their votes and.... yup.... Donald Trump was still President-elect of the United States of America.


Then came the much hyped inauguration day protests which resulted in police injuries, over 200 arrests, celebrities and liberals from all across the country making utter spectacles of themselves in those ugly pink p*ssy hats, and costumes.

Alas, sadly for them, Trump became the President of the United States of America.

That is when liberals and the MSM went straight from simply unhinged to outright insanity.

Rumors became "news" events in the mainstream media.  Constant reporting using nothing buy anonymous sources consistently kept being proven as "fake news," with never-ending corrections, edits, changing headlines, and deleting stories, in some cases journalists being forced to resign, fired or suspended as they ran with anything if it was anti-Trump, just to have to apologize and retract the stories.

A year later  we are still seeing it happen, with the latest examples of CNN, then NBC and MSNBC falsely reporting that Donald Trump Jr. had received a Wikileaks encryption key to leaked emails before they were released publicly, just to have to issue clarifications and corrections, and claiming that multiple sources "read the date wrong," on the emails.

That came right on the heels of ABC News falsely reporting that Michael Flynn "would testify that Donald Trump had ordered him to make contact with Russians about foreign policy while Trump was still a candidate," when in reality, the testimony was that contacts were made after the elections as the normal part of the transition process. That resulted in ABC News' Brian Ross being suspended without pay.

We can't forget the Russian Collusion theory, where multiple congressional investigations have been ongoing, along with the special counsel investigation, and after a more than a year of investigating and hysterical reporting by members of the press (some were eventually corrected, edited or retracted) not one shred of evidence has come to light implicating President Trump of colluding with Russia.

In fact, the MSM, after months upon months of droning on about Russian collusion, barely mentions it anymore, and now they are screaming "OBSTRUCTION!"

In their twisted thinking, anything President Trump does that affects an investigation to which has been going on since before the inauguration and has found absolute no evidence of Russian collusion is somehow "obstructing" said investigation.  Never mind the fact that even if Mueller was removed, someone else, perhaps someone with some objectivity, would simply replace him, clean house and continue. No, cannot let facts get in the way of their narrative.

Aside from however much has been spent on the congressional investigations, which also have brought forth no evidence of collusion, and the cost of the intelligence agencies which were unmasking and investigating Trump campaign members for political purposes since before the election, Robert Mueller's investigation has already cost American taxpayers over $7 million and still no evidence of collusion has been found. Mueller charged Michael Flynn and George Papadopoulos, for lying to the FBI. Paul Manafort and Richard Gates, for actions before Trump even began his campaign, but not one shred of evidence or one charge actually related to collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, which was the whole purpose of Mueller's mandate.

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From one doomed hope to another, Democratic politicians, intelligence members leaking "wrong" information to the media, and the MSM, have consistently cried wolf, like screaming FIRE! in a packed movie theater, raised the hopes of their audience of liberals looking for anything to cling to rather than accept the truth...... Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America.

Perhaps it is time they simply learn to deal with that fact.

The media is responsible for much of the liberal mass hysteria over President Trump with over 90 percent constant negative coverage over the course of the last year, many of which later were proven false storylines, consistently attacking not only the president but also his supporters, screeching about every perceived wrong, and in some cases seemingly attempting to incite violence. That type of unhinged and insane derangement mentality has rubbed off and becomes infectious to their readers.


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