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January 17, 2018

President Trump Was Set Up From The Beginning - MSM Willing Conspirators Or Duped By Obama Deep State Members Via Steele Dossier?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Countries "meddle" in other countries elections all the time, we saw that during the Obama administration when he attempted to meddle in Israeli politics in an attempt to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, we saw the Obama administration support and actively working towards ousting the duly elected Ukraine leader, just to name two examples of U.S. interference in elections and politIcs of another country, which has been going on for over a century.

So, naturally it seems quite hypocritical to see the Media, Democrats and liberals screaming about Russia interference into the U.S. presidential election. The multiple claims against Russia include accusations that they "hacked" the DNC and the Clinton campaign to provide emails to Wikileaks, which were released during the election cycle and caused chaos within the DNC, forcing the chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and others to resign. 

It is noteworthy that the complaints by Hillary Clinton campaign, the Media, and liberals, were in regards to where they perceived the information came from, not the validity of the information. In other words, the emails that roiled the Clinton campaign and the DNC were real, the participants wrote them, and sent them, the complaint is that they were, RUSSIA! Whatever.

Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange have asserted on multiple occasions that the emails were not "hacked" but were leaked, with Assange suggesting strongly that the leaker was the DNC staffer, Seth Rich, that was murdered in July 2016, a little less than two weeks before Wikileaks started publishing them, while U.S. intelligence agencies claim it was Russia that hacked the information.

Other claims by the MSM, Democrats and liberals, are that Russia used an information campaign, pushing "fake news" through social media, yet the intelligence agencies never provided any evidence those "fake news" articles actually influenced anyone to change their vote.

Frankly over the last year we have seen Independent Media that opposed Hillary Clinton as president accused of being "Russian Propaganda," social media blamed for Clinton's loss, a failed attempt at a recount of certain states to negate the election results, followed up by a liberal campaign to threaten electoral college members to not vote for Trump, and then they started screaming Russia collusion between President Trump and Russia.

The fact is the media, liberals and Democrats have been having a year-long temper tantrum because the candidate they supported and predicted to win, didn't.


Nothing worked, but we are now seeing members of the intelligence community, those we call the Deep State, being exposed for anti-Trump bias, demoted, reassigned, announcing resignations, shifted to other jobs, etc..... because with President Trump's win, actions that some claim were highly illegal are being exposed as investigators are now being investigated.

What could quite possibly bring the whole house of cards down on the former Obama administration officials, as well as some currently still holding positions within the intelligence community, is the Steele Dossier.

The dossier was the result of opposition research paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign against President Trump, containing outrageous and "salacious" accusations which were not verified by Fusion GPS, nor by the FBI or any intelligence agency, but which reports now say was used, without being verified, by Obama officials to obtain a FISA warrant to surveil members of Trump's campaign before and after the election.

The big problem with that, reported by NYP, is "We also know Christopher Steele, a former British spy, gathered information for the dossier from a hodgepodge of rumors from Russian sources that, according to Simpson’s own testimony, were never substantiated by the firm. Steele called the collection of rumors 'raw' and 'unverified'."

The whole story the media has been spinning, fed to them through anonymous sources (read deep state intel members) started crumbling very badly after Congress forced Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson to testify about the dossier.

Via NYP:

Simpson told Congress, in his prevaricating and often defensive testimony, that Steele allegedly went to the FBI because he believed the Kremlin had the goods on Trump. The Russians, he claimed, were blackmailing the candidate with evidence of sordid sexual escapades. More significant, the Trump team had colluded with the Russians in hacking emails of Democrats during the campaign and were working on a quid pro quo basis. It was like calling 911 when witnessing a potential crime, Steele noted.

Well, almost immediately, one of the most repeated and significant claims backing this testimony had to be walked back.

Simpson told Congress “an internal campaign source,” a “whistle-blower” within the Trump organization, had corroborated some of the information in the dossier for the FBI. This was a bombshell (if true) because it meant that there was a legitimate source substantiating those assertions. So even the dossier’s most shocking tales could be treated seriously by the FBI and used as a pretext to investigate Trump’s organization in the middle of a political campaign.

Soon after the transcript was released, however, NBC News’ Ken Dilanian‏, who has a close relationship with Fusion, reported that sources in the firm were correcting Steele, who’d mischaracterized a meeting with a Trump source. No, there was no “walk-in” from the Trump campaign, as Steele had maintained in his testimony.

In other words, he lied to Congress.

Read the entire NYP article: The Trump dossier’s credibility is collapsing 

The reason the Steele Dossier is so important is because the entire MSM, liberal narrative of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, and the entire special counsel Mueller investigation, is based on spying by Obama's intelligence agencies on Trump campaign members, allowed by the FISA court, based on allegations contained within the Steele dossier, which Steele filled with information from Russian/Kremlin sources.


The one thing that has remained consistent throughout the last year is the amount of articles by all the major news outlets and networks, relying almost exclusively on anonymous sources, having to be corrected, edited, in some cases completely retracted and deleted, with reporters being suspended and in one CNN example three journalists forced to resign.

One would think if a source misled them so badly one time, they would be more inclined to fact check, confirm and verify the next item from said source before rushing to publish, but the problem has gotten worse, not better, indicating they may not be the duped pawns or victims of bad information from sources, but may very well be willing conspirators in an attempt to bring down President Trump.

With the dossier story crumbling and the potential for more members of the intelligence community, past and current, to be exposed as part of the campaign to destroy President Trump now that the DOJ is actively investigating their actions leading up to the 2016 presidential election, along with the upcoming OIG report into those same actions, the media has to find a scapegoat, for lack of a better word, some type of justification for all their false and misleading reports.

Which brings me to the "speculation" by Scott Shane of the New York Times in the short clip below, where he offers the theory that perhaps the whole dossier was some master plan on the part of Russia to hedge their bets to discredit President Trump.

Sounds to me like this may end up being the media's excuse when the information is finally revealed publicly about how our intelligence community under Obama was so politicized it used an unverified (by Fusion GPS and the intelligence community) in order to justify a FISA warrant to surveil the Trump campaign.

Their credibility, which is already suffering after a year of constant blunders, will be flushed down the toilet, unless they can convince their audience they didn't lie, they were duped!


Another aspect of this via The Last Refuge, shows that the information contained within the Steele dossier, may not have only come from Russian sources, but that in March of 2016 DOJ oversight personnel conducted a minimizing review and found that the Obama administration was disclosing "raw FISA information," to "private contractors," which they put a stop to in April 2016.  The term "raw" in this case means they were not redacting information that they were legally bound to redact, such as U.S. citizens' names obtained during surveillance.

This leads us back to the "unmasking" of U.S. citizens names, specifically people that were part of the Trump campaign, before the dossier was compiled, for political purposes, and revealed to "private contractors."


Screen shots via The Last Refuge, via 99 page Top Secret FISA Court Order - President Obama Spying on Political Enemies

The conspiring crew ran DOJ/FBI FISA-702 searches on “Michael Cohen Travel”, and simply got the wrong guy.

Amid complex stories, the simplest explanation is almost always the most accurate.

Unfortunately for the scheme team, this *mistake* puts another connection between: •the unlawful use of the DOJ/FBI FISA search access; •the people who gained custody of that raw data; •and how false information was used in the finished document, the Steele Dossier.

That Steele dossier, which included Russian disinformation and information handed over to Fusion GPS by the Obama administration, was then used to obtain yet another FISA warrant to surveil the Trump campaign team members.


They set President Trump up from even before he was elected, this was their "insurance policy," which was always a planned Russia collusion investigation in the event he won the 2016 presidential election, in order to cast doubts on the legitimacy of his presidency.

While the media seems to heading towards a "we were duped too!" narrative, the amount of false stories they have pumped out since January 2017, tells us that they were more willing conspirators than duped pawns.


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