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July 3, 2016

Reports Come In Across America Of SNAP/EBT Not Working - Demands System Be 'Fixed' As Elite Create Food Crisis For Global Takeover 

Food Is Being Used As A Weapon


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

While some of the comments this morning over at the Down Detector website from those not receiving their SNAP EBT benefits yet for the month of July border upon the hilarious as seen in the screenshots below, not having food to feed ones children is already a very real crisis in the lives of millions of Americans and hundreds of millions more people across the world. While some actually blame a possible Hillary Clinton indictment on the latest EBT snafu, if what we hear in the 2nd video below is true, the global elite are creating a food crisis across the world to aid their 'global takeover' and Americans and free humanity are clearly in the crosshairs. Food is being used as a weapon.


From New York to the state of Washington, from New Jersey to Oregon, from California to Florida, from Texas to Connecticut and just about every state in between, a large number of people have not yet gotten their July benefits as we also hear in the 1st video below. As we see in some of the screenshots below of comments made by those not receiving what they believe to be rightfully owed to them, not everybody is spending this money on food as some even come right out to say they need it to pay for their room as they're on a trip. Others put out some even more outrageous demands.


As Susan Duclos told us in a story Saturday on ANP, there is huge proof that many people across the country are totally abusing SNAP/EBT, something that should only be used for emergency purposes. Is this another sign of how far America has fallen? Since people see their elected representatives, and even someone running for the highest office in the land, quite literally getting away with murder, do food stamp recipients feel they no longer have to follow the law, either?


Being hungry is no joke and we've long-believed that such safety nets as SNAP should be available to help stave off wholesale mass starvation but we've never been fond of institutionalized benefits that so many people believe are 'owed' to them for long periods of time or 'for life'. Just check out some of these comments. Absolutely ridiculous.

Is Hillary Clinton responsible for EBT/SNAP not going out as some suggest? Is 'the system' responsible for keeping food in the mouths of Americans? What has happened to our country? Language warning below on a comment from someone who should probably make sure that they 'fix their own' before making demands upon a system that might not always be there. What happens to millions of Americans like these, totally dependent upon this system, should disaster hit?


In the final video below from Infowars we're asked if we would become a cannibal in the event of total collapse and no food available. As we've published on ANP time and again, if we take solid steps now to avoid such a predicament, such as growing our own gardens and canning/storing long-term, we can defeat the globalists bids to enslave Americans and humanity. Would you become a cannibal to stave off starvation? We pray that it never comes to that moment in time here in the USA or anyplace else in civilized society. Should we arrrive there, 'en masse', it will already be far too late. 


While most people living in America still believe that a situation like what is happening now in Venezuela could never happen here, all we need to do is remind you that such a situation is likely exactly what the 'nwo' is now preparing for in America and across the world as this recent story from Vice's Motherboard linked to by the Drudge Report tells us.

As we also reported on ANP, a recent study done by a FEMA-linked company warns of food price spikes of 395% or more and possible 'Draconian measures' that FEMA might have to impose upon America, possibly within the next 4 years. It would be quite safe to say that the majority of those who are totally dependent upon the system will not be prepared for that moment in time. Is it any wonder that we're now watching unfolding all across America on a grand scale massive preparation for collapse? The clock is ticking...this study shows they know we're running out of time.  



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