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January 30, 2018

State Of The Union Address 2018  Open Thread - Survey: Should President Trump #ReleaseTheMemo At SOTU


By All News PipeLine

By reader request we are putting some livestreams of the State Of The Union Address by President Trump, on January 30, 2018 @9:00 pm ET, below, so readers that wish to watch it together and give their comments and opinions of the speech, can do so.

As ANP reported earlier today, there are a number of Americans, including at least one U.S. Congressman, that are urging President Trump to release the controversial four-page FISA abuse memo that has been in the news since January 18, 2018, which purports to detail abuses by members of the nation's intelligence community.

So we thought our readers could weigh in on what they think about the idea by taking the poll below.

Should President Trump #ReleaseTheMemo At SOTU Address
Yes, He Should Publicly Give Authorization For Release
Yes, He Should Read The Memo Live
No, He Should Wait Until After SOTU Address
No, He Should Not Release The Memo At All

Multiple Livestreams below. (Note- A variety to choose from. When event begins, we will remove any that become unavailable)


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