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September 13, 2016

'Life Under Trump, Death Under Clinton, The Choice Americans Face Is Simple' - This Is How We Stop America From Becoming A 3rd World Nation Full Of Terror, Riots, Mobs And Chaos

- Michael Savage's 'Scorched Earth' - A Final Warning To America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

According to author and America's most popular radio talk show host Michael Savage, we may only be one bad election away from losing America. Warning us in this new story from WND that the country as it was before Barack Obama 'will never come back', Savage tells us that the 'scorched Earth policies' under Obama are turning our once great country into "a 3rd world nation of terror, riots, mobs and chaos." "Hillary, or her replacement, would be worse" Savage warns. 

Savage's new book, which comes out today, holds nothing back and as we hear directly from Savage in the videos below, this 'experiment in Liberty called America' is now living its final days if we cannot reverse its direction, and quickly. Called "Scorched Earth: Restoring The Country After Obama," Savage truly believes America is only 'one election away from survival'. While he's quick to point out that "America' will still be here, it's just that the America we knew before the gangster regime took over will never come back," he also shares with us why he believes 'America' still has a chance.

While many people have already completely given up on America, we'll have to agree with Savage's reasoning here. According to Savage, the two best hopes for America's future are Donald Trump and 'the ordinary Eddies': Self-motivated, roused and engaged individuals all across America. Alternative news readers. The alternative news. You.


As Savage tells us in the final video below how the 'ordinary Eddies' can help to save America we implore, as long as websites such as the Drudge Report, Breitbart, WND, Infowars, and ANP are still up and running and putting out news contrary to the globalist agenda, we can assure you that 'freedom' is still 'alive', though definitely not 'well'. Tyranny wouldn't allow 'alternative' media. However, as evidenced by 'hillary's' own deputy communications director recent statement that she doesn't recognize alternative media's right to exist, Americans still have a ways to go to complete our overthrow of tyranny. 

As Savage warns us of the difficulties we'll face in attempting to regain control of our government, our country and our national soul, we're given a blueprint for how to "regain our cherished freedoms and our national identity...before they are lost forever." He also tells us we're now facing the most important questions of our day. 

In that final video below, Savage begins with a discussion of hillary's recent health problems before moving on to the collapsing Dems, the absolutely horrendous policies of Barack Obama, the rise of Donald Trump and 'the deplorables' and one of the reasons Americans should never give up: our fathers and grandfathers who stopped Adolf Hitler.

Savage also warns us that if what we think we've been witnessing in the last 8 years of Obama have been bad, we clearly haven't seen anything yet and warns of prison camps and re-education camps under a 'president hillary'. If you think Savage's warnings are far-fetched, you haven't heard hillary herself talking about the need for adult Americans like you and I to go to 'fun camps' to be 're-educated' to think the way that she does. Does anybody reading this WANT to think like 'hillary'? 


If you're one of those who believe that America is forever lost and we'll never stand a chance to hold on to what is most precious and dear to us, our cherished freedoms, our liberty, these videos might be difficult for you to listen to. While calling out Obama, hillary and the globalists agenda, Savage also makes it clear that a 'free' America still has its greatest assets working in its favor: You!

An overview of Savage's book "Scorched Earth: Restoring The Country After Obama" from Barnes and Noble is seen below.:

New York Times bestselling author Michael Savage reveals why we have an infected political system, and what we can now do to nurse the country back to health. Michael Savages says that for the past eight years there has been a retrovirus in the White House, and that the last Presidential term has infected the body politic with hateful, anti-American views, and nation destructive ideas. According to Savage, the entire Democratic Party, plus many Republicans, have been invaded and infected by these ideas. They just repeat them over and over to the detriment of the United States. The bad news? It is very difficult to detect that we have been infected until it is too late. This virus that has been injected into the body politic may force us to learn to live with our currently infected political system-indefinitely. But, Savage knows what needs to be done-and he reveals what to do in order to bring the government and country back to health.


The review of Savage's book from Amazon is directly below.:


The prophetic author of the bestselling Government Zero, Dr. Michael Savage is back with his most urgent and powerful work.

Listeners to Dr. Savage's top-rated radio talk show, The Savage Nation, know him to be an articulate and engaged spokesman for traditional American values of borders, language, and culture.

Now, after eight divisive years of Barack Obama, Dr. Savage lays out an irrefutable case for how our nation has been undermined by terrorists from without, by anarchists from within, by a president and politicians with contempt for the Constitution and the law, and by a complicit liberal media.

With words and topics that are as insightful as they are timely, he makes an ironclad case for the dangers we face from Hillary Clinton and her fellow travelers in the progressive movement. He also explains why Donald Trump may be one of the two best hopes for America's future as we try to regain control of our government, our country, and our national soul.

The other hope? As Dr. Savage explains in some of his most heartfelt and passionate words, it is we, the people: the ordinary "Eddies," as he calls them-motivated, roused, and engaged.

This book is about much more than an election. It is a veteran commentator and celebrated raconteur providing a blueprint for how to regain our cherished freedoms and our national identity . . . before they are lost forever.


Will we soon witness an America in total loss and collapse, full of the terror, mobs, chaos and riots that Savage warns us about or will America be able turn it around under the 'ordinary Eddies' and Donald Trump? If you're one who has already counted America down for the count, we've got news for you, none of us here at ANP got into this 'information war' against the globalists to lose. We're sure most of the other 'alternative news' websites we love on the internet feel the same way. 

As Savage proves to us, we've got a long way to go to take back our country. However, with a fully alert, knowledgeable and engaged American people, we will regain what we have lost and quite possibly much more. We may soon reach that point in time that those who have been responsible for the destruction of our country are held accountable for their high crimes against the American people. Savage also tells us here which tyrannical government agencies 'heads need to roll'. From WND.:

He opens the book recounting a conversation he had with a Beverly Hills antique dealer who had been imprisoned in Iran under the Khomeini regime before his family fled to America.

Savage asked the man how many years his family had been in Iran.

“I don’t know,” the man said. “About twenty-five hundred years?”

Savage told WND his point is, “If you think it can’t happen here, my friends, think again.”

He said Americans think that “no matter who wins, nothing bad can really touch them politically.”

The choice Americans face Nov. 8 is simple, he said: “Life under Trump, death under Clinton.” 

"That’s how I see it. It’s that clear to me,” said Savage. “It’s life and death. There’s no other way to put it.” 

In the first video below, Savage begins the video with a conversation about NFL player Colin Kaepernick while moving on to the election and politics until the 9 minute mark, where the conversation switches over to his book "Scorched Earth" and Savage breaks down for us some of the groups responsible for the subversion of the US Constitution that he hopes a Donald Trump presidency will do away with, legally, of course. Savage tells us why we are now facing the most important questions of our era and why 'America' is so in danger of forever losing what has made us 'America'.

In the 2nd video, Savage breaks down hillary's recent 'health event' on 9/11 and the US presidential race, weaving his thoughts from his new book into the conversation throughout the entire show, which was just broadcast Monday.  

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