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March 9, 2016

'We Have Entered Very Dangerous Territory' - Peter Schiff Warns On America's Last Chance - More Proof Global Trade Is Absolutely Imploding!


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The stories telling us almost everything we need to know about the forthcoming financial collapse come to us from across the news spectrum and include an interview with Peter Schiff on Rick Wiles TruNews in the 1st video below in which he tells us we all can see what's happening to the economy but the establishment isn't ready to admit it. Schiff also tells us that he strongly suspects an upcoming QE4 and the FED to go back down to 0% interest rates sometime before the election as we learn we're quickly approaching America's last chance at redemption. With the elimination of cash and a cashless society in our future that will simply offer government more control over the masses and the ultimate surveillance state, Schiff points out that such a society merely allows govt to now be able to take control over the underground economy and gives them more of an ability to tax everything. 

Schiff and Wiles also touch upon how they believe the elimination of cash might happen. Will cash simply be 'grandfathered out'? Wiles says instead of eliminiating cash, we should be eliminating the FED, a much better idea that would actually have a chance to fix the underlying problems we face. Then we learn that they are already eliminating cash as there used to be much more of it than there is now... Schiff even mentions that there used to be a $100,000 bill. We're told a day of reckoning is clearly coming as 'debtor days are over' and 'everybody is upset' as we enter a 'cycle of unrest' with much of once was a very rich Western civilization crumbling to be replaced by the growth now happening in China and the East.   

With some European banks (Austrian) being told to stockpile cash, Wiles and Schiff touch upon how Americans can invest to help ourselves get through what's coming and what offers us the best chance to earn money going forward. Schiff also tells us that the European banks 'experiment with negative interest rates' has 'blown up in their faces' and gold and silver are the only real answers to a system predicated on fiat currency. 

Schiff and Wiles also touch upon what Susan Duclos told us on ANP on Monday, the 'alternate reality' that many members of government, including Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, are living in by suggesting the economy is doing just fine. While Obama tells us unemployment is going down...Schiff tells us why...because so many people are taking low paying jobs just to get by and others are dropping out of the work force for all together. They also bring up the fact that more Americans are now paying a larger percentage of their pay towards rent and other living expenses than ever before. 


We also got more proof today that global trade is absolutely imploding in this story from Michael Snyder over at the Economic Collapse Blog who tells us that China's global exports have plunged by more than 25% compared to February 2015. China's imports also fell more than 13%, the 16th month in a row over a year to year basis imports have fallen and China's exports are at the lowest level they have been since 2009.

We also learned from Snyder that the collapse of Italy's banks are now threatening to plunge the entire European financial system into chaos while days ago he told us that the economic collapse of South America is also well underway. Back in the end of February, even CNN Money got into the mix telling us that store closings are the hottest trend in retail while over at Infowars we learn from former Ronald Reagan cabinet member Paul Craig Roberts that the global financial system is a larger threat to Americans than terrorism and, as he tells us, it's quite easy to see that the financial system has done more damage to Americans than terrorists could ever possibly inflict. 

At ANP we've often wondered why 'terrorists wearing suits and ties and carrying briefcases' are legally permitted to steal Americans money through the games of corruption they play, and they do so every day without being charged, while only those carrying guns and knives while committing their financial crimes are held responsible for their actions. How is it that corrupt bankers can legally steal millions, leaving death and destruction in their path, and they go unpunished? Certainly unpunished most of them go in this life but hell so obviously awaits them.

Over at Zero Hedge via Simon Black over at Sovereign Man we're told that a 4,000+ year old financial indicator says that a major crisis is brewing. Telling us all about the ever important gold to silver ratio that stretches all the way back to the reign of 'Sargon the Great' of the Akkadian empire, we learn that in times of extreme turmoil, the ratio goes steadily up. 

Telling us that all the way back in 1792 in the US, the gold to silver ratio was pegged at 15 to 1, we're also told that throughout the 20th century it averaged about 50 to 1. Just prior to World War 2 while Adolf Hitler rolled into Poland the ratio went all the way up to 98 to 1 while in 1991, when the 1st Gulf War began, it skyrocketed to 100 to 1. As their story was being written, the ratio had once again gone up quite high, to an 81.7 to 1 ratio, we're also told that only 3 times in modern history has it gone that high: the 2008 financial crisis, the Gulf War and World War 2. As the chart below shows us, we have clearly entered dangerous territory.


In the first video below, Peter Schiff joins Rick Wiles from TruNews at the 1 hour 1 minute mark. In the 2nd video below we learn that biometric banking is about to be forced upon us whether or not we like it with VISA already using Africa as a testing ground for what is likely soon coming to America. 

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