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November 11, 2015

Space Mystery: Second 'Black Orb' Plummets To Earth Landing In Spain


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

A little over a week ago a mysterious black object being described as an "orb" was discovered in the middle of a Spanish field in Calasparra, Murcia, which is a municipality in Spain, leading investigators from the Civil Gaurd to quarantine the entire goat farm the object was found in. 

Specualtion ranged from the mysterious object being part of space station, to a a pressurised gas container which fell to Earth from space to space debris and finally part of a rocket or satellite. Initial reports indicate the object was found after witnesses had seen seven or eight fireballs first thing in the morning on November 3. According to a report at the UK Mirror, the "objects are made of a material as strong survive almost intact reentry into the earth and even catastrophic explosions."

On November 8, 2015, another "mystery cylindrical object weighing about 20 kilos," was discovered in the hamlet of Villavieja, very near the location the first object was discovered.  Once again the Civil Gaurd was called in, the area sealed off until investogators could initiate the protocol known as "NRBC (nuclear, radiological, bacteriological and chemical)"  to avoid any potential dangers. 

(Image above - Mystery orb loaded into a "space wagon)

With the discovery of the second mystery object, the Mayor of Calasparra, José Vélez, is demanding answers from the Spanish government to allay the fears of his residents.

"Where are these objects coming from?" he said. "Why are they falling here precisely? Will more fall? And what would happen if any of these balls fall into a highly populated area?"

Valid questions and one has to wonder why eight days after the first "orb" was discovered, the Spanish government has not issues an official report to explain exactly what these objects are.

Mayor Vélez goes on to state ""I think it is a more serious issue than it seems. Citizens have real concerns about what is happening and deserve an explanation."

Frankly the most likely explanation is encompassed by the "space debris," but the concerning aspect isn't so much what this is, but how many more will plummet to Earth, where they will fall, how much damage can be expected if larger objects start falling in more populated areas.... just to name a few items.


Video of officials apparently checking the mystery orb for radiation after the discovery of the first orb on November 3, 2015.

Second video details both discoveries.

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