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August 12, 2015

Preparations And Prophecy - Manipulations, Collapse And Survival - Shemitah Urgency!


By A Minute To Midnite - All News PipeLine

Chris begins with talking about the squeeze on the physical precious metals market. Demand for precious metals has increased significantly in recent weeks despite the manipulation in the paper market with an increasing number of people turning to precious metals as a safe haven. Chris produces some figures to back this up. Tony then mentions how he recently heard Steve Quayle of Renaissance Precious Metals state that in his 35 odd years of being a metals dealer that this is about as tight as he has seen it. Also while the big banks are saying the outlook for gold is bleak they are themselves actively acquiring physical gold. Do as the banks do, not as they say!

The Elite are manipulating the prices in order to get as much of it for themselves as they can, while discouraging others from doing the same. The importance of getting precious metals now while it is still possible is discussed.

The discussion turns to the likelihood of bank fund confiscations. Depositors are termed as unsecured creditors and their accounts will be raided at some time in the future to prop up the banks.

Next Tony talks about the projection of an image of Kali the Hindu Goddess of death on the Empire State building a couple of nights previously, and asks if this is a warning by the Illuminati of what is coming to "Babylon" America and most particularly New York. Mention of Shiva the God of destruction and CERN is also made here.


Tony then shares a dream he had in June 2014 involving the killing of two eagles, and how this may prophetically symbolize what is coming to America, Chris follows up by sharing a dream he also had regarding an Eagle and it's prophetic significance as it relates to the USA and Israel. Mention is also made of the prophetic dream in which Pastor T.D. Hale saw Obama shoot an eagle out of the sky.

The prophetic theme is then continued by the sharing of a prophetic word sent to "A Minute To Midnite" by Janine Smith whose husband had formerly worked for an Illuminati run insurance firm in Britain. It's a powerful End Time prophetic word regarding the return of The Lord and the need for us to prepare NOW!

At this point Chris and Tony decide to throw the script for this day's show out the window and just go with the flow, which at that point was obviously in the direction of the prophetic, whereupon Tony then shares another dream he had back in April of a coming storm in the USA.

The guys then talk about how they recently heard Steve Quayle  talking about the importance of storing food ahead of the financial collapse and just this is…even more important than precious metals, particularly for those with limited financial resources.

The closing of the Shemitah on 29 Elul in September looms close. In the last part of the show Chris gets fired up and warns again of what is likely coming in the near future to New Zealand and the world, and gives a passionate discourse on what to do to prepare. Don't be complacent!

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