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September 28, 2017

College Allowing 'P*ssy Power - Slut Nation' Signs To Be Hung Is Worried About Anti-Abortion Displays 'Triggering' Students

- College Insanity Hits New Heights Of Absurdity


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While we try to deal with a variety of topics which describe the larger picture of what is happening across the country and the nation, we also try to follow up and update on certain issues, such as what is going on at college campuses across the the U.S., because those graduating from these educational institutions are tomorrow's workers, some who will be productive members of society, while others will be the same coddled, spoiled, and entitled snowflakes they have been allowed to be while in college.

Aside from the controversies over conservatives speakers and Antifa violent protesters, there are number of shocking recent events that show the complete and utter harassment of conservatives and religious students which public universities are allowing without challenge, while the "safe space" crowd is being coddled, encouraged and funded by the school.

For example, we will start at California State University, San Marcos, who sent out a notice that an “anti-abortion” display will be present on campus next week as part of the Genocide Awareness Project from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), saying the images are expected to be "graphic," and that some students "may find this content disturbing and offensive." The school is also making numerous resources available for those that may feel "triggered" by the anti-abortion imagery."

Those resources include keeping both the Student Health & Counseling Center and the Gender Equity Center open and available to students while CBR is on campus, holding"A Conversation about Reproductive Justice," for free and the "Student Health and Counseling Services will staff two resource tables in the plaza area from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both Feb. 13 and 14" that students can visit if they feel triggered.

While one of the organizers of the event feels the campus-wide alert is a little hyperbolic, according to Campus Reform, because they provide adequate signage warning people what will be seen that warns of the graphic nature of the display, he isn't all that bothered by the it.

It is all well and good that the school warns of graphic imagery, because some may find it offensive, yet on the flip side of the coin, there is not the same level of protections, warnings or resources offered to the campus conservatives or religious students regarding the "P***y Power” event hosted by the Gender Equity Center, with fliers posted that say "P*ssy Power, the slut nation is here & we are pissed off!!! Run & hide you misogynistic, crust, f***k heads!" Another posted flier states "I’m a slut. I vote. So does everyone I sleep with," adding, "And you’re about to be more f***ked than I am."


Lovely young.......errrrr....... females our nation's public universities are preparing to send out into the real world, eh? Amazingly, feminists wonder why decent and educated men want nothing to do with them..... hint: see sign above!

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Via Campus Reform
The College Republicans later said that its female members found the posters degrading to women and did not think that it was an accurate representation of all women on campus.

“Our female members who saw this poster felt that it was an appalling characterization of women and was highly degrading,” said the College Republicans.

Erin Clements, a member of the College Republicans, said that she thought the posters were a joke at first and was confused as to why anyone would want to identify as a “slut,” saying she would prefer to be associated with titles such like student, scholar and leader.

“I feel like I'm categorized in this ‘slut nation’ and I don’t want to be,” she told Campus Reform. “Slut has always been a negative and derogatory term that I don't want to be associated with.”

The conservative student is not wrong, as defines slut as "1. Disparaging and Offensive. a sexually promiscuous woman, or a woman who behaves or dresses in an overtly sexual way."

Please note while the conservatives students find these signs hung up around campus to be offensive, they are not demanding "safe spaces" or counseling sessions because they are "triggered," but more importantly, the school itself isn't offering any campus wide alert over  "disparaging and offensive" content.

As a side note, I am curious about what happens if a male student calls one of these members of the "slut nation" ... a slut.... can she then report him for sexual harassment? If they are identifying themselves as a slut, does this mean there would be no repercussions or punishment against anyone that vocally called them something they are self-identifying as already?

At California State University, San Marcos it isn't just offensive imagery, or coddling little safe space, triggered snowflakes, while showing no concern for conservatives or religious students, but as the Facebook video posted by the CSUSM College Republicans just this morning shows, nasty little entitled and perpetually offended ....females.... can simply rip a MAGA hat off a male student, then be allowed to screech, yell and cuss at him in front of school officials and yell and cuss at those same officials, where it takes over 9 minutes of those school officials coddling the little brat before the man can get his own property returned to him.

All the examples above are just from one school.


Violent chaos erupted at the University of Utah during a liberal protest against conservative speaker Ben Shapiro on Wednesday, where a "female activist threw a punch following a heated argument, landing it squarely in the face of a man wearing a red hat."

I am never one to advocate violence against women, but hey, Feminist equality and all that, so if a female activists punches a man in the face, being a female should not exclude her from being slugged right back!

A New York University librarian praised Antifa violence as “vitally worth doing” in an essay about the recent rise of violence on the far-left. (Source)

April Hathcock argues that since "an explicitly peaceful movement" like Black Lives Matter faces "similar scrutiny" to Antifa, leftist protesters might as well employ violence in pursuit of their goals.

On the opposite side of the country, over at Berkeley we see that Antifa BAMN leader Yvonne Felarca was arrested on Tuesday and charged with battery and resisting arrest. Felarca was arrested earlier this summer and charged with assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury, a felony, and participating in a riot, and inciting a riot.

The thing about Felarca is she is not a student, she is a Berkeley Middle School teacher, which gives us even more evidence that the students who are becoming militant terrorists are being taught this behavior by their teachers.

At Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, conservative students were recently confronted by campus police, who told them that their free speech ball was "scaring" other students.

The examples above are simply the tip of the iceberg of the antics going on at college campuses in America, this past week.

See more and Campus Reform and College Fix.



It is important to note here that it is not just colleges where educators are shoving their political ideology and indoctrinating our nation's children, but it is also happening in elementary schools, as evidenced by the recent controversy in Mesa, Arizona, when a 4th grade teacher decided to replace the word "men" in the Declaration of Independence, forcing the students to recite her version of it.

When confronted by a parent, the school initially moved her child to another class, informed her she "hurt the teachers feelings," by posting about the issue on social media, and later the school acknowledged "that the teacher broke district policy by injecting her personal politics into the classroom."

It should be recited as written, and not modified in any way. School administration, when learning of the alteration to the text, provided feedback and guidance to the teacher to restore the document to its original format.

The Facebook post by the parent, showed the image above and said the following:

Indoctrination is happening at Salk Elementary

This is not up for debate I am trying to raise awareness for those like myself who agree and see the problem with what the teachers doing for those of you who did not get that far what she is doing is indoctrination you may be alright with her doing this but it is against board and school policy so therefore she was in the wrong.

Indoctrination is in fact occurring in our Elementary Schools. This was hanging in my son's 4th Grade classroom. Each and every morning after the Pledge of Allegiance is said, the class recited this altered version of our Declaration Of Independence. This teacher also felt it was "A teachable moment" when she shared with the class that she attended a protest of our President Donald J. Trump. When I confronted the teacher she in fact believed this behavior to be within her rights. We did get the sign removed from the classroom as well as my son. My son is a Boy Scout of America and felt uncomfortable enough about this to tell us. If he had not, and to my great shame, we would not have known. And this would be still occurring. I beg of you all for future generations to remain free, please beware of what is actually occurring in our schools. The school seemed much more upset about my face book posts, meant to inform the public, than what is happening in the class. I was told when we went to the school that they had another complaint. If so ,why had they not acted? Perhaps, turning a deaf ear? Let us pray not.

These are not isolated incidents, this is the norm for schools across the nation, whether it is elementary all the way up until college. If parents are not vigilant throughout their child's school years, they will turn out to be the "slut nation," militant, screeching little snowflakes we see in our colleges today.


A silver lining has just appeared in regards to the censorship seen so often at colleges today, as the Trump administration has just joined the legal battle against free speech "zones" in colleges. The "Justice Department filed a 'statement of interest' in a lawsuit against a public college in Georgia that slapped an evangelical student with a “disorderly conduct” charge for proselytizing outside the tiny campus free speech zones, which require reservations and prior review from administrators." (Source)

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