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June 5, 2017

Weaponized College Snowflakes Are Finally Getting Their Comeuppance As The Tide Starts Turning Against Them

- 'This is like a parent looking at a spoiled brat having a temper tantrum and appeasing that child.' - Rep. Matt Manweller on Evergreen protests


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Those of us that have been reporting and documenting how college campuses across America have been turning into indoctrination centers for liberal ideology, completely out-of-control with students rioting, spending more time on "activism" than educational studies, destroying property and literally taking over campuses at every imagined "microagression," are now starting to see the tide turn as these little college snowflakes over-play their hands and are being seen as weaponized snowflake domestic terrorists instead of sympathetic figures.


The general public became aware of just how toxic the atmosphere at colleges across the country had become with the Mizzou protests in 2015-2016, which spread to other colleges across the country, rioting, marching, demanding the resignations of school officials, to which they received, but it all played out very publicly, so the country finally got to observe the deterioration of the nations educational institutes.

At the time, GOP presidential candidates warned what allowing little snowflake college students to dictate policy would bring, with then-presidential candidate Donald Trump stating "I think the two people that resigned are weak, ineffective people," adding, "I think that when they resigned they set something in motion that's going to be a disaster for a long period of time."

Ben Carson also highlighted the dangers, saying "People are so frightened of the politically correct police that they're willing to do things that are irrational to appease them... If they continue to capitulate all the time, we're going to be pushed further into secular progressive philosophy. You have to be brave in order to be free."

Marco Rubio directly spoke to the war against free speech, stating "Freedom of speech on campuses seems to be under assault in some of the supposedly finest institutions in this country... In the case of Missouri, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what it is that got the president fired."

In just the first half of 2017, there have been violent or disruptive protests and/or riots at UC Davis, University of Washington, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago, Middlebury College, Claremont McKenna College, and the most recent events at Evergreen College.

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In the case of Mizzou, we see the long term damage that "appeasement" to weaponized college snowflakes has wrought as enrollment plunged costing them approximately $16.6 million in revenue, with massive budget cuts announced, forcing them to eliminate 400 jobs and to close seven dorms next year, dubbed a "bloodbath" by College Fix.

In early March a conservative speaker and a liberal professor were attacked by an angry mob, where a self-identified Democratic teacher ended up in the hospital, resulting in sanctions being placed against 67 students for the part they played in their violent disruption. University professors, administrators and Alumni from Middlebury are speaking out now, saying those sanctions are "simply insufficient." 

Calling the violent protest over Murray’s lecture "an opportunity to firmly defend these foundational principles," the letter laments that the school’s response thus far has been “simply insufficient to address the current threats to higher education, free expression, and reasoned discourse.”

While administrators did pursue disciplinary action against the students involved in first forcing Murray to deliver his talk from an anteroom and then assaulting a professor as she escorted Murray out of the building, the alumni contend that much more can be done to ensure that similar incidents do not recur in the future.

The most recent example of out-of-control weaponized snowflakes came last month at Evergreen College, when students of color took over the school because a liberal professor spoke out against their demands that "white" students leave the campus for a day, where their profanity laced screeching, demanding he be fired, while cornering the school president to yell at him, was all captured on video.

More on the Evergreen embarrassment can be found at the following related links:

--Following Weinstein debacle, Evergreen State president kowtows to student demands

--White professor forced to flee campus as police say he’s not safe

--Students harass white prof for refusing to leave campus on anti-white ‘Day of Absence’

Now the Board of Trustees for Evergreen, those responsible for initiating policy, according to their website, has issued a statement calling the recent events and disruptions "indefensible."

We are deeply committed to ensuring that Evergreen provides a civil, safe campus environment for all. During the last week, the conduct of a small percentage of Evergreen’s community members exhibited unacceptable behavior that is completely contrary to Evergreen’s values. Although almost all of students continued to attend classes and receive the extraordinary education that Evergreen delivers, the lack of tolerance and respect displayed by a few during these recent events and disruptions is indefensible.

Freedom of speech, civil discourse and open debate has been a cornerstone of our country’s history — and Evergreen’s history. In difficult times, these pillars become even more significant. Intellectual inquiry, freedom of expression, tolerance and inclusiveness are core tenets of Evergreen’s philosophy and approach to education. Anyone who prevents Evergreen from delivering a positive and productive learning environment for all students has, and will continue to be held accountable for their actions and face appropriate consequences.
Of course, no one is really sure what they mean by "appropriate consequences," since to date there is no word on any of those students being "held accountable," but the fact that the Board of Trustees felt forced to issue a statement regarding the students antics, shows exactly how worried they are about public perception and most likely future donations.

It is interesting that the Board of Trustees only issued their statement after state politicians started talking about stripping their funding.

Local politicians have also had enough of these future domestic terrorists, and are proposing to privatize the school and strip funding. Republican state Rep. Matt Manweller is the one that introduced the bill t privatize the college, and states "I think that when a public university sends a message either directly or indirectly that you’re not welcome on campus based on your skin color, you have crossed the line."

According to The Olympian, Sen. Phil Fortunato has introduced a companion bill in the Senate that would phase out state funding for The Evergreen State College and ultimately sell the institution at fair market value.

"What I see is an institution dedicated to indoctrinating kids into being perpetual victims," Fortunato said in a statement issued Friday. "We saw videos of students disrupting classrooms, bullying administration, blocking police, and intimidating those around them and the response from the college president was to thank them for it. It is unbelievable."

He continued on to say "The student protesters claim Evergreen is a horrible, oppressive place. To those of us watching the behavior of these students and their intolerance of differing ideas, Evergreen looks like a horrible, oppressive place. So we come to the same conclusion for different reasons — Evergreen is a horrible place, so let’s stop putting public money in it."


Another interesting report caught my eye, where a student sit-in at Salem College, which did not become violent, also seemed to have backfired against students disrupting a campus and issuing ten pages of "demands."

Salem College immediately released a new policy governing demonstrations and protests, which include 14 requirements for demonstrators and protesters, which include, but is not limited to;  banning third parties from participation, forbidding the disruption of any class, approved activities, or sponsored events, forbidding free flow of traffic, including vehicular, bicycle or pedestrian, demanding prior notification of any demonstrations so the Public Safety officials can determine a safe location, banning any type of threats or intimidation.

This is reportedly the first such policies for Salem College, and it appears as if College officials are pre-emptively setting up policies that would prohibit the type of violent rioting or disruptive protests being seen across the nation at college campuses.

See the entire set of demonstration guidelines at this link.

The "Salem Sits" Facebook page offers their response to the new guidelines, stating "extensively restricts student demonstrations, protests, sit ins, pickets, and other activist activity on the campus."

As for UC Berkeley, they have publicly lost support from one of their most famous Alumni, Scott Adam's creator of "Dilbert," announced in February 2017, "I’m ending my support of UC Berkeley, where I got my MBA years ago. I have been a big supporter lately, with both my time and money, but that ends today. I wish them well, but I wouldn’t feel safe or welcome on the campus. A Berkeley professor made that clear to me recently. He seems smart, so I’ll take his word for it."

President Trump has also made it clear he is looking into cancelling federal funding for UC Berkeley, after the riot that violently suppressed an invited conservative speaker from conducting his speech on campus, tweeting "If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view - NO FEDERAL FUNDS?"

It is not just the aforementioned colleges and universities, as the NYT reported in August 2016 that "some colleges — particularly small, elite liberal arts institutions — have reported a decline in donations, accompanied by a laundry list of complaints."

Alumni from a range of generations say they are baffled by today’s college culture. Among their laments: Students are too wrapped up in racial and identity politics. They are allowed to take too many frivolous courses. They have repudiated the heroes and traditions of the past by judging them by today’s standards rather than in the context of their times. Fraternities are being unfairly maligned, and men are being demonized by sexual assault investigations. And university administrations have been too meek in addressing protesters whose messages have seemed to fly in the face of free speech.

They detail a number of complaints by Alumni, as well as one that wrote his former college out of his will, stating "As an alumnus of the college, I feel that I have been lied to, patronized and basically dismissed as an old, white bigot who is insensitive to the needs and feelings of the current college community." 

This is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you.

The website Hot Air highlights the most surprising part of the NYT article, which was found in the comments from their overwhelmingly liberal audience, showing that even liberals are seeing how out of control these weaponized snowflakes are.

Todd Stuart writes: "Good for the alumni. It feels like these institutions have lost their focus. Their historical mission was to educate in the liberal tradition. That tradition is based on presenting ideas, challenging and sometimes difficult ideas to students. It goes back to the days of Socrates. But recently students have decided they are entitled to pick and choice which ideas they want to hear, and need safe spaces to recover from exposure to the hard ones. This is combined with a shocking lack of understanding of free speech. Why would anyone who believes in the true mission of education support the current institutions financially. To do so is tacit approval of their present condition."

Frank L writes: "I am much closer in age to this millennial generation than the alumni described in the article but I sympathize with the latter. This absurd mindset of victimization, needing 'safe spaces' and feeling vulnerable to 'triggers' starts to look like a pathology. They should savor their victories on the campus while they can because the real world will not rearrange itself to quiet their tantrums and outbursts."

The most tone-deaf, disconnected thought process comes from the writer of that NYT piece, when she wrote "A backlash from alumni is an unexpected aftershock of the campus disruptions of the last academic year. "

Unexpected? Really?

Did the writer truly not understand that donors might not want to fund the replacement of property destroyed by rioting little snowflake terrorists that think they have the right to dictate college policy. Did she truly expect these donors to continue supporting an alma mater that is appeasing students that represent the very worst of society? 

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Last but not least, another example of how these "indoctrination centers for the Left," that we call colleges and universities, are in serious trouble, comes from a recent SHTFPlan article, detailing 5 ways America is about to become a very conservative country, where they discuss the Supreme Court with the recent confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch, declining immigration, studies showing that the next generation is becoming more conservative, how liberal birth rates are declining, and their number 5 is listed as "Leftist Academia Is In Serious Trouble," where they explain the following:

We have a whole generation of kids who were buried in over a trillion dollars worth of debt, just so they could get worthless liberal arts degrees that won’t ever help them get a job. They paid tens of thousands of dollars to be indoctrinated by liberal professors, before going back home to live with their parents.

That’s why student loans constitute a bubble in our economy, and once it pops, colleges are going to have to cut back on many classes that don’t actually increase the earning power of students. Coincidentally, the fields of study that harbor the most liberal professors, are the ones that don’t help most students get jobs, like the arts, humanities, liberal arts, gender studies, etc. Someday soon, colleges are going to be forced to trim the fat, and many of these Marxist professors and diversity administrators are going to get the axe. Their positions are incredibly superfluous.

As for the leftists public schools, let’s not forget that the number of kids being homeschooled is growing rapidly, and most of their parents are conservatives. They’re raising a new generation that isn’t going to be brainwashed by government run schools.

And let’s not forget that the mainstream media, which has been largely wed to the left, is dying. So basically, every institution that the Left uses to teach its ideas, from the media to academia, is slowly crumbling away.

Excellent points.


While colleges across the U.S. have been infiltrated by social justice warrior, snowflake professors, teaching their ideology to students rather than educating them, it appears the many sites spotlighting the violence, the rioting, the war against free speech are finally seeing results from their efforts as donors, Board of Trustees, Alumni, and local politicians are finally stepping up, speaking out, and closing their checkbooks.

Once again they have over-played their hand and the tide is starting to turn in other direction as more and more people are looking at them and their actions with disgust and disdain.

Kudos to sites like Campus Reform and College Fix for helping to shine that spotlight on these weaponized snowflakes.

In the video below, Republican state Rep. Matt Manweller speaks to his bill to strip over $20 million in funding from Evergreen College, and he says "This is like a parent looking at a spoiled brat having a temper tantrum and appeasing that child. I mean, these students need to be educated on what it means to live in a tolerant society where you are open to ideas."


In the last video, towards the end at approximately the 13:35 minute mark,  Evergreen school officials are seen informing the students  they are violating the student code of conduct, and that if they are not cleared out of the building then police will come in and clear them out. When asked what that means, they are told they will be physically carried out, placed in a paddy-wagon and arrested and they would be expelled from school.

Had they taken that stance from the beginning, they may not have had the critical press they received for kowtowing and appeasing the protesting students originally.

Too little, too late.

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