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November 20, 2014

Strange Deaths Across America! What Does The Govt Know That We Donít Know?

By Live Free or Die

With Americans now dying very strange deaths all across the country as shared in this new video from Alex Jones, weíve got to ask, if someone dies of Ebola, and the MSM doesnít report it, did it really happen afterall? Alex breaks down the non-coverage of these strange deaths by the MSM in light of Obamaís order to the MSM NOT TO COVER Ebola anymore. After giving background info, at the 2:30 mark Alex gets into everything that the MSM is covering up, including multiple people flying into America while bleeding out, Ebola disappearances and the strange deaths now occurring here, or not occurring here, since the Ďtree thatís falling in the forestí isnít making a sound because the MSMís not reporting it.


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