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January 31, 2016

Strangelets Terraforming Earth And Transmutation Of The Elements - Anthony Patch


Submitted To All News PipeLine by Anthony Patch

Strangelets.  The quark-gluon condensate.  The Pentaquark.   Transmutation of elements, which is in fact the changing at the quantum level, the number of quarks in a nucleus.  Already, the Large Hadron Collider in 2015 succeeded in very small quantities, the changing of lead into gold.  Manipulation of electrons, muons, gluons, bosons, hadrons, quarks, pentaquarks, either through the changing of their spin, or outright removal of them, as in the case of ions such as lead by removal of electrons is nothing new at CERN.  Strangelets in particular are produced at the 10 TeV power level and above, and likewise were produced at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Broohhaven National Laboratory in April of 2014.  The LHC did as well throughout 2015 while operating at 13 TeV, and even as high at 1048 TeV (1.048 Peta electron Volts, that's quadrillion) in October, 2015 as I had announced 3 weeks prior to CERN's own public disclosure of this event.  Other labs, at lower power levels, again around 10 TeV are still modifying quantum particles and producing these Strangelets.   

These are what I refer to as "mini black holes" due to their similarity to the unproven and strictly theoretical black holes.  Similar in that Strangelets are stable, thus attracting to themselves, all ordinary matter to themselves.  Another characteristic is their density which causes them to "fall" unrestrained to the core of our planet.  Where, they begin attracting all matter to themselves.  The third characteristic is their explosive potential.  These are the most powerful explosive substance in the known Universe.  

These three characteristics combine in the conversion of a star or, a planet to that of a Neutron Star.  The dramatic increases since 2012 and to the present, since the LHC had been operating at 10 TeV and above, in earthquakes and volcanoes is due in large part to this production of Strangelets.  The planet is purposefully being terraformed for  a new race of hybrid beings.  Of course that sounds ludicrous.  But look into the latest advancements and announcements surrounding the digitizing of human DNA, and sequencers and assemblers and printers of DNA.

The manipulation of quantum particles has been underway since the first Bevatron, then Cyclotron and Synchrotrons were invented and built and operated by Dr. Ernest Lawrence and Dr. Oppenheimer and Dr. Edward Teller at the University of California at Berkeley throughout the 1930s, 40s, 50s and now, on to the present at many labs around the world utilizing Synchrotron Particle Accelerators of their own.

The Advanced Light Source Synchrotron at U.C. Berkeley generates extreme level X-rays for the purpose of examining and then manipulating quantum particles.  It was responsible for the first sequencing of human DNA.  All DNA research and manipulation takes place using Synchrotrons.  Including the LHC at CERN.

More.  Much more is available in my books at

By the way, the LHC later this year, will return to collisions of protons (p) with ions of lead (Pb).  Something they've done many times before.  Late in 2015, they were colliding ions of lead (Pb + Pb), producing Strangelets.   This will continue using protons, and thus more Strangelets.


Editors Note - The following two videos and PDF link were emailed to ANP by Mr. Patch on January 30, 2016.

And the original journal publication from 12-15-15.


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