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April 26, 2016

Super Tuesday April 26 Primaries OPEN THREAD - CT, DE, MD, PA & RI - Live Stream, Results, Polls, Discussion And More


By All News PipeLine

It is April 26, 2016 and another Super Tuesday where Republican and Democratic voters in five states weigh in on who they want as their presidential candidate. The contests today take place in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.

Below we will show the latest polling data for each state, pages where the results will be shown when the results start trickling in, embed Live Streams and more. Readers are encouraged to leave links, videos or and any and all news related to the elections and primaries in the comment section below.


While the primary polling locations are still open and haven't even begin to tally the results, Washington Post has already published the result pages which will start show the results as they come in, those pages are all linked below.

Rhode Island

[Update] AP - Republican Donald Trump swept to easy victories Tuesday in Connecticut, Maryland and Pennsylvania primaries.
[Update] Trump takes all five primaries.

Hillary wins DE, MD, PA on the Democratic side, other two races are close.


According to polling data by Real Clear Politics, for Republicans, Donald Trump is ahead in all five of the states holding primaries today, screen shots below.


According to polling data by Real Clear Politics, for Democrats Hillary Clinton is ahead in all five of the states holding primaries today, screen shots below.





Polling data and screen shots shown above obtained from Real Clear Politics


Via the Memeorandum website where the most talked about political stories of the day and those discussing them are linked, we see the following headlined election news:

Poll: Trump Reaches 50 Percent Support Nationally for the First Time - NBC News

RUSH LIMBAUGH: If Cruz Plan Succeeds and He Wins on Second Ballot, It's the “End of the Republican Party” - Gateway Pundit

EXCLUSIVE: Colorado County GOP Chair: Errors with Ted Cruz's Delegate Win, Might Need Do-Over - Breitbart

Map Shrinks for Donald Trump's Foes - WSJ

Five states expected to help Trump and Clinton widen their leads - WAPO

Via Drudge Report election headlines:

Dem Turnout Down Millions

Updates, videos, election news will be added throughout the day and evening beneath the live stream video.


A couple of live streams from YouTube have already started their live streaming where news, polling chaos, commentary and geenerally anything election related is discussed as we all wait for results this evening, which they will also be covering. More will be added later when they go live.

The last video stream is set to begin at 9 PM - Donald Trump Primary Night Press Conference

[UPDATE] Too good to pass this set of headlines up.

Lena Dunham promises to move to Canada if Trump wins

TRUMP RESPONDS - Trump: Americans will thank me when Lena Dunham flees to Canada

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