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March 1, 2016

Infowars Live Stream Election Coverage Begins At 8 PM Eastern Time - Video Here! Super Tuesday All News Pipeline Reader Open Thread


By All News Pipeline

UPDATE! First video below is Infowars live stream election coverage beginning at 8 PM eastern time.

We have now reached what many consider the most important day of the 2016 election season prior to November, 'Super Tuesday'.

Up for grabs on Super Tuesday on the Republican side are about a quarter of the 2,472 delegates on this one night alone while more than 1,000 delegates are up for grabs on the Democratic side in which Hillary Clinton seeks to seal her nomination against Bernie Sanders.

Spread across 12 different states, many people believe the general election will be practically set in stone after today with a Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump matchup in November apparently what the people of America want. 

The states of Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia will be voting today and, as this is a wide-open Super Tuesday election thread, we welcome our readers to share any kind of news related to the primaries and caucuses being held today that you'd like in the comment section below. 

This LA Times story gives us a complete breakdown of the process of how delegates are awarded on Super Tuesday. 

In the videos below we hear that Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are now waging an all out war in an attempt to stop Donald Trump while in the 2nd video, we learn why so many are so upset about the voting process in America. 

Election results here from Politico. 

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