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November 14, 2016

Is This An 'Apocalyptic Harbinger Of Mayhem'? Disturbing Series Of Events Across The Planet With Supermoon - Earthquake Connection A 'Showstopper'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Then He told them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be great earthquakes, famines, and pestilences in various places, along with fearful sights and great signs from heaven....There will be signs in the sun and moon and stars, and on the earth dismay among the nations, bewildered by the roaring of the sea and the surging of the waves. Men will faint from fear and anxiety over what is coming upon the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to happen, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”

Back on March 12th of 2011, one day after the devastating earthquake struck Japan causing the massive tsunami that rocked the Fukushima nuclear power plant, a story on Accuweather was published called "Why I Think The Extreme Supermoon May Have Played A Role In The Earthquake".

And while their story told us the moon on March 11th was actually only halfway between its apogee and its perigee and therefore wasn't even at its closest to the Earth NOR was it a full moon when the devastating quake occured, the Accuweather author nevertheless was able to tie the killer quake to the moon:

However, I propose another possible explanation that could tie the extreme SuperMoon to the massive earthquake. Nature does not handle change well. Look at how the most severe weather tends to take place in the transition from winter to spring. I think that the transition from a stronger gravitational pull on the Earth (as compared to a normal full moon) from last month's SuperMoon to a weak gravitational pull (such as what we had near the quake) back to an even stronger gravitational pull caused by the extreme SuperMoon to take place on March 19th, may have played a role in the disaster. A lot of changes are going on with the gravitational pull on the Earth in a relatively short period of time. Could this have caused extra stress on the Earth's tectonic plates?

From Facebook Astronomy fanpage amateur astronomer Daniel Vogler, "Going from one extreme perigee to apogee could be significant enough pull on the plates. It [is] like pulling on a string tight then relaxing, causing a slip maybe." He also added, "Speculation is just that though... without numbers and cold hard facts. How can we get them (facts)?" He has a great point.

Now more than 5 years later, we have those 'facts' as explained in much more detail below.


Back on November 8th of 2016, a 'conspiracy theorist' by the name of Nigel Antony Gray warned in a Facebook post to watch out for a major earthquake in the days before or after November 14th to strike the South Pacific area. Warning his friends to stock up on water and supplies in case he was right, the earthquake-supermoon connection was called FALSE by the website Snopes in this linked story.

Despite Snopes failed attempt at debunking the quite obvious connection between what happens in outer space and what happens upon our planet, both New Zealand and Argentina were struck by massive earthquakes this past weekend at a time when another supermoon has graced our nighttime and early morning skies. And those who followed Gray's advice were undoubtedly happy as the quake left supermarket shelves bare and shopkeepers rationing what little they had left.

Were these recent quakes caused by the supermoon and if so, might there be more devastating quakes on the way? From mysterious blue/green lights that happened during the quake (the same lights were seen at Fukushima!), as we see in the 3rd video below, the quakes in New Zealand and Argentina over the weekend were just two of many earthquakes to strike our planet in the past few days. Our videographer shares with us why he strongly believes the supermoon and earthquakes were related.

In the 1st video below from NASA Goddard we hear all about the 'showstopper' supermoon that was visible late last night and this morning across the country while in the 2nd video below, our videographer also shares with us all of the reasons why he believes the supermoon was tied to these recent earthquakes across the planet and why more may be on the way.


'Conspiracy theorist' Gray wasn't the only person who warned ahead of time of the potential of devastating earthquakes and possible tsunamis around this time as also detailed in the 4th and 5th videos below, videos which were both created well before this weekends earthquakes. In the 4th video below from Cosmos News created back on September 13th of 2016 we were told Geologists at the University of Tokyo found evidence that suggests tidal stresses placed on the Earth's crust by the moon and the sun may play a role in triggering large earthquakes.

In the 5th video below published back on November 3rd, our videographer tells us why the world would soon be seeing a record breaking supermoon that would bring the moon to its closest point of the 21st century to this date (it won't be this close again until November 25th of 2034!) and why such a moon might bring earthquakes and devastation.

If websites such as Snopes were correct and all of this talk of 'supermoons' and 'earthquakes' mere 'conspiracy theory', is it just a coincidence that so many people predicted huge quakes for this date or is something more at play? In the final video below from End Times Productions our videographer shares with us a disturbing series of events that are now happening all across the planet which help to prove to us we're living in truly amazing times. 

Despite what websites like Snopes might tell us, as we learned in this September 12th, 2016 story from USAToday, a study led by Satoshi Ide, a seismologist at the University of Tokyo that appeared in the peer-reviewed British journal Nature Geoscience found that some of the most devastating recent earthquakes, such as the 2004 Sumatra quake that killed 230,000 people and the 2011 quake in Japan that killed 15,000, both hit during periods of high tide. In fact, his research team determined that nine of the 12 biggest quakes on record happened near or on days with full or new moons.

Going further we're told big quakes can occur when this additional weight of tidal water strains geological faults and the probability of a tiny rock failure expanding to a gigantic rupture increases with increasing tidal stress levels.

Precisely how large earthquakes occur is not fully understood, but scientists say they may grow via a cascading process where a tiny fracture builds up into a large-scale rupture. If so, the authors’ results imply that the likelihood of a small fracture cascading into a large earthquake are greater during high tides.

The study could help improve earthquake forecasting, the authors say, in places that are especially vulnerable to high seismic activity. "Scientists will find this result, if confirmed, quite interesting," said University of Washington seismologist John Vidale, who was not part of the study. He cautions that "even if there is a strong correlation of big earthquakes with full or new moons, the chance any given week of a deadly earthquake remains miniscule," making predictions rather unhelpful.

While seismologist Vidale stated back then 'making predictions rather unhelpful', anyone in New Zealand who had listened to 'conspiracy theorist' Nigel Antony Gray's warning of a massive quake being possibly on the horizon with a supermoon approaching and had stocked up like Gray advised would definitely have been helped by his prediction.

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