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April 7, 2017

Trump Strikes Syria - OPEN THREAD


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While ANP will be putting out a detailed article on the Syria airbase bombing by the U.S. government, readers have asked for an open thread to discuss it in the meantime.

There are contrasting reactions coming from all quarters, with Trump supporters quite disappointed, some outraged, some jumping "OFF the Trump train," as right-wing populists speak out against Trump's decision to drop 50+ bombs on a Syrian airbase yesterday, including Ann Coulter, Nigel Farage and other high profile names. 

The issue isn't so much the bombing, but what it coud cause as a chain reaction, but also just as importantly for those of that remember 2013, when extensive video proof was offered that the supposed moderate Syrian rebels, that the U.S. had been training and funding under Obama, attacked Syrians with chemicals and blamed the Assad regime, so many, including former presidential candidate Ron Paul, think there is a high likelihood that this chemical attack could have also been a false flag in order to push action against Assad.

The argument for that line of thinking is that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has recently indicated a change in U.S. policy, where it would no longer be policy to insist on a regime change, or Assad's ouster, so many are asking the logical question of exactly what Assad would have had to gain by attacking Syrians with chemicals just days later.

ANP will delve into that and much more later and in the coming days as well as reactions across the board, but until then, consider this an open thread to share opinions, links, videos and news on this topic.

Stefan's reaction below as he asks if Trump just kicked off an event that could potentially kill 262 million Americans, should WWIII break out over this.

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