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December 3, 2017

Major Deep State Bombshell Drops While All Attention Is On ABC Viral 'Fake News' Story That Tanked The Markets

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Over a year after the presidential election, and less than a year since inauguration, Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) has gotten worse, not better, and as a viral ABC News story proves without a doubt, the utter hatred on the part of MSM, for Donald Trump and Americans that voted him into office, has real world consequences, as a fake report by ABC News that had to be clarified, then corrected, retracting their main assertion, actually caused an instant 350 point drop in the stock market.

More importantly, that viral "fake news" ABC News report sucked up so much air, another report showing that members of Robert Mueller's counter intelligence team, aka part of the Deep State, tainted the entire Russia probe, went largely ignored for the better part of Saturday.


We'll start with this because the implications when looking at the larger picture of how often this seems to happen, indicates the mainstream media's deep-seated hatred of not only President Trump, but of Americans themselves for daring to elect a man the media was against.


ABC News' Brian Ross put out a 'fake news' report that had liberals cackling with glee, as the GIF above shows Joy Behar from The View reaction when she supposedly learned of it, which stated that Donald Trump as a "candidate" had Michael Flynn make inappropriate contact with Russia. The stock market instantly tanked, dropping 350 points, costing those that invest in the markets millions, if not billions.


The story stayed up, uncorrected for hours before ABC News offered clarification, then deleted the clarification and offered multiple corrections, then suspended Ross for four weeks without pay, while Democratic politicians were busy claiming Trump violated the Logan Act..

The real story as the corrections show, is that the orders to contact Russia came after the election, and was part of the transition efforts of a President-Elect, which was standard operating procedure and entirely legal for an incoming administration, whereas the initial ABC News report implied possible illegal behavior on the part of a "candidate."


ABC News said in their statement announcing Ross's suspension, that the "special report had not been fully vetted through our editorial processes," and they deeply regret an apologize for the serious error." President Trump is suggesting people who lost money over the fake news report should be suing ABC News.

President Trump, December 3, 2017:†"People who lost money when the Stock Market went down 350 points based on the False and Dishonest reporting of Brian Ross of @ABC News (he has been suspended), should consider hiring a lawyer and suing ABC for the damages this bad reporting has caused - many millions of dollars!"

If this was a one-off, a one time occurrence it could be chalked up as a mistake, but it is a pattern of behavior from news outlets that are showing extreme symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome, publishing utterly "fake news" that goes viral among outlets and liberal websites, then is later edited, corrected and retracted, yet those later edits and retractions are barely even noticed.

For example, when CNN put out an exclusive saying that James Comey would "refute" president Trump's assertions that he had been told multiple times by Comey that he was not personally under investigation, when he testified before Congress. The byline on that report included†Gloria Borger, Eric Lichtblau, Jake Tapper and Brian Rokus. Before Comey's testimony, his prepared statements were released, where he admitted he told President Trump on three different occasions that he was not being personally investigated.

CNN proceeded to change their headline from "Comey expected to refute Trump," to "Comey unlikely to judge on obstruction," while editing the entire story, and offering a correction and update. It is worth noting that ABC News also ran with CNN's fake story, offering their own update much later, again, long after the story went viral and limiting the number of people that actually would see the corrections.

It is also noteworthy that none of the writers for the CNN report were penalized for pushing the false claim.

Other examples include CNN's fake news story which later had to be retracted, deleted, and forced the resignation of three of their employees after they were threatened with a $100 million lawsuit. There are these types of examples found in Wapo, NYT, and other outlets throughout the last year, showing a pattern of behavior from supposed "news" outlets, where inaccurate and outright fake stories continue to go viral, spread through liberal media outlets like wildfire, while their retractions and corrections go unnoticed, leaving their readers believing the original fake news.

Considering the fact that nearly two-thirds of Americans understand that the MSM is pushing "fake news" at them, including 53 percent of Democrats, the MSMs Trump Derangement Syndrome is almost expected at this point, but as the stock plunge proves, it has real world consequences.

The next example of Trump Derangement Syndrome highlights something even bigger and much more disturbing.



TDS in the media is one thing, and is highly damaging as the media attempts to take down a duly elected U.S. President, but having proven anti-Trump "counter intelligence" officials, better known as Deep State members to the Independent Media audience, as part of the FBI and as members of Robert Mueller's probe into Russia, has tainted Robert Mueller's investigations beyond repair.

It was already well known that much of the "team" Robert Mueller put together were Hillary Clinton and Obama donors, but according to new reports, one of the team was reassigned to HR after it was discovered, via text messages with another employee, that he had an "anti-Trump" bias.† In fact, Mueller was made aware of it, then reassigned the agent, but was not forthcoming as to the reason the agent was reassigned, deliberately keeping Congress in the dark..

The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, removed a top F.B.I. agent from his investigation into Russian election meddling after the Justice Departmentís inspector general began examining whether the agent had sent text messages that expressed anti-Trump political views, according to three people briefed on the matter.

Via another report (Archive is link here) we see the following:

The former top FBI official assigned to special counsel Robert S. Mueller IIIís probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election was taken off that job this past summer after his bosses discovered he and another member of Muellerís team had exchanged politically charged texts disparaging President Trump and supporting Hillary Clinton, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.

As to the tweet from President Trump seen in the screen shot above, the bombshell wasn't that there was a member of the Mueller team that suffered TDS, but that it was the same person,†Peter Strzok, who played a key role in the FBI's Hillary Clinton investigation over the use of a private email server, and participated in the actual FBI interview with Clinton herself just days before Comey's public statement refusing to recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton.

It is now being reported that the†Office of Inspector General is now investigating the role Strzok played in the†Hillary Clinton email investigation, as well as a number of other "politically sensitive cases."

Via Fox News:

House investigators told Fox News they have long regarded Strzok as a key figure in the chain of events when the bureau, in 2016, received the infamous anti-Trump "dossier" and launched a counterintelligence investigation into Russian meddling in the election that ultimately came to encompass FISA surveillance of a Trump campaign associate.

Read more:†Mueller aide fired for anti-Trump texts now facing review for role in Clinton email probe

We now know that Trump associate was Paul Manafort who has been indicted by Mueller's team, in a matter unrelated to Mueller's key mandate of investigating collusion with Russia, but the information that led to the surveillance, which in turn led to the raid on Manfort's home, all stemmed from the initial unverified dossier and the counterintelligence investigation that Strzok launched during the height of the campaign season, while Barack Obama was still in the White House.

This ladies and gentlemen is the Deep State in action and perhaps why the House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes is prepared to put forward articles of contempt against the FBI, as it appears that information was deliberately hidden from Congressional investigations to prevent them from learning that Mueller's entire probe, the Clinton email server investigation, and any other election-related investigations that Strzok was involved in, has been compromised and tainted, not only because of Strzok, but because all evidence being used now by Mueller, originated from surveillance that may have been initiated from the dossier, making it the "fruit of the poisonous tree."

Fruit of the poisonous tree is a legal metaphor in the United States used to describe evidence that is obtained illegally. The logic of the terminology is that if the source (the "tree") of the evidence or evidence itself is tainted, then anything gained (the "fruit") from it is tainted as well.


It seems quite coincidental that ABC News is handed a story, that given the Media's extreme Trump Derangement Syndrome, almost guaranteed that their story would immediately be reported without going through their "editorial process," and their subsequent clarification, correction and further corrections would suck up so much air out of the room, that the real blockbuster of a member of the Deep State, who played key roles in all the biggest scandals of 2016, Clinton's email server, the dossier, the Russia collusion and meddling investigations, and has tainted almost every single aspect of the Mueller investigation that is happening right now, as well as the possibility of reopening of the Clinton investigation, was largely ignored.

Let me put that in context. I spent all of Saturday on liberal blogs and social media watching what was trending on Twitter. The #FakeNews hashtag trended for most of the day, ens of thousands of tweets all talking about ABC News' "Fake" bombshell story, yet not one hashtag trended in regards to the major Deep State bombshell that dropped in the midst of ABC News' scandal.


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