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September 7, 2015

All Part Of A Multi-Pronged Plan To Destroy America From Within! 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Ladies and gentlemen: Below you will see a one minute and 50 second video which has been described as "nauseating," with one Above Top Secret reader saying it gave him a migraine and others simply baffled and dumbfounded over the content.

There is no graphic content, no loud music, no nudity, no violence.....nothing that would normally be considered offensive and yet will offend anyone with "common sense."

Below the video you will see other reactions and the latest headline news over the topic matter of the video, but before watching, I am going to recommend you take two aspirin or Advil, Excedrin or whatever you generally take for a headache, go browse the Internet (or ANP!) then come back and watch.


While "Core Standards" describes the method and process poor Sophia had to use in the first part of the video as "high-quality" education, parents, politicians and think tank experts have described it as "toxic," and "poisonous," stating Common Core is dead and just doesn't know it yet, "crashing" and in a "death spiral."

Via Breitbart:

The fact is the popularity of the Common Core initiative has plummeted throughout the nation since 45 states rather abruptly signed onto it to get a quick influx of federal cash.

The annual Education Next poll on school reform recently found that national support for Common Core has continued its descent from 65 percent in 2013, to 53 percent in 2014, and now to 49 percent this year. Additionally, the annual PDK/Gallup poll found that 54 percent of respondents opposed teachers’ use of the Common Core standards in America’s classrooms.

GOP presidential contender Gov. Mike Huckabee referred to the Common Core label as “toxic,” and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush just recently termed it “poisonous,” though he clearly still endorses the reform and realizes his support is now a weight around his neck that is contributing to his demise as a presidential candidate.

In addition, former Bush administration education senior policy adviser Ze’ev Wurman wrote recently that Common Core is “dead,” while Cato Institute’s Neal McCluskey, in reviewing new poll numbers, described the education reform as “crashing.”

Similarly, the Boston Globe acknowledged last month that the federally funded Common Core test consortium known as PARCC is in a “death spiral.”


Proponents of Common Core are busy attempting to excuse and justify why it has failed so miserably, some saying it wasn't implemented correctly, others blaming the "opt-out" option, still others saying teachers weren't taught the proper way to teach these new methods and processes..... but the bottom line is the "stadard" which doesn't not account in the differences of individual children has created a process where all children are treated as if they have "learning difficulties."

Opponents of Common Core truly need no argument other than "seeing" what we saw in the video above to understand why Common Core should be tossed in the garbage can forever.

Rather than paper-and-pencil multiple choice tests, the new exams are designed to be taken by tablet or computer. Instead of being given a selection of answers to choose, students must show how they got their answer. Answer correctly and get a more difficult question. Answer incorrectly, get an easier one.

Instead of "raising academic standards," Common Core has done just the opposite and lowered them with CC apologists warning parents that the results of the new standardized testing with be "lower than what people are used to seeing." The results are expected to be so bad that Huffington Post reports "District officials are consulting with school leaders about how to explain to parents and students that new test results should not be compared with old ones."



The reactions seen in the comments of the ATS thread are representative of the complaints being heard by parents across the nation, some of which are shown below:

Video shows a girl solving a math problem, using the comon core method, or whatever the hell this is. Some sort of base ten, and drawing shapes IDK it was hard to watch as I could feel the urge to vomit through my eyes. After 45 mins give or take an hour she finishes with that method and turns the paper and proceeds to do the problem using the "old skool method" completing it in a few seconds, same answer... No migraine. 

I ask this to those with children, are they seriously trying to teach kids math this way instead of the other way around? I mean sure if lil johnny NEEDS that method to learn so be it, however, for those without learning difficulties it seems beyond asinine.


What the hell?  I have a migraine. 
At first I thought "maybe they are trying to get kids ready for math theory" 
Nope. Just a migraine.


It left behind the children who had number sense issues, so now we have to assume that everyone has number sense issues. 
See? Now no one has to feel bad because we assume everyone is equally learning disabled and can't figure out base ten without extra learning support. 


Looks like a remedial special education.


My nephew was in advanced math in the second grade, they said he was at a 6th grade level. He loved school, loved computers, wanted to be a programmer. He even loved math homework. 

Now since they've changed to this, all he does is dread even going to school. He hates math, and is no longer in advanced classes. He says its so stupid to spend all that time, when he can do it in his head. 

I actually think he's depressed about it. I can see why now.

That is just a sample of reactions from the first page, but it clearly shows the befuddlement of those that watched the video... the rest of the reactions from ATS can be found here.


Via Freedomworks, the video below is of Lily Tang Williams, a Chinese-American mother of three who grew up in Communist China, who says Common Core reminds her of the "statist nature of her childhood education."

Ms. Williams refers to Common Core as "Communist Core."


Anyone that thinks this was just a bad decision, bad idea or implemented badly or incompetently, hasn't been paying attention to what has been happening in America.

It is my opinion that Common Core was deliberately created and implemented with states bribed using federal funding to adopt the "lower quality standards"  in order to dumb down our future generations. All part of the multi-pronged plan to destroy America.


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