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November 21, 2015

Take Your Child Out Of Public School Now! Radical Islamic Indoctrination Of The Children Of America Has Begun

(A copy of “This is our Fight Song” handed out to a Middle School in California)

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

While Christmas and Easter are removed from school calendars and children are suspended for wearing patriotic shirts, schools are forcing children to sing Islamic "fight songs" and create recruitment for ISIS propaganda posters.... America's children are being indoctrinated right in front of our very eyes.

Anyone that has been watching the news of late knows there is a storm brewing in American college universities across the country with free speech being attacked at every turn, but what is happening in those colleges originate from what these children are taught before they reach the age for college.

Not by their parents, but by the public school system and we are not talking about Common Core, that is an issue in and of itself.

Children are being radicalized by the public school system in the U.S. in a number of ways, but more importantly, before that radicalization can occur, schools must strip the the very foundation of everything parents have tried to teach them before entering the public school system.

For years systematic and radical changes in the nation's public schools, from a Seattle school renaming "Easter eggs" to "Spring Spheres" in 2011, to an Alabama school "modifying" Easter Eggs hunts to "academic egg hunt" citing "religious diversity" conflicts in 2013. 

In 2014, a Maryland school district removed Christmas, Easter, Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah from its 2015 calendar because the Muslim community demanded Eid al-Adha be added to the calendar. 

It is not only religious holidays under attack but American patriotism as well as we see a Oregon 8th grader "faced discipline" in October 2015 for daring to wear a shirt that honored his older brother – a U.S. Marine and an Iraq veteran. 

Alan Holmes' shirt included the image of a gun, which school leaders said is not allowed.

But the boy and his family argued the rifle is shown with boots and a helmet, in what is recognized as the battle field cross for fallen soldiers, and is meant to support the troops. The shirt said "Standing for those who stood for us."


That same month in Texas, two sisters were threatened with punishment for wearing a jacket with the Air Force logo with the school claiming it violated their dress code because the logo was larger than 1 ½-inch by 1 ½ inches.

Other examples include banning American flag T-Shirts on the Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo and banning Americans flags altogether on school property.

These are not isolated incidents, they are just a few examples to show what is happening around the country, where locally they are reported but rarely seen in conjunction with each other, it is a ongoing campaign against God and country, which prefaces the next phase which is radicalizing our nations future generations.


On November 20, 2015 it was reported that parents in California were outrages when their children were forced to sing an Islamic “fight song," which included the words "Allah is on his way." 

The chorus of the song includes the following lines:

Like a sandstorm on the desert, sending camels into motion.Like how a single faith can make a heart open, they might only have one God, But they can make an explosion.

All all those things they have to say, Islam … Allah’s on the way.They will preach them loud tonight. Can you hear their voice this time?This is their fight song. Spread Islam now song. Prove that they’re right song.

In Utah on November 19, 2015 it was reported that a UTAH school was forced to apologize after a teacher created an assignment to create a propaganda recruitment poster for ISIS, an example of one of the completed posters shown below.

(Utah school assignment: Create ISIS recruitment poster)

Article continues after the video report below:


It is not only the Islamification of our children, but the total radicalization being inflamed throughout the nation in our public school systems and the results can be seen in what is happening in colleges and on campuses across the country, where free speech is stifled in the name of political correctness, the U.S. constitution considered "political speech," and where whiny "crybullies" are allowed to disrupt whole campuses.


Via Campus Reform:

“F*** you, you filthy white f***s!”
“F*** you and your comfort!”
“F*** you, you racist s***!”

These shouted epithets were the first indication that many students had of the coming storm. The sign-wielding, obscenity-shouting protesters proceeded through the usually quiet backwaters of the library. They surged first through first-floor Baker-Berry, then up the stairs to the normally undisturbed floors of the building, before coming back down to the ground floor of Novak Café.

Take your children out of the public school system NOW.... if you work and cannot homeschool, use the inordinate amount of money spent on school activities, lunches, regulation binders and supplies to pay someone to help homeschool them.... if you leave them in a public school system, what you see below is what they will become, or what they will have to deal with, as the radicalization of the public school system continues unabated.

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