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June 24, 2015

Is This The 2nd Cavalry In Texas? Military Train Loaded Down And B52 Bomber Over Texas - Preparing To Conquer America And Slaughter The American People?

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By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

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The photograph above left and below videos from a Steve Quayle reader in Texas help to tell the story in pictures that can't be told by mere words alone. Full of Abrams tanks, APC's, Bradley's and much more, this train was photographed heading east just southeast of Abilene, Texas and is just the latest sighting of heavy duty military equipment on the move in America prior to the official start of Jade Helm 15 and the coming end of America as explained in much more detail in the 1st video below from Alex Jones called "TPP: America Will Be Conquered Tomorrow." In the 2nd video below and picture top right from ANP reader Stacy White, we see a very low flying B52 bomber flying over Snyder, Texas.

The person who took these train pictures suggested that the photograph directly below, cropped from the 3rd picture at bottom, tells us that the 2nd Cavalry may be in Texas. Are these pictures of the 2nd cavalry unit as suggested by the person who took them? From our research we've determined the 2nd Cavalry Regiment is stationed in Germany. More likely these would be from the 12th Cavalry, which still uses this patch, and whose 1st and 2nd Battalions are both headquartered in Fort Hood, Texas. If this is the 2nd Cavalry we'd have to ask, what are they doing in Texas?


Alex Jones gives us a good reason for all of this military buildup across the country in his breakdown of what America faces today in the 1st video with the passage of the TPP and is joined by Clinton insider Larry Nichols as well as Max Keiser to discuss how the entity once known as 'America' is being conquered right now. With Americans set to become mere vassals of a corporate dictatorship, America is ripe to be conquered as most Americans remain totally unaware.

Tying in perfectly, the 4th video below tells us that after the recent events in South Carolina, Hillary Clinton is no longer satisfied with just going after the confederate flag but is now going after the guns as well. Is the prepositioning of military assets across the country prior to gun confiscation what JH15 and all of these military exercises across America are REALLY all about?

With the TPP giving the corporations a virtual dictatorship over the people of the world, Ellen Brown tells us in the 3rd video below with Greg Hunter that we really have no idea of knowing JUST HOW BAD this trade deal is for 'the people'. Ellen tells us that global corporations can now sue local governments for trying to 'protect the people against whatever they want to destroy - our economy, our environment, our jobs.'  No longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, we're getting a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations.

While we agree that the thought of US soldiers firing upon American citizens sounds absolutely outrageous, this linked story from Susan Duclos tells us just how strong that possibility really is as the 'programming' has gone on for years and quite simply, 'US Patriots' go against the trend towards globalism, a global government and satanic one world religion. Right now, the main thing standing in between a total global dictatorship and freedom are the armed American people. With Hillary and Obama both on record as saying they want Americans guns, how long will it be before they make that final move that could quite easily propel the country into civil war and possibly the deaths of millions? More below videos.

We also notice a few other things. In one picture we see DODX 41132 on the train; DODX means that the rail cars are owned by the Department of Defense. We also notice TTX on a few of these cars, TTX is a North American rail car provider. Is this all just 'normal military movement' as suggested by some ANP readers or is there something much more sinister behind it? Prior to Germany being fully transformed into the horrific killing machine that it became, the country may have looked something like this with the German people saying 'this is normal'. History has proven to us that they couldn't have been more wrong. Dictatorship and the total overthrow of a nation doesn't just happen overnight.





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