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November 11, 2015

Emergency Alert: The Great Culling Has Begun - Retired US Army General Warns 'It's Already Started And It's Only Going To Get Worse'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

Shortly after the 5 minute mark of the new video below, retired US Army General Albert Stubblebine and his wife Dr. Rima Laibow from Dr. Rima Truth Reports join Alex Jones on Infowars to talk about the state of our world today with particular focus upon what they are calling an 'emergency alert': 'vaccines were designed to kill us' we are told.

The show begins with Jones talking about all the latest proof that our country has fallen to tyranny; from the 'elite' totally denying world government not long ago to throwing it in our faces nowadays to the cashless society that Apple CEO Tim Cook recently warned about on the Telegraph. Jones breaks down all the latest news prior to our guests joining and from there, the interview gets right into the great 'divide and conquer' we're now watching and what this means to all of us.

General Stubblebine begins on fire and when asked if by Jones if the great culling had begun, Stubblebine replies that it has already started and it's only going to get worse.

Laibow brings up a recent column done by Stubblebine in which he warns that white males are dying at ever increasing rates in America, "not just ordinary 40-55 mortality deaths but something special, ominous and predictable and a prelude for something much, much worse if we do nothing."

In his column, Stubblebine also warns that he predicts more drugs being added to our water and vaccinations 'to protect us all' while telling us they'll be forced upon us without any semblance at all of 'informed consent'. "You can frankly see (and smell) it coming miles away" the good General tells us.


Dr. Laibow tells us that we are seeing a large 'doctor induced increase in deaths' as Americans become increasingly dependent upon pharmaceutical drugs and the vicious cycle perpetuates itself as agents of death are added to our water and our food and the 'slow kill' agenda continues unabated. More below video.

In this new and related story from J.D. Heyes at Natural News we learn that an entire generation of Americans has been 'numbed into mindless sheeple' by mass medications according to Michael Savage. Telling us that mind and mood altering medications have left much of the current generation unable to think critically, we see the fabric of the American society torn apart as tens of millions are teetering on the edge of disaster and reality.:

"I understand what the brainwashing is. Now couple that with your generation being raised on medication... raised on ritalin, adderall. This is all the gigantic distraction of the critical mind,"as the 'critical mind'

"Once you can numb a population and convert them into hedonists, where if it feels good, do it the ethos of the 60s you can mold them over into any shape that they want. And believe me, they are winning," Savage said.

He is, of course, correct. As Natural News has reported time and again, psychotropic medications such as those mentioned by Savage and many others are having a profoundly negative effect on mostly younger people. In fact, we noted almost a decade ago and we were virtually alone in doing so at the time that adolescent use of these dangerous drugs was rising dramatically.

Of course, other substances that are commonly used in today's society are also altering the way we think and behave. As this report from points out, the fluoride added to nearly all drinking water in the U.S. has greatly affected our minds.

Bad dietary advice and eating habits have also taken a toll, as have statin medications, heavy metals in our foods to include even substances that are supposed to be good for us, and, of course, vaccines.

As for Savage, he sees much trouble ahead for America, which is increasingly being filled with a nation of compliant, non-critically thinking citizens who don't question enough because they don't know what to ask and because their elected leaders don't care anyway.


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