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January 20, 2016

Is This Dream Of 'Mobile Crematoriums' And 'Concentration Camps' A Dire, Prophetic Warning To America? Another Expert Warns: The Worst Is Yet To Come  


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the bad news now hitting the stock market and economy from all sides, we take a look at the 'situation critical' alert video below from Gregory Mannarino in which he tells us that the worst is yet to come in the stock market meltdown. With the world facing a wave of epic debt meltdowns according to one veteran banker, we also take a look below videos at a very important dream recently posted to the website of Steve Quayle from one of his readers that we can only look at as a dire warning to us all.

All News Pipeline has reported previously upon the possible use of 'extermination camps' and 'cremation convoys' and back in July of 2015, Susan Duclos warned of white vans mysteriously appearing that were taking people away, never to be seen again. As the sickening but eye-opening dream below videos shares with us, is America really that far away from being a completely lawless country such as Brazil, El Salvador or Nicaragua, where people are kidnapped off the streets and killed all the time, often by corrupt members of their own governments?

If you still think that America would never go that way, then you need to read this new story from DC Clothesline in which we learn of a federal police officer and his wife who were recently targeted by a gang who wanted to rob them. Sadly, we learn the 'gang' was a 'gang' of money-driven police officers leading that Federal cop to say this about that experience in America.: It seems like Nazi Germany. In THIS America, it's fine and dandy that Goldman Sachs only faces a fine for causing the 2008 financial crisis while the rest of the world faces financial armageddon. From Susan's story from July 2015.:

ANP received a reader email about white vans taking homeless people away in Oklahoma, never to be seen again, with the reader asking if this was happening in any other communities? Sadly, after researching this, the answer is yes and it is an alarming trend indicating that the homeless that are disappearing may just be the beginning of a systematic purge as part of the depopulation agenda. 

What better segment of the population to start with than those with no family, no one to report them missing, no one other than other homeless to even notice this disturbing tend?

We'll start with the email, then provide the information uncovered while researching this issue.

I live in a suburb of Tulsa OK and I have noticed an alarming trend, our homeless are disappearing. I was out early a few days ago when I noticed unusual white vans around town. These vans had no windows, markings, or license #s on vehicles. All driven by muscley thirty somethings all with like passengers.

Then I noticed a shopping cart abandoned on the major street through town. Homeless people rely on those carts for survival and do not just walk away from them. That shopping cart remained there for more than a week. Where are the others who would have taken those cans?

My mother who lives in Tulsa also said she noticed the homeless disappearing. She helps them by providing odd jobs, so she was concerned for their welfare. After about 2 weeks she found one of the men who helps her and asked him about the homeless disappearing. He told her that the county offered a program that would allow them to take care of warrents at no additional penalty. He said they sent "vans" around and picked them up. Seeing how our county jail is bursting at the seems, she asked where they were taking them? He said to a shelter on apache (north of town). He said this facility could hold 200 people. Seems kinda fishy to me. Even though this man is homeless, he was once a preacher and has his wits about him. I believe he is telling the facts. He is worried about his friends and so am I.

None of them have returned so we are not sure of their fate as of yet. I will try to send pics of the white vans. I was wondering if this was happening in any other communities?


We republish the dream below videos in the hopes that it will awaken others to the very real probability that America is quickly heading the way of Nazi Germany and every other dictatorial regime that murders its own people with economic collapse now unfolding before our very eyes. Back in 2008, Congressman Brad Sherman warned that martial law would have to be declared if the big banks weren't bailed out. We see the preparation for something huge every day as experts from many different fields are now encouraging Americans to stock up upon food, guns and precious metals as shared in this story from Prepper Fortress.  

We've clearly now reached a point in time that many warn is much worse than 2008 ever could have been. Each time we 'kick the can' down the road, we only make our future pain (and the pain of our children and grandchildren) that much more unbearable. We have been warned that collapse could easily lead to the deaths of millions around the world. Are 'mobile cremation' vans to take the homeless, sick, elderly and other 'nuisance' members of society off of the streets really that far of a stretch in this 2016 America we now live in?

The 2nd video below examines the fall of America in more detail as we're told to get ready for a world currency with The Economist having previously predicted the 'rise of the phoenix' by 2018. First, the video from Gregory Mannarino with the very sobering dream and vision from the website of Steve Quayle below videos. 

We have republished the following dream unedited. It was originally published on the website of Steve Quayle and we're republishing it with his permission. Is this dream a prophetic warning to America? We find the dreams use of 'Peace Camps' to be quite close to Hillary Clinton's 'Fun Camps' previously reported about on ANP. Also, as stated above, ANP has reported upon 'mobile incinerator trucks', aka 'smokies', several times in comparison with the mobile crematoriums used in the 1940's by Nazi Germany

Steve,I woke up this morning to my husband telling me about this INCREDIBLY REAL dream he just had. he said that some spiffy lookin' guys w nice red shirts were going down the neighborhood streets and like GLUEING these laminated notices to people's doors. he said it was like super glue because once they glued it on he could not pull it off, no matter how hard he tried. the notices were telling people that all household members MUST comply to be ready to be picked up IN A WEEK by some special busses that were going to come and shuttle us to our designated PEACE CAMPS. he said he then ran miles (covertly) to find a neighborhood whos notices were placed before ours to see what was to transpire when said weeks time was up. so he gets to another, much nicer, side of town and runs into these other guys who are all dressed in camo. the camo was not the traditional or the digital, but a new one he'd never seen before. it had circles and semi-circles n crescent shapes on it. so he camouflages himself in the brush to watch what was going on and these guys were telling people to clear EVERY VEHICLE off the road completely. everyone complied because they all thought that there was to be some kind of mass cleaning or coating or some kinda road work to be done. once all streets were cleared, then the troops went to people's houses in unison and had all family members pulled out to their front yards. troops then hail for these nice looking busses to pull up at the ends of the roads and they take all the women, children, and their own personnel who was dressed nicely. then it was just the men and the troops left. there was one troop for every man standing directly in front of them on their lawns (apartments lawns n courtyards n such). the uniforms tell the men to stand in a line next to each other and proceed to ask them a number of questions. then all the soldiers step back and call some of the guys' names out loud and has them step out of line, backwards. another nice looking bus comes down the road and takes these men. then, my husband hears REALLY loud rummbling, like the biggest garbage truck u ever heard coming down the road. he then sees these HUGE trucks pull up to both corners of every street. he said they were so giant that they took up the entire road and then some. he said they were running over people's mailboxes and anything else they had that was close to the streets. then troops surround the remaining men and electrocute them with some kind of large taser thing and zip tie them all. once zip tied, they are then shot in the head. all the guns had silencers on them and it was very quiet. at this time the giant military looking garbage truck things open up and these guys wearing hazmat suits get out and start grabbing up the dead bodies and throwing them in the back. my husband went to get a better look behind the truck and said they were incinerators. they were mobile incinerator trucks. once they burned all the bodies they just left to another neighborhood. so he then starts running back home to inform us what is really going on and he has to go through backyards and alleys because if u got caught on the streets u would be shot immediately. there was some kind of curfew or orders to stay in ur house or something. so he makes it as far as the neighborhood next to ours. he sees troops there bringing the families out to the front lawns, but this time, no one is asked any questions, they are all just shot in the head. babies, children, ladies, everyone. he said the people were manhandled and treated w absolutely no regard for respect and pushed down on the ground, face down, even babies were just grabbed and put face down all crying, then just shot. and again, the giant incinerator trucks move in and begin the disposal. he said he felt like these uniforms and hazmats were not human but something else. he figured that in the better parts of town maybe some people were spared, but that it felt like other neighborhoods were just totally slated for extermination. so he continues home as fast as he can but then wakes up right before he gets here. he said he was gonna try n go back to sleep to find out what happens next but he was too amped up and couldn't. he also said that he somehow knew that all the people who were taken to these "peace camps" were just being starved, there was no food there. and if anyone resorted to cannibalism, they were just shot. he also said that when he was hiding in the brush near those apartment complexes that he overheard the troops talking about how first they were handling all the unaware people who were just chillin' at home watchin tv or doing their homework. then they were gonna do demolition and get all the people that had gone into hiding and ran away. END. CARMEN - THESE TRUCKS ARE CALLED ‘SMOKIES' AND THESE TRUCKS HAVE BENN OBSERVED ,THROUGH OUT THE COUNTRY-TAKE THIS TO THE LORD IN PRAYER!----He also told me that when he was eavesdropping on the troops conversation, one was telling the other that Canada was already done as well as the northern US. now they were here in the southern states which they saved for last (i live in Florida). another thing is that when he was running through the city he had seen news trucks all shot up n riddled w bullet holes. the trucks were left there w the reporters still in them all dead and bloody for others to see. also at the beginning of the dream, he said that after those notices were placed on the doors that he came inside and warned our whole family that we needed to go and hide the babies somewhere because whatever was going down was STARTING RIGHT NOW. he said he told his dad, who lives w us and is a vet & kind of old, but his dad wouldn't listen and kept saying, "they wouldn't do anything, nothing's gonna happen, relax". (this is because whenever husband and i share insane news w him now in real life, he tends to not believe us. he is retired and does not "internet" and thinks things are still the way they used to be or whatever). my husband then tried to tell his brother who also lives here but who is super trendy and ignorant/gullible, and he also didn't believe in the urgency of what he was being told. my husband remembers that he kept saying, "Right now! It's happening RIGHT NOW!" but they would not listen. so then he tells me n our daughters to go to the place that he'd made for just this kinda occasion. once secured, he does not join us but instead says he needs to go find out what's going on in the other neighborhoods...that's how the dream started. also, the troops were not Americans but seemed to speak almost fluent English.


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