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January 27, 2016

'The End Game Is Here - It's All Coming Apart' - 'They Knew This Was Coming Long Ago'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

With the global economy now in freefall with almost nothing but the backs of the people of the world to 'break the fall', we take a look at several new videos and stories below that help to prove to us there's no turning back - the end game has begun and the central banks aren't going to be able to kick this can down the road for another year or two. As Andy Hoffman tells us in his interview with Sgt Report in the 1st video below, "it's all coming apart".  

TRUTHstreammedia takes a look at the very sad facts surrounding America's plummet into depression with massive unemployment numbers turning the former middle class into more slaves for the ultra-wealthy and more layoffs of the still employed underway. As our videographer tells us, the 'elite' knew that massive unemployment and social unrest were coming long ago and have since taken massive preparation to avoid the coming calamities they have caused.


The story excerpted briefly below from Brandon Smith at Alt-Market tells us how we should know, without a doubt, that our society is in the midst of an economic collapse. Even more importantly, what should we do about it? As Brandon tells us, we shouldn't allow false assumptions of what some people believe 'collapse' should look like to diminish our response to it.:

When corrupt leadership moves from quiet totalitarianism to more open totalitarianism, your society is in the FINAL stages of collapse, not the beginning of a collapse. The U.S. in particular has been slowly strangled with subversive legal directives and political policies ever since the so called “War on Terror” began. However, there are now multiple signals of a much deeper and open tyranny in the works.

America is sitting near the end of the spectrum in terms of economic collapse and in the middle of the spectrum in terms of social collapse.  While more violent events are certainly gestating and are likely to be triggered in the near term, we should not overlook the reality that collapse is happening in stages all around us.  This process gives us at least some time.  All is not lost yet, and the steps we take to organize and prepare today will affect how the collapse process unfolds tomorrow. People who continue to ignore the outright evidence of collapse based on false assumptions of what collapse should look like are only preventing themselves from taking proper action until it is too late. Make no mistake, our system is dying. We cannot allow our false perceptions of this death to cloud the reality of it, or our response to it.

Over at Zero Hedge we learned that something snapped at the Comex with some very strange and surprising moves reducing the total mount of Comex Registered gold by 73% overnight. With Comex sitting at a record low of only 74 thousand ounces of registered gold, we're told the 'physical-to-paper' gold dilution just exploded and as of Monday, "there was a whopping 542 ounces in potential paper claims to every once of physical gold." How can it be good that there are that many ounces of gold claims for every ounce of 'deliverable' gold? The chart below is staggering.  


A few days ago we told you about the worsening situation for the railroads with massive terminations due to the decrease in freight being transported here in America. In the new SQAlert republished directly below, we learn that this is also having a devastating effect on the number of engines being used by the railroad industry. Is this another sign of impending collapse?

I was told we have shut down and stored over 1700 (RAIL ROAD ENGINES) since Jan 1.2016 system wide, and may shut down a lot more for long time storage.

Steve, I was reading your alerts where the railroads are storing their engines. Here is some pictures of our yards in Gillette. They have taken all of the fluids out of the engines and taken out the batteries for long time storage. We have rows of them here. I was told we have shut down and stored over 1700 since Jan 1.2016 system wide, and may shut down a lot more for long time storage. I didn't count them, but I bet there are at least 200 here in Gillette for long time storage. 2 years ago as a railroad we were 500 engines short and couldn't get enough of them. Our coal industry here has also taken a big hit. Our tracks are empty now compared to 6 months ago. Gillette is being hit hard with the oil and coal going down.

Several days ago we asked if the new 'ISIS war powers bill' that would allow Barack Obama to place US troops any place in the world that he wanted to do so (including here on US soil) would really be used during collapse and the breakdown of society. With many Americans now having a 'martial law mentality' as shared in this linked story from Susan Duclos, we see the warnings given in this 2nd video of the elite knowing that massive unemployment and civil unrest and the possible total breakdown of society were coming as more solid proof that the elite are responsible for the mess all of humanity is in. Will they one day be held responsible for their massive financial crimes that are leading humanity to devastation?

Many Americans who are paying attention to all of this unfolding but who are not financial experts want to know how all of this will affect them. While we certainly don't have all of the answers, this story from Zero Hedge called "The Fed's Stunning Admission Of What Happens Next" gives us a taste of what will likely happen in govt and the business world. As is always, when horrid financial decisions are made by those in power and high places, inevitably it's the 'little guy' that pays the price and as we hear in the videos below, the price will be measured in human lives as everything falls apart.


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