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January 31, 2018

Veteran FBI Behavioral Analyst On Deceptive Facial Expressions We See Widespread Now Across The Democratic Party - 'The Lips Don't Lie' But The People Do

- It Is Not Their Words, It Is The Facial Expressions When Challenged With Something Outside Their Programming

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

There a joke about how one can tell when a politician is lying with the snarky response being "when their lips are moving," meaning when they speak, it is usually a lie, but the exact opposite appears to be true as when stressed, when caught lying, or when to explain something that challenges their programmed responses, they tend to tighten their lips and distort their face, with their eyes downcast most of the time as well.

After being brought to our attention we started noticing a widespread occurrence among members of the Democratic party. The same exact facial expression everywhere we looked, from politicians caught in sex scandals........

(Weiner, McGreevey,Spitzer, Eric J. Massa, Clinton and Ensign)

To high profile people dominating recent news...............

(Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, stepped down amid corruption scandal)

To those caught lying to the public.............

(Former FBI Director James Comey, fired by President Donald Trump)

To those that seem to lie about everything...........................

(Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton)

They appear to be "Mk-Ultra-Cated," a term coined by Steve Quayle.


What comes out of a person's mouth may or may not be a lie, but former FBI counterintelligence agent, Joe Navarro, M.A, who spent 25 years in the FBI where he served on the National Security Division's Behavioral Analysis Program, says "the lips can be invaluable; they can even help us to detect deception."

When it comes to feelings and emotions, the lips can be invaluable; they can even help us to detect deception. Ever notice when people are stressed, their lips disappear or get smaller. You often see this at the airport as flights are being cancelled or while watching a movie that is very tense. We certainly see it on the faces of those testifying before congress, in politicians making painful declarations, and even in peoples' reactions to what others have said.

In a 2009 article at Psychology Today, Navarro explains that when someone is under extreme stress their lips either disappear completely or are tightly compressed, stating "As an FBI special agent, I used these behaviors (lip compression, disappearing lips) to determine what specific subjects stressed the interviewee suggesting there might be “guilty knowledge."

One of the things I noticed early on in my career was that once people settled down, their lips would compress or disappear when they heard a specific question they did not like or while they were answering that question. I also found that the level of lip compression or disappearing lips varied with the level of stress caused by the topic.

That is not to say that every single time someone compresses their lips that they are lying, as Navarro highlights in his article, many times it is stress related, a horrible day, bad news was just relayed, or a family member is sick, will all cause certain changes in the facial expressions, especially in the lip area, but he is clear to say it definitely indicates stress and levels of stress.

We do note though that barring the aforementioned situations, bad news, sickness, etc..... in the course of normal conversation, especially with politicians, when their "narrative" is challenged with something that forces them out of their comfort zone, when they are lying straight to the interviewer or camera's eye, instantly the compression of lips start before they nervously smile, such as we see in the video that was embedded in an article I wrote on Tuesday, showing Nancy Pelosi clashing with CNN's Chris Cuomo.

Pelosi was all smiles while spouting her scripted and programmed talking points, right up until the moment Chis Cuomo challenged her, when she snapped "You don't know what you are talking about," then her lips instantly compressed, before flashing a nervous smile.

Also when Cuomo directly confronts Pelosi on the fact that people in congress aren't trusted and highlights that the Republicans make the same points about her and Democrats when "no collusion" has been found after all the months of investigation, at the 2:53 minute mark," she is taken off script and boom, face and eyes go down, lips compress.


The stress level from Pelosi's facial expressions when her narrative was interrupted with a critical question would be more understandable had she been on Fox News or another channel that hasn't shown themselves to be nothing more than Democratic propaganda pushers, but she was on CNN, with Cuomo, one of the most liberal Democratic sycophants and apologists in existence, so the "stress" is clearly a reaction to her being thrown off script and being asked questions she completely didn't expect from a "friendly" source.

Rerun: Watch the video again to catch all the times Pelosi's facial expressions showed her lying, feel free to note the minute mark in the comment section.


While stress levels can definitely be gauged through body language, especially the tightening or compressing of the lips, in conjunction with downcast or closed eyes, the nature and topic of the discussion or situation occurring at the times is often a good indicator of whether it is simple "stress" causing those facial expressions or whether it is happening because the person is being challenged about something outside their programmed and scripted responses.

My apologies ahead of time because once you start noting the expression shown in the images below, it is almost impossible to not analyse it every time you see it to try to separate simple "stress" from the nature of the subject matter being discussed. Fair Warning: It can become addictive.





(Photoshopped Satirical Image: Credit- Unknown - Comey/McCabe consoling each other)

Since we have been discussing facial expressions, Paul Joseph Watson does a good job breaking them down along with the other reactions from Democrats at the State Of The Union address from Tuesday, in the video below.


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