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June 3, 2016

It Has Begun! Terrorist Thugs Attack Americans! How Long Till The Headlines Read 'Mexicans Terrorizing Americans Shot By Law-Abiding Trump Supporters'? 

It's Time To Get The Illegals Terrorizing America Out Of The Country


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The pictures and headlines splashed all over the Drudge Report should be sending a very loud and clear alarm to anybody paying attention. Terrorists are in America and they are attacking American citizens in the streets due to nothing at all but their support of Donald Trump for president. Yesterday, Susan Duclos told us that America is showing signs that our society is in the process of breaking down. Today we see more signs that they're preparing for the end of this country and all US borders as this administration continues to allow terrorists to pour in while enabling the terrorists already here to terrorize Americans.

With headlines such as "Never Seen Anything Like That In America" and "Trump Campaigners Chased Down Like Prey" and "San Jose Mayor Justifies Violence" and "Trump Supporters Terrorized By Mob" we have to ask, why are authorities now allowing Donald Trump supporters to be terrorized by those who probably shouldn't even be in America if they don't love this country? It's now very, very clear, Washington DC is setting us up for the fall of America. Hillary Clinton has openly announced plans to dissolve the US border if elected within her 1st 100 days. We were warned that a 'perfect storm for civil unrest' in America is upon us...with temps heating up, so is terror.

Trump supporters need to stand with one another at public meetings and come to the defense of any one of Trump supporters being attacked - Those with appropriate body guard skills and martial arts training would have a place to protect their fellow Americans against these agitators and thugs.

We also read a new SQAlert below videos from an eyewitness who was at the recent San Jose Trump rally that descended into terrorism against law-abiding American citizens by terrorist thugs. This eyewitness tells us that these were paid protesters who were terrorizing Americans. How long will it be until George Soros, Hitlery Clinton and/or anybody else who are financially responsible for these acts of terror upon American citizens are held responsible? At ANP we've been warning that the current administration in Washington DC might not want to vacate power and as has long been warned, such terrorist actions against US citizens may be used by tyrants to complete their plan to take down America. 


With Washington DC egging on violence and discord and authorities in California such as dirtball San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo  ENABLING Americans to be terrorized by mobs, we have to ask, how long will it be until law-abiding American citizens fight back against thugs and terrorist-wannabe's who are terrorizing Americans and who need to be removed from this country asap if they are here illegally and hate America and want to be violent?

We can already imagine the headlines if these terrorist attacks upon law-abiding Americans continue: "Trump Protesters Shot And Killed By Trump Supporters." Of course we pray that never happens but if these violent acts of terror continue against Americans, we see thats a very strong possibility. The 2nd Amendment is only an extension of our God-given right to protect ourselves. 

However, whether the terrorists in California realize it or not, assaulting law enforcement officers as they are doing and assaulting American citizens are crimes and these terrorist thugs need to be held accountable - is it time for a massive 'round up' of all of these terrorist thugs here illegally in America who think they can simply terrorize whomever they want? Can we even get these terrorists who hate our country and who are terrorizing Americans out of America prior to total collapse? 

As a martial artist I have to say, anybody trying to hunt my loved ones or me down in the streets, like these terrorists did in San Jose, would pay dearly for their mistake of trying to inflict harm upon us. As we hear in the 2nd video below, Barack Obama has brought terrorism against Americans to US streets. The first video shows the 'peaceful protests' (sarcasm) against Trump that clearly shows the way that America is headed this summer if authorities simply allow these terrorists to continue to terrorize innocent, law-abiding American citizens. 

In the new SQAlert below videos, we hear directly from an American who was at the terrorist attacks in San Jose, California. 

While we at ANP have always been in support of 'lawful and peaceful protest', once protest turns violent, it crosses the line. These 'protests' clearly crossed the line into terrorism. Real Americans were terrorized. Real law enforcement officers were harmed. If these people protesting don't love America, despite all of our country's faults, isn't it time they get the heck out? Of course that statement doesn't apply to all Mexicans, only those who are using violent means, hate America and are here illegally anyways. There are many Mexicans who are here legally, who like Trump, and have every plan on voting for him, as heard in the outstanding final video below. 

What happens when law-abiding American citizens die due to these terrorist actions taken by those who don't like Trump? We pray that we can make it peacefully through to January of 2017 with an 'America 1st president' voted into office and that civil war and massive carnage can be avoided. However, all bets about what happens between now and then are off the table. For a long time now, we have sounded the alarm. We can now report, it has begun. 


Good morning Steve, I was at the Trump rally in Sacramento on Thursday. It was a nice event, nobody was talking “hate” as the protestors kept exclaiming, just a bunch of nice folks waiting in line and chatting as you can see below.

The protesters appeared to be homeless or people down on their luck and were most likely paid to stir things up, but the reporters fall for it and follow these small handfuls of protestors around like chicks following a mother hen and ignore and don’t talk to the regular folks in line.

Thank God there were a lot of police there to protect the people from the protestors that were continuously screaming at us in line that we were there to see and enjoy “hate". While I was in line, the group of protesters came toward us, and as the camera crews quickly scurried to follow the protestors a camera man tripped on the gravel about 6 feet in front of me. The protesters then started screaming at me that I had pushed the cameraman trying to incite a scene, I said nothing and the protestors kept screaming and accusing. The cameraman slowly got up and told the protestor that he tripped on his own, and then the protestors stopped accusing me, but they clearly were disappointed. It was very scary because it was clear they were looking for a fight. Thank God in my case they didn’t get violent, the cameraman was honest and the protestors didn’t attack me. The Lord had mercy on me and protected me.

These aren’t like any protestors I have seen in the past, these are agitators, these are thugs. They are promoting a dangerous false narrative…Trump isn’t spewing “hate” he is speaking the truth. These aren’t “immigrants” they are “illegals”, he didn’t say all Mexicans were rapists but “some” were. Trump speaks the truth if you actually listen to what he actually says. But most people get their info from the major networks and don’t listen to the actual speeches. These lies that agitators, activists and some media outlets are promoting are starting to stick and I predict it is going to more and more violent since it all appears to be intentional and someone is funding these protestors. The last picture is a row of police that were protecting us from the protestors as they were leaving and shopping for t-shirts…I never had seen anything like it.

A California Brother in Christ





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