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June 6, 2019

Is Planned Parenthood Re-Directing Blood From Babies They've Butchered To 'The Elite' To Help Them Achieve Immortality? The Blood Of The Young Is Huge Business To Satanic Globalists

- The Democrats 2020 Party Slogan Should Be: 'The Blood Of The Innocent Must Flow'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

If Christians and other Conservative Americans needed any more evidence of what we're up against in 2019, we get it from this recent story over at The Sun which the Drudge Report had linked to just days ago. Titled "TO INFINITY & BEYOND From ‘young blood’ transfusions to apocalypse insurance – weird ways tech billionaires are trying to live forever", their story opens: "IT'S simply not enough for billionaires to have everything they've ever wanted – they need eternity to enjoy it, too. At least a dozen of the world's richest men have ploughed millions into bizarre ways to live forever. Here are five of the weirdest."

While talking about searching for that ever ellusive 'cure for aging', they reference the potential of embedding a computer chip within their brains or uploading their minds to a so-called 'digital consciousness' that might help them live forever, we're going to take a long look within this ANP story at their #4 solution. Because not only is it going on already, but the implications of the global elite 'harvesting young blood' to help them obtain immortality are Earth-shattering in this day and age when demon-crats are pushing for infanticide in America and the butchering of babies is already America and the world's leading cause of death. First, from this story at The Sun.

#4: 'Young blood' transfusions.

While this may seem like something straight out of a sci-fi blockbuster, there are companies out there conducting trials into the effects of blood transfusions.

Transfusing blood from young, healthy people – specifically those between ages 16 and 25 – into those who feel that they’re getting on in years could reverse ageing, according to some experts.

That’s not to say it’s restricted to the elderly – anyone aged 35 and up is viable for this service.

PayPal mogul Peter Thiel has made headlines over the past few years for his rumoured interest in this process, specifically related to a start-up company called Ambrosia.

This isn’t new ground for Thiel who has made investments in several medical research start-ups looking at ways to extend life via his Breakout Labs fund.

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We often been told that we can learn an awful lot by paying close attention to what 'globalist gatekeepers' such as 'SNOPES' are trying to 'debunk' and sure enough, back in October of 2018 after both The Sun and The NY Post ran stories suggesting that the global elite were attempting to obtain immortality by using 'young blood', SNOPES wrote a story attempting to debunk them

Yet even the Daily Mail had published this story back on October 4th of 2018 titled "Did Dracula have the bite idea? Americans are paying thousands for infusions of young blood to stave off ageing — and top scientists believe it could workwithin which they immediately brought up the sacrifices of enough young virgins to fill a bathtub with blood so that the 16th century elite could bathe within it, with many of the 'ancient' long believing 'young blood' could bring them powers. 

The Transylvanian countess Elizabeth Bathory reputedly bathed in it, slaughtering enough young virgin girls to fill a tub in the 16th century.

Pope Innocent VIII had it poured into his mouth as he lay in a coma.

Count Dracula, of course, preferred to transform from a vampire bat, mesmerise a young maiden with his unearthly stare and then sink his fangs into her throat. A little theatrical, but it did the trick.

Since ancient times, man has believed not only that our blood is an almost magical elixir but, rather more controversially, that the blood of the young can rejuvenate the old.

'Young blood' has long been seen as shorthand for a positive, invigorating change. And the idea is far older than the Victorian gothic horror novel that spawned Dracula.

The Roman historian Pliny the Elder recorded how spectators would rush madly into arenas to drink the blood of fallen young gladiators, hoping to be infused with their vigour.

In the 15th century, Marsilio Ficino, an influential Italian Renaissance philosopher, recalled how in ancient times certain witches known as 'screech owls' sucked the blood out of infants as a means of growing young again.

'Why shouldn't our old people likewise suck the blood of a youth? A youth who is willing, healthy, happy and temperate,' he asked. And yet scientists and philosophers recoiled in horror.

In the centuries before blood transfusions were developed, drinking the blood of the young and healthy like leeches seemed just too close to cannibalism. 

Yet Dracula may have been on the right track.


While even the FDA recently put out a statement warning that the tranfusions of young blood have no proven clinical benefits for alzheimer's disease or aging, that hasn't stopped individuals or companies from jumping on the 'young blood is the new fountain of youth bandwagon' as the Organic Prepper had reported within this January 2019 story

A clinical trial called “Ambrosia” seeks to discover the long-sought Fountain of Youth – and some scientists believe they’ve found it in the blood of young people.

Unlike most clinical trials, people actually paid to participate instead of the other way around. Patients over the age of 35 ponied up $8000 to take part in the experiment where they get transfusions of young blood, run by Dr. Jesse Karmazin.

Unsurprisingly, the business “experiment” is taking place in Monterrey, California, right on the edge of Silicon Valley.

Is anyone reminded of that creepy medieval countess who bathed in the blood of 650 of her serving wenches to remain young? Some say that Elizabeth of Bathory was the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The blood of young people as the fountain of youth is far from a new idea.

And Ambrosia isn’t the only vampiristic game around.

Ambrosia has some competition on the East Coast. A society gala in West Palm Beach, Florida took place last year to scare a bunch of 60-somethings into dropping some cash to take part an another “experiment” run by Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj. And by some cash, I mean up to $285,000 apiece.

And while this story over at Science Based Medicine reports that 'young blood transfusions' providing health benefits to  older people is the newest 'snake oil' being sold as an 'elixer of youth', as Medical XPress had reported back on June 4th, it appears that this 'snakeoil science' may be somewhat rooted in 'fact'. Sending a loud and clear message our way that the globalists will continue to use this as an attempt to obtain their 'fountain of youth'. But at any means necessary? From Medical XPress.:  

A team of researchers at Stanford University has found synapse-boosting factors in the blood of young mice. In their paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the group describes their study of the rejuvenating impact of blood from young mice when transfused into older mice, and what they learned about it.

Prior research has shown that transfusing blood from young (12 to 15 months old) mice into older mice can reverse some of the signs of aging in the brain and sometimes other parts of the body—a process called parabiosis. While researchers have studied the effect, it is still not clear which factors in young blood provide the rejuvenating effects. In this new effort, the researchers looked deeper into the phenomenon and found two possible answers.

To learn more about parabiosis in mice, the researchers transfused serum from mice between the ages of 12 and 15 months into older mice to study its impact. They also did the same with 15-day-old mice. In so doing, they found that the youngest mouse blood resulted in more pronounced neuronal dendrite branching, a bigger increase in the number of synapses, and a bigger increase in the release of neurotransmitters compared to blood from less young mice.

They also found that it provided more improvements in N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor-mediated synaptic function in the older mice. They next found that applying the young blood to neurons cultured in the lab did the same. And finally, they found that doing so also boosted synaptic connectivity. Conversely, they found that applying serum from older mice to younger mouse neurons had the opposite effect.


With it no longer a conspiracy theory that the elite are using young blood to stave off aging, to what lengths might the ultra-rich go to to obtain the young blood of the innocent? And it is really too much of a stretch to suggest that, with Democrats pushing for Democide in 2019 and abortions of the unborn the leading cause of death in America, that the blood of some of the hundreds of thousands of aborted babies every year is being 'redirected' into the bodies of aging elitists such as Hillary Clinton?

Before discounting such a possibility, remember that prior to Planned Parenthood's aborted baby body part scandal that was thankfully exposed by the Center of Medical Progress back in 2015, nobody would have ever believed that Planned Parenthood was not only brutally butchering babies but then selling their organs to the highest bidder. What happened to all of that baby blood? It doesn't take too vivid of an imagination to see demons like Hillary Clinton drueling over the prospect.

As Susan Duclos had reported on ANP back in 2016 in this story titled "Strange Before/After Images Of Clintons - Global Elite Using 'Young Blood' To Live Longer As Part Of Satanic Rituals? -Anyone Notice That Members Of The So-Called Global Elite Seem To Live Longer By Percentage Than The Rest Of Us?", far too many of the so-called 'global elite' live much longer lives on average than the rest of us 'useless eaters'. How long have such 'satanic rituals' been ongoing? 

As Fellowship of the Minds had reported back in June of 2017 in their story titled "Children are harvested for black-market organ transplant", a highly profitable black market trade in human organs has existed for decades with countless reports of children kidnapped, only to reappear later lacking one kidney, or they simply disappear and are subsequently killed after having all of their transplantable organs removed for profit.

Their story reported "the trafficking in children who are sold for transplantation is well known, but it is too difficult and very dangerous to catch the people involved", especially if the deep state of the United States government has been involved. 

Sage Medical Journals had reported on this sickening practice all the way back in 1998 in this study titled "Children Sold for Transplants: medical and legal aspects" within which they reported on the highly profitable black market trade in human organs.

Soooo, even after reading all of the facts above, do you still think 'young blood' is just a wacky 'conspiracy theory'? Even the BBC had reported back in this 2017 story titled "The super rich are injecting blood from teenagers to gain ‘immortality’".

If you’re a millennial, you might have felt for a while now that older generations are out to suck us dry. B

ut the bloodsucking appears to have become a whole lot more literal.

Because the super-wealthy are now pumping themselves with the blood of young people in an attempt to prevent themselves from ageing. Over 100 people have participated in a clinical trial at a San Francisco start-up offering blood transfusions for older patients. Each procedure costs $8,000 (£6,200) and sees the patient injected with two and a half litres of plasma – the liquid element of blood that remains after other cells have been removed - taken from young people.

How often has 'young blood' been taken from younger people without those younger people having a choice in the matter? That thought alone, especially knowing the satanic nature of the global elite, brings tears to my eyes. As the Center for Medical Progress had reported back in September of 2017, one of Planned Parenthood's partners in the baby murder industry, Stem Express, paid bonuses to employees based upon the sheer number of body parts they could harvest with 'quotas' each day. Think about that, America, when you wonder why, short of full-scale nationwide repentance, God strikes our nation down. 

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