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January 18, 2019

Toxic Feminism Is The Real Problem: Modern Day Feminists Are Angry, Manipulative, Controlling, Racists

- Time For A National Discussion About What Is Actually Destroying Society


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Feminism, as it was back in our grandparents days, was the belief that women and men should have equal rights and opportunities." Then came the second wave, the third wave, and then finally the fourth wave, each one mutating into more and more radical ideology that went from fighting for "equal" rights to demanding "more" rights. Present day feminism is the real problem because these liberal feminists are not just radical, they are dangerous and deserve the word "toxic," far more than masculinity does.

Toxic Feminism as described by the Urban Dictionary, is "An embodiment of double standards and misandry, void of self reflection. Where Third Wave Feminists believe it is ok to behave rudely towards the opposite sex for no reason other than the fact they are male. They condemn what they deem as "toxically masculine" behaviors among men such as competitiveness, love for physical activities, and emotional stoicism. Ironically, they see no fault with their juvenilely privileged and sheltered female behaviors, such as spreading gossip, commenting on one another's cloths, ogling hot guys, and overreacting emotionally to trivial things."



I have spent the better part of the day delving into Feminist websites. I would say poor me, but it was my choice and I am not a victim, despite the constant portrayal on those sites of women always being the victim, bombarding me in almost every article I read on those sites. 

That mindset and mentality is absolutely harmful to women. Convincing themselves that they can't get anywhere because of Patriarchy! Or how they are all part of a "marginalized" group that suffer because others that do not agree with their ideology...... don't agree. In their mind that automatically makes those that disagree with them sexist bigots! They love to spew the terms "white male dominance," and "white male entitlement,"  or "privilege."

One sentence from an article over at the feminist website The Establishment encapsulates the "victimhood mentality continuously seen throughout the feminist movement today. The article was a screed titled "Beware The New Dog Whistle Of The Birth Rate Drop," and the writer at one point said "This has been a pretty good year for women, insomuch that life in a hellscape can be good."

Yes, that is right, in the mind of the modern day "toxic feminist," simply being a woman is a "hellscape."

By the end of the article I noted a link to another titled "Looking For A Comments Section? We Don’t Have One."

I'll admit, I knew what I was going to find, but I wanted to see how they phrased their excuses. Evidently the site was founded by six women, and each explained why they decided not to have comments and, no surprise," because they are victims of people saying mean things to them if they have an an "unmonitored" comment section. One called it "free speech run amok," another claimed "Never once has being called a worthless c*nt contributed to my personal growth. Never once has being threatened with rape inspired intellectual advancement. Nary a single time has being called ugly and stupid enriched my life or society in any way."

They are pretty much admit, without stating it outright, they don't want open dialogue because they don't like what people say about them or their opinions.

As someone with open comments, I can say a comment section can be an informative, pleasant, fun, active place to have great debates and with just Stefan and I being the primary moderators, versus that site having six people as they could have monitoring their site, it is not difficult to enforce a "civility" guideline, if they wanted true dialogue.

They obviously don't because.......VICTIMHOOD!

I could detail examples from some of the 30 "radical feminist" website I found at one link, although many of them haven't posted in months, or the top seven "essential" ones that Bustle recommended, but the examples of hate, anger, calling anyone that disagrees with them "ableists," and the general victimhood mentality examples are too numerous for one article.

I'll admit I refused to go on after I hit the one called "Bitches Magazine." I mean, really?

One last example from an article I linked to in Thursday's piece really brings the victim mindset into focus. The woman was explaining "The Politics of Not Shaving in This Patriarchal Dystopia," and about midway through the article she shared the following story:

And then of course there was my husband, who doesn’t normally seem to care what I look like. While lying in bed one night, I threw my bare leg across his body. When my calf brushed against his, our legs sparked like kindling, and he abruptly pushed me off of him.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“I feel like I’m lying in bed with another guy,” he answered.

What struck me about this interaction was that for years, I’d had a recurring dream in which he is unfaithful and tells me he’s leaving me for another woman. I always assumed it to be manifestation of my insecurity. That night, I had the same dream, but for the first time, our roles were reversed: I was the one leaving him. If feminine grooming is about achieving an ideal — and masculinity ensures power as a birthright, maybe part of me wanted to level the playing field. It’s pretty patronizing to have to jump through hoops just to be allowed into a game that’s rigged against you anyway.

So an obviously heterosexual man marries a woman who previously groomed herself and when she decided to change and he doesn't want to feel like he is sleeping with another man, she is the victim. She changed, he didn't. Sure a woman should be able to do as she pleases, but she has no right to demand that another person "like" it. The assertion that the "game is rigged against you anyway," simply by being a woman, is another great example of the constant "Woe is me, I am a victim," mentality.

A September 2018 article at Collegiate Times, written by Thomas Thorgersen, came to mind when I read that, because Thorgersen pointed out "If you tell someone they are a victim their entire life simply because of their sex, you are creating an illusion and essentially setting them up for failure."

In March of 2018, a self-proclaimed feminist captured the change in what feminism was meant to be from what it has become, writing "Mainstream feminism seems to have turned inward instead of outward. The rhetoric is too often concerned with what women can’t do as opposed to what they can."

Feminism, like other forms of identity politics, has become obsessed with victimhood, in what I consider a seriously disempowering way. It has begun to feel like a religion, with its own strict rules about what women are permitted to say, do and think.



We see the term "mainsplaining" thrown out any time a man dares disagree with a woman and debates his point because these toxic feminists want to control the narrative without any type of discussion. We see them bitterly complain about "manspreading" because a man sits with his knees apart rather than squeezing the boys to the point of pain between tightly closed legs.

We see"white women" continuously criticized if we don't conform to the victimhood mentality or vote the way liberals want us to. We see white men continually attacked as sexist for nothing more than calling a woman pretty.

Now just imagine what we would be called if we constantly attacked "black women" or "black men,"  in the manner they are always attacking whites..... we would be called racists and probably deserve it if that is all we focused on.

So, lets call it like it is...... they are racists. In fact, just recently they cancelled a woman's march for being "too white."

How is that not racism?

I took a look at the USA Today "Feminist glossary because we didn't all major in gender studies," and noticed a few contradictions, or shall say double standards."

For example they define Hostile sexism as "The one most people think about. Openly insulting, objectifying and degrading women." 

Yet feminists consistently and openly insult men on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, degrading them constantly. 

Benevolent sexism is described as "Less obvious. Kind of seems like a compliment, even though it's rooted in men's feelings of superiority. It's when men say women are worthy of their protection (off the sinking boat first) or that they're more nurturing than men (therefore should raise children). It's restrictive."

So the man should just jump off the sinking boat first and leave the woman to fend for herself because he wouldn't want to "restrict" her? Or maybe these feminists would prefer the man replace the word "nurture" with ball-buster and be done with it, yet I bet these toxic feminists would complain bitterly about that as well, because that would be "hostile sexism."

No wonder these people are so angry, miserable and confused, they are offended by anything a man does.

Read the whole list of term for yourself and see if you agree most of them are just ways to manufacture outrage to claim victimhood.


After spending the day immersing myself in feminist articles and browsing through over a dozen feminist websites, I think this country needs to have an open, long discussion on "toxic feminism," because one article cannot hope to capture all the controlling, manipulative, racist, man-hating ways that modern day feminists are using to destroy society.

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