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April 16, 2017

Compare President Trump's Easter, Passover Message To Obama's Anti-Christian Rhetoric And Israel Hatred



By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Throughout Barack Obama's presidency he was criticized heavily for his anti-Christian rhetoric, saying things like "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation," using an Easter Prayer Breakfast to slam Christians as "less than loving," and comparing Islamic terrorism to the crusades, as well as mocking biblical scriptures with comments like "Which passages of scripture should guide our public policy?  Should we go with Leviticus, which suggests slavery is OK and that eating shellfish is an abomination?  Or we could go with Deuteronomy, which suggests stoning your child if he strays from the faith?"

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Those are just a few examples of Obama's anti-Christian bias, but he also enacted policies which were also hostile to Christians here in America, such as his Obamacare contraception mandate which required religious employers to provide their employees with coverage for abortifacients or contraceptives, going directly against their religious beliefs.

Obama also ran the most hostile administration ever to Israel, ending his administration by colluding with anti-Israel entities within the United Nations, resulting in a scathing statement issued by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office, which said "The Obama administration not only failed to protect Israel against this gang-up at the UN, it colluded with it behind the scenes."

It is a new day and America has a new president, one that delivered an Easter and Passover address recently, where he thanked God for the blessings given to America, and the freedom to worship, stating "This Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ and the promise of eternal salvation. It is a holy day of reverence and worship; it is a sacred time that fills the spirit of our nation with the faith of our people."

He began showing his support for Israel, speaking of the Jewish feast of Passover, then going on to say "Down through the centuries, the Jewish people have lived through one persecution after another – and yet, they persevered and thrived and uplifted the world beyond measure. And now, the state of Israel stands as a monument to their faith and endurance."


Gone are the days where Chrtistians are persecuted in America by their own president, and where Israel is treated like the enemy of America.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover everyone!

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