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April 25, 2016

US Social Worker 'Creeped Out' By What She Saw On A US Military Base - Did She Witness Preparation For The 'Final Takeover Of America'? 


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

On Sunday, ANP told you about the latest signs that Hillary Clinton, if elected, will help the United Nations fullfill their long-held goal of finally disarming the American people after statements she made about using executive orders to ensure gun control. When asked if she'd use executive orders to take away Americans guns after a voter responded, she simply said: “Whoa…let the congregation say, ‘Amen'”.

While many ANP readers have rightfully stated that most law enforcement in America and the majority of the US military would likely never disarm law-abiding American citizens, it's also often been warned that members of foreign military's are already in the country, specifically the United Nations 'peacekeeping forces', and they would have no problem doing so, and could be used to carry out the most despicable actions of disarming the American people. 

While some have said the United Nations as a 'global government body' is merely 'conspiracy theory', as we learn in the first two videos below and these linked stories, global government is clearly coming together...and at this very moment. The UN is attempting to leave their mark on everything that is going on in the world, from 'climate change' meetings between 150 nations at the UN to the UN and 'oligarchs' teaming up to 'own the oceans', and as we learn in a new SQAlert below, there are already plenty of foreign troops on US soil and there is no proof that they have Americans best interests in mind. 


How could those who might want to disarm Americans get the right number of foreign troops onto US soil that they'd need to 'get the job done'? As we learn in the latest alert from the website of Steve Quayle, a huge number of foreign troops are already on US soil, many of them from majority Islamic countries and speaking foreign languages, while receiving training at US military bases.

As we have reported time and again on ANP and has been reported elsewhere, a countless number of refugees who may not have Americans best interests in mind have also been allowed into this country. At least one presidential candidate has warned that we may be watching a 'trojan horse invasion' of America unfolding and as we learn in the alert republished under videos, one US social worker was recently 'creeped out' by what she saw while receiving training on a US military base in the state of Georgia, comparing the experience to the movie "Taken"


While we'd love to believe that everybody that she saw at this base who were receiving 'intelligence training' from our own military have America's and Americans best interests at heart, we've seen far too often recently situations that prove that those who are now running America (straight into the ground) have globalist positions rather than the interests of America in mind. In fact, the globalists are clearly in the process of turning America into a 3rd world nation. Threats of ISIS turning America and all of the West into an Islamic State also weigh heavily and are looked at in the last video below.  

It has also been reported many times that when he is finished as US president, Barack Obama has bigger plans in mind and he has frequently been mentioned as the next head of the United Nations. As head of the UN, he could complete his own dreams of becoming 'president of the world' and dismantling America, a job he must take quite seriously if we look at his current body of work. Disarming law-abiding American citizens would give him one more step to impose his will upon the world. 

The SQAlert also gives us a look at an America that most of us never have the opportunity to see through the eyes of a US social worker who is clearly not a 'conspiracy theorist'. Knowing that she was clearly recently 'creeped out' by what she saw on a US military base in Georgia should be a warning sign to all of us. How many more such scenes are now playing out across America? Are they preparing for the 'final takeover' of America?

In the final video below, we hear from Walid Shoebat who connects the dots from an ancient Biblical and historical perspective that fills in the gaps. Shoebat takes the prophecy's of the Bible and connects them to the current days and discusses with us Bible Prophecy and the coming Islamic anti-Christ. Telling us that the Bible itself had so many warnings about the threat of funamental Islam we have to ask, with all that we are now watching in America and around the world, are we now witnessing Biblical Prophecy unfolding and if so, what does that mean for America? 

Ft. BENNING -- She was told they were all there for 'intelligence training.' This may not be unusual, seeing that our military trains everybody on everything, but that fact that my sister noticed it IS.

I'm sure you are aware of this, having contacts in the military, but thought I would send this anyway.

My wife's sister is a Clinical Social Worker for the military and has worked at several different bases over a 10 year span.

Her latest position required her to receive additional training at Fort Benning, Georgia for the last week or so.

Last night my wife was talking to her and she said she felt very uncomfortable around the soldiers there, my wife asked why and she replied that there were a whole lot of middle eastern looking men, in uniforms, speaking a language she did not understand and could not tell if they were talking about her or not. She told her it reminded her of the movie "Taken."

She felt so uncomfortable she declined the only food on base available to her, the on base hotel that served breakfast. Instead she would get food from a little grocer and eat in her room. In the mornings and evenings in the lobby and even in the hallway, she said these men were gathered everywhere.

My wife's sister has always been the "oblivious" type when it comes to personal safety or situational awareness, like living in questionable neighborhoods and never locking her doors, jogging alone in said neighborhoods, driving across country with a vehicle I would not feel reliable enough to go across town.

So for her to notice this, feel very unsafe, and tell my wife about it - it must have been a pretty ominous environment.

She was told they were all there for 'intelligence training.' This may not be unusual, seeing that our military trains everybody on everything, but that fact that my sister noticed it IS. RESPONSE FROM A MILITARY FRIEND: So to add to that I was having to work the San Antonio Fiesta Parade and saw during the night parade....about 30 to 40 military members of all different foreign nations, mostly arab, holding their nations flags, and marching in the parade. Everyone waved at these foreign military persons as if they are our own war heros. Steve, they resembled almost all of the NATO/UN forces. To add that, these foreign militarys have been taking part in this parade for a few years now. To add to that, UNESCO has declared the Alamo a world heritage A world heritage site?

I didn't see any of our current military members March in the parade before these guys. So they were placed first in the parade over our own military. Their colors, national flags, we're held at the same level as our national flag...the Texas Flag, and the American Flag. That's completely disrespectful to all of us vets. But, then again..this is America and respect is only for the LGBT now, not for combat veterans. Which by the way, there were alot of LGBTs in the parade and in the crowd....Man, Montana sounds better and better.


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