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February 19, 2016

Maps Show Increased Mysterious Activity That Could Indicate It Is All About To Come Crashing Down Around Us - Underground Facility Prep By U.S. Gov Kicked Into High Gear?


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

ABC News reports a "mysterious shrieking sound" that is frustrating Forest Grove, Oregon residents, with a quote from a witness and a statement by the fire marshal of the Forest Grove Fire and Rescue, Dave Nemeyer, who states "It's definitely a horrendous noise. I have no idea what the noise is. [The resident] described to us that it was coming from the middle of the street. To me, it sounds like the sound of train tracks, that metal screeching sound, but there are no train tracks near her home ... so that's obviously ruled out."

Obviously ruled out because there are no train tracks nearby...... but what if there are, but they are underground?

We are going to show a series of maps below where we see that "mysterious" sounds, whether booms, hums or noises difficult to describe, but all reported locally across the country, have increased exponentially over the last year, making us wonder if they are being produced underground as the U.S. government kicks it preparations for some "event" into high gear, as we once again compare it to the map purportedly from 1978 of a suspected underground tunnel system which spans the nation.

First listen to the mysterious shrieking in Forest Grove, Oregon, which city officials are unable to locate the source of or even to offer an explanation for.

In April 2015, I took a screen shot of a map where reports of mysterious hums and unexplained noises had been highlighted, asking if the U.S. gvernment had been setting up underground facilities right under our noses, and going back to that same map a little less than a year later, shows that activity has increased by a significant amount.

The first map below is a screen shot of the World Hum Map And Database, which includes reports unexplained sounds across the U.S. - Taken on April 21, 2015:


Next is a screen shot of the same site map taken today, February 19, 2016:


Readers can click here and mouse over individual markers, most have descriptions of what the witnesses are hearing at that location.

The majority of those are being categorized as some type of "hum," and finding an updated comprehensive map of where the strange and still unexplained "booms" have been occurring with increasing frequency has been challenging, but the website Strange Sounds has been documenting, with links to the reports, those types of sounds, and looking at the reports just from the last few months, shows this phenomenon is being massively under-reported by the national news.

Examples of those will be listed below the next couple of maps.

The map below was created by Stefan Stanford in January 2016 after the announcement that over 150 Walmarts were closing down, some of which were newly built. This map is added because in a few of the Walmart closing areas we see not only a number of extra "hum" report markers in the map above, but we also see reports from Strange Sounds around those same areas over the last couple of years.

Whether this is just coincidental or not, we leave to the reader to decide, we are just putting it all out there.


The last map is the supposed 1978 map of underground tunnels, entances, suspected entrances, etc...



We are excluding the reports from other countries, those attributed to earthquakes, military flight tests, and those without a news article report to source the event, from the Strange Sounds list below: (Location names hyperlinked to the reports)

In January & February 2016 there were reports of strange booms in Franklin and Banks County, Georgia- Feb. 1th, Howard City, Michigan on Feb. 11th, New Hanover and Brunswick counties, North Carolina on Feb. 8th, Codorus Township, York County on Feb. 7th, Saint James City, Florida on Feb. 2nd, Sullivan County, New York and Hooksett, New Hampshire on Jan. 31, Southern New Jersey up into Connecticut on Jan. 28th, Charleston and the Lowcountry, South Carolina on Jan. 26th, Ozarks, Arkansas on Jan. 25th, Tracy, California on Jan 22nd, Fayette County, Pennsylvania and New Bern, North Dakota and Elk City, Oklahoma on Jan. 20th,  Wichita, Kansas on Jan. 18th, Shelburne, Vermont on Jan. 17th, Fair Lawn, N.J. and Wichita, Kansas on Jan 16th, Tallahassee, Florida on Jan 15th, Cape Coral, Florida on Jan 14th, Gorst, Washington on Jan 11th, Brook-Iroquois Township, Indiana on Jan 10th, Glen White, West Virginia on Jan. 9th, Shelby County, Ohio on Jan. 2nd.

Note- Also excluded from the list above are reports on social media without a correlating news article.

That is just from January 2nd to February 11th, 2016..... Strange Sounds has an extremely impressive list from 2015, and documents strange noises dating back to the 1990's, showing the increasing frequency over the last couple of years in comparison to before that.

Those interested in this phenomenon should book mark their Mysterious Booms and Rumblings page.


We have seen evidence daily in reports that the U.S government as well as governments across the globe are preparing for something big, some "event," but these sounds, reported in local papers across the country continue to be listed as "strange, unexplained, mysterious," without the mainstream media ever even asking if this phenomon could be coming from below.

If it is coming from underground, we have to ask why it has been kicked into high gear over the last year and what exactly are they preparing for?

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