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August 21, 2016

Illuminati Insider Warns: 'Unknown Consequences About To Be Unleashed' Upon America And The World


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

If anybody reading this had any doubt about what happens to countries once they are in 'full-collapse-mode', what's happening now in Venezuela should be the end of those doubts. As we read in this story from Reuters and hear in the 2nd video below, Venezuela has taken the road all failed socialist, dictatorial government's take, crushing thousands of guns in public (to send a message) and planning out a registry of bullets. As we also read below, an 'illuminati insider' has just warned 'unknown consequences' are about to be unleashed upon America and the world. 

As we're told in their story, Venezuela has the 2nd highest murder rate in the world now and street gangs have taken over parts of cities as budget restraints hamper the police. The Interior Minister of Venezuela, Nestor Reverol, recently stated: "We are going to bring disarmament and peace."

If that phrase in itself sounds familiar, it's probably because of United States Department of State Publication 7277 called "Freedom From War". Written in 1961, their subtitle says it all: 'The United States Program For General And Complete Disarmament In A Peaceful World'. While we'd love to live in a truly 'peaceful world', the fact that the UN might need to disarm 100 million+ peaceful American gun owners for the globalists to reach 'disarmament' doesn't bode very well for 'peace'...especially considering everything else we're now watching unfold across America and the world. 


Many Americans might think the name 'Jacob Rothschild' is only part of some wild, unprovable 'conspiracy theory' but he's all too real and one of the richest men in the world. According to 'Lord Rothschild' in his company's semi-annual financial report released just days ago, the 'world is now seeing the greatest monetary policy experiment in history'

Confirming that we are all merely 'lab rats' as the globalists 'experiment' upon the glue that helps to hold our society together, Rothschild also has warned that 'unknown consequences are about to be unleashed' upon America and the world due to this 'greatest montetary policy experiment in history'. What might those 'unknown consequences' be? 

The story from Brandon Smith over at SHTFPlan is called "How They Will Control The Masses After The Collapse: 'They Only Understand Force'" and in it we're given another look at what our future might look like in America in the not-so-distant future. Warning us that totalitarian government's always 'disarm' a population before they 'crack down' upon it, in the 1st video below our videographer takes a look at this story (excerpted below) in depth and gives us this dire reminder, there really is no way around what is coming.: 

There is an interesting disconnect with some people when discussing the concept of global centralization. Naturally, the mind reels in horror at the very idea, because many of us know, deep down at our core, that centralization is the root of tyranny. We know that when absolute power is granted into the hands of an elite few over the lives of the masses, very bad things happen. No small group of people has ever shown itself trustworthy, rational, empathic or wise enough to handle such a responsibility. They ALWAYS screw it up, or, they deliberately take advantage of their extreme position of influence to force a particular ideology on everyone else.

This leads to resistance, resistance leads to sociopolitical crackdown and then great numbers of people are imprisoned, enslaved or even murdered. This leads to even more resistance until one of two possible outcomes emerges — chaos and revolution or complete totalitarianism and micro-managed collectivism.

There is no way around this eventual conflict. As long as the centralists continue to pursue total power, men and women will gather to fight them and the situation will escalate. The only conceivable way that this fight could be defused is if the elites stop doing what they do. If they suddenly become enlightened and realize the error of their ways, then perhaps we could escape the troubles unscathed. Or, if those same elites all happen to meet an abrupt end and their influence is neutralized, then the world might have a chance to adjust and adapt in a more organic fashion.


With a hungry gang in Venezuela recently breaking into a zoo to kill and butcher a thoroughbred racing horse to eat as shared in this story from The Mirror and Venezuela's President Maduro recently warning that any attempt of a coup against him would meet a much tougher reaction than the recent 'coup attempt' in Turkey, we see how quickly things are spiraling totally out of control in Venezuela as also shared in the 2nd video below from Weaponized News. Has this 'downward spiral' already reached America? 

After the recent death of a criminal in Milwaukee at the hands of police unleashed riots across the city, the sister of the man killed called for rioters to take their anger to the suburbs. According to this story from the Washington Times, CNN inexplicably edited out Sherelle Smith's call for violence, instead stating that she was calling for 'peace'.

However, as this story from Daisy Luther at the Organic Prepper tells us, if civil unrest is coming to 'suburbia', we can be sure that the mainstream media will lie about it. Sharing with us the exact words that came out of the mouth of Smith after the recent events in Milwaukee helps lead us to believe that we're now closer than ever to 'the event'. 

"Burnin down sh*t ain’t going to help nothin! Y’all burnin’ down sh*t we need in our community. Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Burn that sh*t down! We need our sh*t! We need our weaves. I don’t wear it. But we need it. We need our food. We need our gas. Y’all wanna hurt somebody you take that sh*t further out!"

Luther warns us: The threat is real, and it will be coming to suburbia. If not now, soon.

If there was ever a disaster to prep for, this is it.


As we have previously reported on ANP, throughout history corrupt government's have used the disarmament of their population as a means of total control. As has been thoroughly documented during the regime's of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and other brutal, totalitarian dictators, when a population is disarmed, brutal assassinations and mass killings always come next.

With our country possibly heading in the same direction, the fact that Barack Obama has become the 'greatest gun salesman' in US history is only eclipsed by the possibility that Hitlery Clinton might even help America surpass Obama's record. After America reaches the depths of Venezuela, will a 'one-world dictatorial and totalitarian government' really be coming to our once-free country? Not if the American people have any say in the matter.

However, with 'unknown chaos' possibly about to be unleashed upon our world as 'illuminati insider' Rothschild has warned, we'll take the advice of the 'Organic Prepper' and make sure we're ready for just about anything. "If there ever was a time for disaster prep, this is it." The threat is real. We pray for America and all of the free people of the world.


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