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April 12, 2017

'They All Have Blood On Their Hands' - 'Fake News' Establishment Media Complicit In Protecting Murderers, Rapists, And Terrorists


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

In mid-February President Trump set off a firestorm across the internet when he spoke about the ramifications of Sweden's open door policies after he saw a documentary-style segment about the issue on cable news, with Swedish officials supposedly "debunking" his criticisms and assertions and Huffington Post declaring that Twitter users were "giggling" over his "stumble," yet a number of subsequent reports prove that he was correct in his underlying assertion when he doubled down on his original statements by tweeting "Give the public a break - The FAKE NEWS media is trying to say that large scale immigration in Sweden is working out just beautifully. NOT!"



Just days after his original remarks and one day after his tweet shown above, reports came out about riots breaking out in a migrant suburb, with looting, cars being torched and police being attacked, pretty much confirming that yes, there is a huge problem in Sweden due to their open immigration policies.

Since then there have been a number of other reports showing that Sweden has a migrant crisis on their hands and this problem is completely out of control.

On February 20, 2017, Swedish officials were accused of "covering up" migrant rape and refugee violence, all in the name of political correctness, because to accurately report the statistics, would prove those opposed to open door policies correct in their criticisms of allowing millions of migrants into a country without requiring them to adapt to the Swedish way of life, being a deadly recipe for disaster.

Journalist Ami Horowitz told Fox News people high up in the Swedish government are deliberately covering up and protecting perpetrators of rapes to protect "vulnerable" migrants.

During an explosive interview on Friday, Mr Horowitz claimed the refugee violence crisis was out of control but that "European virtues" had put a stop to any discussion on the statistics.

By February 26, 2017, the Daily Mail was reporting that according to Swedish policeman, the majority of the country's rapes and violence were being perpetrated by migrants and politicians were "turning a blind eye."

Things have gotten so bad in Sweden that their postal service has started limiting service to a "no-go" migrant district, halting service to some addresses close to the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby out of fear for their staff. Reports indicate that area is known for "frequent riots, car burnings and a recent attack on police," according to RT.

A quick search for "Sweden migrant violence" brings up about 535,000 results, but the issue is far bigger than just Sweden as the Gatestone Institute has been tracking "Europe's Migrant Crisis," where we see this pattern is being repeated in countries such as Germany, Austria, and France, just to name a few places where their immigration policies have brought about elevated crime rates, including massive sexual assaults on women and children.



When we see reports about massive terror attacks in Nice, Paris, London, Orlando, FL, San Bernardino, CA, among others, including the most recent terror attack in Stockholm, Sweden, as the death toll rises and politicians attempt to hide the statistics that prove it is their own policies that are responsible for those murdered so brutally, it is clear that those politicians themselves have blood on their hands.

Each and every death is on them.


It seems it is not just America's establishment media that is complicit in protecting the open border politicians and leaders from the consequences of their actions, but we see today, the height of absurdity, as Sweden's top newspaper, rather than putting the blame squarely on the terrorists responsible for the attacks, has now called for a "ban on cars," after the most recent attack in central Stockholm, when an ISIS sympathizer hijacked a truck on April 7th and drove it into a crowd, killing 4 people, injuring 15, with nine listed as seriously injured.

Yes, the cars and trucks just drove themselves obviously, the people behind the wheel in attacks of this kind aren't responsible, nor the politicians that have allowed their countries to come to a point where there are actual "no-go" zones due to immigrant violence, much like American leftists tend to blame guns for mass shootings rather than the people pulling the trigger.

Columnist Eva Franchell of the Aftonbladet publication, insists that cars must be "regulated," because they have "turned into deadly weapons."

If people in the future will be protected cars must simply removed from the collection sites and city centers. It is not reasonable for a big truck can be driven right into Stockholm's popular walking street on a Friday afternoon just before Easter. Politicians have been good at protecting themselves, but now they must also ensure citizens' needs for secure environments.

Believe it or not, the suggestion to regulate cars on the streets of Sweden is not just coming from a single journalist, but Sweden's environment minister, Karolina Skog, backs the idea, but not because of terrorists using them to mow down innocents, but for an even more ridiculous reason. 

Cars are sexist!!!!! 

Ms. Skog said that reducing the number of cars on the road is a gender issue because their prevalence in Swedish cities results in men taking space away from women.

"Cars are driven largely by men so by giving a lot of space to cars; we’re giving a lot of space to men — at the expense of women," she explained.


From social media platforms like Facebook to Google using biased, inaccurate "fake" fact checkers, a real discussion, debate and conversation about the dangers of open border policies and the migrant crisis, and the crimes associated with overloading populations with migrants that have no intention of adapting to the countries laws and culture, is being stifled here in America and by censorship across the world.

They all have blood on their hands!

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