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May 24, 2015

What Is Going On In Wyoming/Colorado? Massive Military Movement And Strange Noises, Sirens - NOTE THE DATES! - [Update] - 'Strategic Blocking Of View Integrated Into Train Movements Through Town'

By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


[Update added below the article]

On May 21, 2015
, All News PipeLine was sent photos of massive military movement of assets at the Wyoming/Colorado border, which Stefan Stanford wrote about in a article titled "Colorado/Wyoming In Jade Helm Bullseye - 1/4 Mile Long Military Train Completely Loaded Down - Exclusive All News Pipeline Pictures."

On Saturday a comment was left in the comment section of another ANP article about strange noises being heard worldwide again, but it was the location mentioned that caught our attention, specifically Cheyenne, Wyoming, where strange noises and loud sirens had been heard and reported on in the local news.

The comment/email is shown below:

We live in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the whole city has been hearing this for about a week now. Along with the siren sounds, we are hearing loud booms that shake our walls. The CBS channel news here reported on it and have checked with our air force base and any other agency that could possibly be causing this and they ll deny it was them and are wondering themselves what's causing it. Now this morning, it sounded like an airplane flying over our house, but the sound never left or moved for an hour. Things are getting strange, for sure. As for weather, we have had rain a part of every day for a couple weeks, but nothing out of the ordinary for spring.

Searching for the local reports on this "mysterious" noise and sirens in Cheyenne, Wyoming, an article from CBS5, dated May 21, 2015, details these strange noises and sirens:

A sound rang through the city that can best be described as a siren noise.

"I had them check the siren system that we control that the dispatch center uses to see if there were any alerts, and they showed no alerts," said Cleveland.
So we began an investigation, researching and making calls to the big organizations in town.

We reached out to FE Warren, the Air National Guard, Holly Frontier, and Emergency Management Services here in Cheyenne and got the same answer from everyone.

"It was not our system that made the noise," said Cleveland.

We then turned to Facebook and heard from more than 100 people who heard the noise.

From the east side to the south side, and even downtown, it was heard throughout the city.

Notice the date on the CBS report, May 21, 2015, the exact same date the photos were taken by a reader and published on All News PipeLine, showing a massive amount of military movement being captured on camera on the Wyoming/Colorado border.

(Mapquest screen shot showing Cheyenne's location in relation to the Wy/CO border)

(Google maps screen shot showing Cheyenne's location in relation to Colorado)

Also note in the image below, the sign shown behind the train loaded down with military vehicles, showing "Little America Hotel & Resort," which according to Google is located in...... Cheyenne, Wyoming.


[UPDATE] ANP receieved an email from someone with a very keen eye that notes from the image above the "prepositioned and intentional obscuring of the train passing through town by the placement of the empty train cars" between the town in the background and the military vehicles being transported!


Is it simply another "coincidence" that the very same day our reader took and emailed us outstanding photos of massive militray movement of assets at the Wyoming/Colorado, the local news in Cheyenne, Wyoming reported a series of unexplained "sirens" and "strange noises," being heard at the same location?

You decide.

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