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September 26, 2016

'If You Want To Stay Alive, Stand Up Now' - Liberals Call On Trump To Be Jailed For 'Hate Speech' As War On 1st Amendment Reaches Critical Stage In Obama's 'Orwellian' America


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

The new story from Paul Joseph Watson over at Infowars that Steve Quayle linked to this morning tells us about just the latest sign we're getting that the globalists are preparing to take the next step into totalitarianism as we hear that Google-owned YouTube plans on 'fighting trolls' by 'hiring an army of trolls' to delete videos that they disagree with.

Opening the door to blatant censorship of political opinions that run contrary to their own, we're getting more and more indications that the globalists race to extinguish our borders, cultures and national identities has moved into a dangerous new phase as heard in the 1st video below from Gary Franchi and the Next News Network who tells us that according to globalist Pope Francis, real journalism is akin to terrorism. If this sounds to you like something you'd expect to hear out of an Orwellian novel, you're not alone.

As we were told by Quayle in two SQnotes he left on two stories he linked to this morning, we're clearly witnessing a 'lock, stock and barrel globalist war upon American and European heritage' and 'we better stand up against this racist agenda if we want to stay alive'. With October now only days away, we may be running out of time.


Back on September 1st we were told that YouTube was demonetizing 'controversial' content, a move to punish truth tellers and those who stood against the globalists agenda of terror against the West. We take a look below at several more signs that things are quickly going downhill as they attempt to put the final nail in the coffin of truth while attempting to rewrite history.

We were long ago warned that in times of universal deceit such as we are seeing now across America with the Obama administration, speaking truth would be seen as a 'revolutionary act' and as Franchi tells us, while speaking to a gathering of Italian journalists last week, Francis dropped this bombshell upon the free world:

Speaking to a gathering of Italian journalists Thursday, Pope Francis argued that journalism that peddles gossip or rumors is “terrorism.”

Francis, in his address to National Council Order of Journalists, reminded the audience that he has often likened gossip to terrorism — “how it is possible to kill someone with tongue” — and said, “This applies to individual people — in the family or at work — but even more so to journalists because their voice can reach everyone, and this is a very powerful weapon.”

“Journalism must always respect the dignity of the person,” he continued. “Journalism cannot be a weapon for the destruction of people or even populations. Nor must it fuel fears in relation to changes or phenomena such as forced migration due to hunger or war.”


It's no wonder that in 2016 America, Donald Trump has been declared 'public enemy #1' by the globalists as he has clearly become the main 'truth teller' during this fascinating election year here in America that has finally separated the globalists from those who have promised us truth, even if it's painful truth, and to put America 1st.

As we hear in the 2nd video below, a recent 'social experiment' found social justice warriors signing a petition for the arrest and jailing of Donald Trump for 10 years for peddling 'hate speech'. With 'truth' the NEW hate speech, how long might it be until the internet is completely shut down for pushing anti-globalist viewpoints and the truth about the terroristic-totalitarian political system that wants to enslave us all called 'Islam'?

The new story from Baby and Family magazine in Germany warns that 'blonde, cheerful families' are probably right-wing and likely dangerous. Featuring blonde women and children, their report tells us that 'ordinary parents' must take action against 'right-wing' families as their political ideology has no place in the world.

While the left calls for 'tolerance', they clearly have NO tolerance for views that don't align with their own. Perfectly exemplified by the chaos and insanity that ensued after this SJW crashed a meeting of Conservatives at the University of Kansas recently, with US control of the internet counting down, we may be running out of time on 'real' news here in America.


Should speech be banned because someone thinks it is hateful? As we're told, in universities all across America, special snowflakes and social justice warriors are quite literally 'crying out' for those who express opinions that they disagree with to be punished or otherwise sanctioned. Why should the opinions of SJW's be protected when others are not?

Have we suddenly created a special, protected class consisting of not only 'special snowflakes' but everybody else who the globalists eagerly use as 'useless idiots' in their race to impose their totalitarian views upon the masses?  


As Susan Duclos recently told us in a story on ANP, we get 100% proof that the 'conspiracy theorists' were right all along in their warnings of coming global government straight from the mouth of Barack Obama as also heard in the final video below. Telling Americans that we'll need to give up some of our freedoms as the final push towards world government begins quite openly in front of our faces, we see Orwell's warnings coming true before our very eyes.

Several more stories that have come out over the last several months help to prove to us the direction the globalist agenda is heading as Mike Adams told us over at Natural News back in August, Facebook has already gone nearly full Orwellian, completely censoring stories warning of the dangers of mandatory vaccinations while allowing stories with the phrase 'compulsory immunizations'. In California in August, the state took their next steps towards becoming a full-fledged police state by banning reporters undercover videos such as those that exposed the recent Planned Parenthood scandal.

As the globalists make their final moves to forever silence truth, will we soon go down that rabbit hole that we were warned to stay away from? With a full-fledged attempt to rewrite history and extinguish all of our borders, cultures and national identities, do we really think that those who follow the totalitarian, terroristic form of government called 'Islam' will give up their goals to completely overthrow the West and kill off anyone and everyone who disagrees with them?

As Quayle warned us, if we want our cultures and national identities to stay alive, it's time to stand up against the globalists agenda now - we're ever-so-quickly running out of time. You can reach the White House to voice your opinions on globalism at 202-456-1212 or reach out to your Congressional Representatives by visiting this website. It's clearly time the American people remind our public servants that they are merely 'servants TO the American people', not dictators


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