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July 13, 2015

Warnings Signs Came From The Heavens And Were Ignored! Prophecy Is Unfolding Across The World As Babylon Is Set To Fall!


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

Luke 21:25 - "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring"

The bible warns that there will be "fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven," in Luke 21:11, and in the first video below by Jason A, we see a compilation of news clips and headlines showing that before and after the Supreme Court decision on gay-marriage, what many see as "warning signs" did and continue to occur across the world.

"Off the chart" lightening strikes detected over DC by the DC Lightning Map Array, defeaning thunder from stroms described as the "scariest" witnesses could ever recall with "continuous lightning, pounding rain and roaring winds." 

The skies turned red as did the moon as reported in some of the news clips below as wildfires rage in the West.

A number of events occurred immediately after the Supreme Court ruling as well, including a freak fire at a water park in Taiwan during a gay pride event, which injured over 500 people, and described by witnesses as "hell."

Much more in the first video below, which causes Jason to assert that "prophecy is unfolding around the world."

VERY IMPORTANT!- The second video below a flashback from June 2014, where a stern warning was offered by Steve Quayle, given to him in May 2014,  for those that continue to remain silent and how they will pay a very high price for that silence.

It is critical that those that first saw Quayle's warning, watch it again, and those that did not see it in 2014, watch it now, and think about the events that have happened since it was first given.

Is America the new Babylon and are we set to fall with God's judgment and wrath?


Prophetic word given to Steve - received 2 weeks prior to "Whitestone conference" early morning hours upon waking-may 17th- 2014.

To the Daughter of Babylon and the Great Whore who sits on many waters, My Fury and Wrath is about to be unleashed upon your land and the High Priests and Priestesses who have brought destruction upon your country. You have been sold into slavery and you shall not remember the freedoms of yesteryear as my hand of blessing and protection is lifted. Like a termite eaten foundation crumble, so have your freedoms and blessings been chewed away, by the unrelenting appetite and greed of those you voted for, who have declared their hatred and contempt for all that is just and pure. Oh Nation, poised for destruction, you have broken the covenant of life that I made with your forefathers and whom I blessed with a nation unlike any other in the history of the world. The penalty for idolatry has always been destruction, as the Fallen Ones and their followers can only produce death. The great “Blood Feast” of the evil one is fully under way and soon everything that has been a blessing will turn upon you in an instant and become a curse. Your sweet water will turn bitter and where they were once a source of refreshing, they will turn sour and disappear. The bounty of your fruited plains will turn to dust as starvation takes hold. All the medical advances that once prolonged life and cured those diseases of long ago will be released by he who only comes to kill, rob, and destroy and those who willingly yield themselves to Eternal Damnation.

To my people who sit silently compromising with the Powers of Hell – Do you not know your silence is acquiescence to your own slaughter? Life and death is in the power of the tongue – As you fail to declare my Word and stand for Righteousness you surrender to those who will destroy you,abandoned by the prince of hell who has deceived you. Friendship with this world is enmity with the Living God. Peace at any price is a lie. Compromise is destroying you both of your earthly blessings and will keep you from the eternal reward that I have promised you in my Word.

Now I will speak of the graven images you have set up and allowed in your land, whether Egyptian, Babylonian or Greek idols, I will smite the land of idols, with great quakes which will alter all life as you have ever known it. The statue of the evil ones in the center of your country will bow before me,even as the statue of dagon did before my Holy Ark in the philistine temple. As the earth opens its mouth, I will bring down the vanity and lying lips along with the pomp and splendor of your highest officials who worship the father of lies. Their secret oaths and ceremonies along with their covenants with the prince of hell who I will make known and judge. The burnt offerings of my little ones who were thrown into the arms of Molech will I avenge, for their unquenchable desire for blood will be soon met with the very blood of those who slaughter the innocents and then burn their little bodies as an act of underworld worship. Repent, Stand fast in the Power of my might infused, with the power of my Holy Spirit, and the authority that I have given to you - The only reason that evil triumphs is because my people fail to Stand against it in My Name. Let not sin have dominion over you, for I have given you the Victory if you will but appropriate it by faith and the Power of the Blood of the Lamb.

(Prophetic words above, full text used with permission by Steve Quayle)


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