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July 3, 2016

Perpetual Victimhood: Whining, Crying Millennials Yanked Out Of Their Safe Space By Reality Of The World They Live In 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

The perpetual "victims" are at it again, showing that British millennials have quite a bit in common with American millennials, where they think marching in protest, activism and whining, counts more than a democratic vote, such as the recent referendum in Britain where nearly 52 percent of those that went to the polls decided that the UK should "leave" the European Union (EU) in what has been dubbed "Brexit."

Before showing an outstanding commentary by Paul Joseph Watson, where he provides clips of millennials, who are protesting the Brexit vote, where some cannot even accurately name what the Brexit means nor what would change after exiting the EU, we have to note that while 73 per cent of 18-24-year-olds (millennials) that bothered to vote, cast their votes to "remain" in the EU.... only 36 percent of millenials actually bothered to go out and vote, according to unofficial numbers because there was no "official" breakdown of turnout by age for the referendum.

In the video below, at approximately the 1:30 minute mark, a millenial who is protesting the Brexit vote, is asked to name her "three favorite things about the EU," and her answers show conclusively why the fate of any nation should not be in the hands of millennials, until they have been yanked out of their safe spaces and forced to confront the reality of the world around them rather than the utopian dream-world they prefer to live in.

Her number one favorite thing about the "EU" is the NHS, the BRITISH National Health Service, which for the record was founded on July 5, 1948, by England - United Kingdom,  and has absolutely nothing to do with the European Union.  She also believes that the Brexit means she will no longer be "paid" to go to France.  The last one is absolutely the best, when she says "for me it is about everyone being united together and 'having the same opinion'."

Before that brainiac is highlighted, we see another who is literally crying on the floor because she feels the Brexit will force the closure of her favorite restaurant..... yes, seriously!

The point being that some of those marching for Europe and bitterly complaining about the Brexit vote, do not even have any idea what it was about, what the EU does for or to member countries, or what leaving the EU means.

Watson also points out the millennials are whining that the "old people have stolen their future." While he shows examples, we also see multiple rants online by the millennials claiming the very same thing, without taking responsibility for the fact that the "baby boomer" generation actually used their right to vote, while the majority of the millennials whining now, didn't bother.


Example: Lauren Razavi is a feature writer specializing in business, technology and innovation stories and lives in Norwich, England, published her little whining rant at Washington Post, which includes the following key quotes:

"Overnight, my generation has lost the right to call ourselves Europeans, as well as the right to live, love and work in the 27 other countries of the European Union.Note to Ms. Razavi - You still have that right to live, love and work anywhere you want...... move there!

Then Razavi plays the victimhood card so many millennials of today use when she says "For all intents and purposes, the referendum result is just the latest in a series of attacks on my generation’s future." Note to Ms. Razavi - Using the right to vote in an election or referendum is not an "attack" against anyone, it is part of democracy to which your generation claims to want.

This next point by this whining millennial is truly rich where she states "Soon after came austerity measures that disproportionately affected young people in favor of protecting British pensions." Note to Ms. Razavi - According to the UK Pension Advisory Service, pensioners spent their lives paying into their pension system in order to save for retirement.... it is their money, not yours and if it takes "austerity" to make sure they receive their own money, quit whining about and deal, they worked for it.

You can read the rest of this millennial rant at WAPO.

Moving right along we see more whining reported on by CNN, from those protesting the democratic vote Britain held, where they obviously believe that if they don't like the results of said vote, the "government"  should take "action," claiming there is no plan for the country.

I disagree, the whole point of the Brexit vote was all about action, a vote to be in control of how many immigrants Britain is forced to take in, control over their borders, control of their jobs, and to take back their sovereignty.

USA Today describes how thousands are marching for Europe, with some critics of the millennials whine-fest at losing the referendum describing them as "children throwing a tantrum."

Spot on!

These are the age group, 18-24 year olds, that a recent survey concluded one-third of them suffer an "ostrich effect" about their own bank accounts, are too scared to check their own bank accounts to find out how much money they have, yet they want to protest and offer opinions on their countries economic decisions?

Bottom line is millennials need to grow up, learn that in a democratic election or referendum, the majority wins... period. 


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