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March 11, 2016

Exposing The Elite For Who And What They Are - We Are Now Witnessing The Ultimate 'Reality Show' 


By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine

This is not about what we are seeing in the news (politics) but rather what is happening behind the scenes, specific statements, actions and patterns that have largely gone unnoticed or been downplayed, but which shows us the bigger picture and exposes the so-called "elite" for who and what they really are..... puppet-masters that are watching their carefully crafted long-term plans for America, destroyed.

I heard two things this morning while browsing around for news and together with an excellent, eye-opening comment thread on Stefan Stanford's latest article, where people of varying opinions are trying to make sense of what is being seen played out on the national stage, but more importantly these insightful readers are attempting to look behind the hyperbole and rhetoric to discover what is happening behind the scenes.

That is exactly what we should all be doing.

The first thing I heard during Dr. Ben Carson's endorsement of Trump was his reference to the "establishment" aka the "elite" working at over-turning the will of the people (that video at the end of this article for anyone interested in seeing the endorsement and the Q&A between Carson and reporters)... The second clip I saw was very short, of Marco Rubio stating that this is not "a reality show."

I vehemently disagree with Mr. Rubio, what we are watching play out is the utimate reality show with the media carefully following their scripted roles, the party establishment on both sides attempting to play the same game they have played for decades, the "elite" pulling all their strings.... and Donald Trump, but we can call him "the monkey that threw the wrench in the works" for all it really matters. (For the record, I am not calling Trump a monkey), I am saying this isn't about Trump, Romney, Hillary, Sanders, Cruz, Rubio or any other politician.... this is about Political Theater and how everyone is playing their part, except the American voters.

Notice I did not say the "GOP voters?" That is because we are seeing Conservatives swear they would vote for Hillary rather than vote for the "wrench thrower" .... and seeing tens of thousands of PA Democrats switching parties, Chicago Dems switching parties, Hollywood conservatives speaking out


In June 2015 Stuart Rothenberg exposed the pattern:

Battles for the Republican presidential nomination almost always come down to two alternatives — an establishment-backed candidate with pragmatic instincts and an insurgent (often significantly more conservative) who tries to appeal to constituencies that feel ignored.

And except for 1964, when an insurgent Barry Goldwater defeated a slew of establishment opponents, and, possibly, 1980, the establishment has won these fights to select the party’s presidential nominees.

Rothenberg details examples going back to 1952, showing the historical examples of the playbook and how the "establishment" managed to get what it wanted the majority of the time.

Helping to facilitate this pattern was the willing complicity by the Hell Stream Media, large, influencial newspapers and nightly national news shows, carefully crafting stories, citing anonymous sources and insiders with leaked information, meant to destroy anyone that wasn't "chosen" by the puppet-masters as their "establishment-backed" candidate and their "insurgent,"who is always meant to make voters believe they are really being given a choice.


For the Democrats this pattern is playing out as planned, starting with their "establishment-backed" candidate, Hillary Clinton, and their carefully chosen "insurgent", Bernie Sanders.

This was clearly highlighted by other contenders who have now been weeded out, such as former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, who bluntly told voters the Democratic race was being "rigged" for Hillary... and Former Sen. Jim Webb, who openly declared the debates were "rigged."

Sanders' voters are committed, but they either do not understand or simply do not care that the entire Democratic game is rigged, because they are not standing up to their party. Look at the graph below:


The numbers listed as pledged are delegates awarded from winning state primaries or caucuses and  Sanders is only a little over 200 behind Clinton, but the "unpledged" are Super-Delegates that do not have to respect the will of the voters in their states, but can actually steal a nomination by supporting the candidate that did not win in their respective states..... Clinton has 461 of those to Sanders' 25!!! This puts Sanders down by nearly 650 delegates.

Barring an indictment for Clinton's classified email scandal..... Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee, because the establishment party leaders rigged the process because that is who they chose before it ever began.

It has all been theater and I would lay odds that the majority of Sanders' voters will pull the lever for Clinton in the general election, despite knowing the whole game was rigged because they are willing to continue following the script written by the political "elite."


While many commenters were quite insightful on Stefan Stanford's article referenced above, one specific one will be shown below because it encapsulates the political revolution we have seen play out in the Republican party, but more importantly, the implosion of the carefully planned and scripted GOP political theater of what was supposed to happen versus what has actually happened as voters threw away their script.

Via reader enfp:

Whether Trump becomes President or not, he has already accomplished something very significant. He is showing us all the true colors of the Republican establishment in that they would rather support Hillary than someone they do not control, that both parties work together to bring us closer to a feudalistic one world government, that secret societies are an important influence on politicians, and other such things.

It is my personal belief that the establishment, political class, elite, whatever you want to call them, had decided that Jeb Bush would be their "establishment-backed" candidate, Marco Rubio would be their backup and Ted Cruz would be their "insurgent."

No one was really worried about billionaire Donald Trump, after all he had been floating the idea of jumping into presidential elections for years, but never actually announced he was running, always stopping just short of jumping into the fray.

Until June 16th, where he announced he was running and listed a number of points as to his reasoning for running, but by and far the most controversial statement was "When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

By the next day the media, pundits, politicians, and the establishment were declaring Trump dead in the water..... as he continued to rise in the polls, until he next controversial statement... rinse, repeat...... wash, rinse repeat again.... you get the point.

The media played their part in trying to marginalize him, evidenced by the now laughable Huffington Post article on July 17, 2015, declaring they would not be covering Trump in their "political coverage" because he belonged in "entertainment" because  "Trump's campaign is a sideshow."

By December 7, 2015, Arrianna Huffington declared "We Are No Longer Entertained,'.... and Trump was back in their "polical coverage."

Trump kept rising, appealing to those that wanted to hear some brutally blunt honesty, the political class started worrying, the "establishment-backed" candidates Bush and Rubio started sinking in the polls almost as fast as Trump was rising. (Jeb has already dropped out and there is talk that Rubio should do so as well)

Trump has led in the polls since shortly after he announced his run, he is now the frontrunner of the GOP race and has won more primaries and delegates, to date, than any other candidate.

The voters threw away the establishment script.


The synopsis of what I have observed since June 2015 when Trump announced, resulting in the headlines that started once the "establishment" realized that Trump wasn't imploding but was exploding into peoples homes, gathering supprt for the "outsider," has exposed said establishment for the manipulating entity it has become.

In whatever search engine you use, type in "GOP establishment panics over Trump," or GOP establishment Stop Trump," and take a look at how badly they reacting to voters that won't "obey", won't follow the script, the antics they are proposing from a brokered convention to "stop trump," to pulling out the failed 2012 presidential candidate, Mitt Romney," who once praised Trumps abilities (when he was begging for Trump's endorsement), in order to "stop trump!"

Look at some of these headlines:

Oracles Limbaugh and Beck Are Summoned in GOP Panic Over Trump

To stop Trump, GOP establishment must rally around Cruz

Extraordinary Tactics As GOP Foes Struggle To Sop Trump

Inside the GOP's late push to stop Trump

Inside The Republicans Part's Desperate Mission To Stop Trump

The problem is, Trump isn't the one at the primaries and caucuses casting votes..... the people are. So the campaign to "stop Trump," is exactly what Dr. Ben Carson called it, a campaign to overturn the will of the people.


The so-called "elite" are now in such a panic that they are exposing themselves for who and what they are. Manipulators that have been "selecting" presidential candidates for decades, puppet-masters who wanted "we the people" to have the illusion that we were "electing" a presidential candidate but have now given up on caring how blatant they are being in order to thwart the will of the people, liars that are willing to cheat and steal to insert their carefully chosen puppet into the position of United States President, someone they know they can control.

Ladies and gentlemen, contrary to Rubio's opinion that this is not a reality show..... I call it the ultimate reality show that has now exposed the entire corrupt process for what it really is.

I see people ask all the time "Would Donald Trump make a good president?" I would ask..... "Would Hillary Clinton?" We also hear the question "Is Trump part of the NWO plan?' I cannot say with 100 percent certainty that he isn't or he is, but I do know with 100 percent certainty that Rubio, Cruz, Clinton, and Sanders are all part of the political establishment and career politicians, and therefore are part of the NWO plan.

Either way, I have no doubt that should Trump become president, you will find us here (not just ANP writers, but readers as well) taking him to task on issues we disagree with, while supporting his stances on the issues we do agree with. 


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