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February 26, 2016

'We Are On Dangerous Ground' - The X-Files Finale Ties To Dead Doctors Across America And What The NWO Has Planned Next - 'They Won't Know What Hit Them'


By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

It has often been asked, does art imitate life or is it really the other way around? 

In the new story on NPR called: 'Pandemic' Asks: Is A Disease That Will Kill Tens Of Millions Coming, we're told epidemiologists are bracing themselves for the next 'big one', a disease that could kill tens of millions of people in the coming years. Expected to happen within the next two generations, we're told it will likely sicken billions while killing over 165 million and costing the global economy about $3 trillion dollars. 

Anybody who appreciates 'conspiracy theory' who watched the season finale of the X-Files on Monday night took notice of how many aspects of the story definitely mimic events we see happening in the 2016 world we live in. The 6-episode mini-series began with a crash course in 'present-day conspiracy theory' in the 1st episode (as shared in the 4th video below) and ended its brief season with a look at the possible 'end of the world', an end brought on by 'global contagion' and the intentionally weakened immune systems of humanity and a mysterious 'Spartan virus'. We also learn the plan to finish off humanity has long been in the works. One reviewer tells us this about the episode.:

“My Struggle II” saw the long-teased depopulation scheme finally being put into effect, with a shadowy cabal of men (and not of the little green variety) behind it all. And rather than super soldiers pulling the trigger, a viral outbreak was going to be responsible for reducing the planet’s population by billions. Turns out the viral assassin had been implanted in the marked victims via the smallpox vaccine.

Listen very closely to the words in the 1st video below from X-Files producer Chris Carter, a video called "The Truth Revealed: Is This The End?," straight from The X-Files YouTube channel. Is this a warning to the world?

"I don't know if we have ever had an episode in the mythology that's been quite as important to humanity and the world. The stakes have never been higher." The video fades out with..."they won't know what hit them."

As we're told here by Carter, with Fox Mulder attempting to figure out who the 'syndicate' is, he goes missing, leaving it to Dana Scully to not only find him but to deal with what might be the beginning of the end of the world. Hospitals overfilled and shelters overrun, Scully tells us: "We're witnessing the advent of a global contagion....we're all going to be exposed." Are we now being told the truth through art? Much more below. 

Dating back to 1994, Steve Quayle has kept extensive lists of mysteriously dead scientistsbiologistsphysicists and doctors who had met their untimely endsBeginning back in 2015, Erin Elizabeth at Health Nut News has also been keeping us updated on the mysterious deaths of an ever-growing number of medical doctors, many of them holistic and working with patients on ways to improve our immune systems to fight off such diseases as cancer.

Were we witnessing back then, and are we witnessing now, a situation where those who might be able to best help us through a pandemic are being 'taken out', prior to and during 'the big event', an event that, according to the 'art' in the X-Files, has been ongoing since 2012? What better way to make sure 'they wouldn't know what hit them' then to 'take out' our early warning system, and those who'd know how best to deal with such a situation?

In this next clip from the show, we hear that the contagion would likely spread global and that if it didn't kill you, something else would. Do they know something that we don't know? Was Carter trying to tell us something through his art that, if he tried via words, people would label him a 'loony conspiracy theorist' or he'd simply be 'eliminated' for opening his mouth?

While some didn't like this X-Files revival, if its goal was awakening humanity to many different currently held 'conspiracy theories', it hit the ball right out of the park and more. Read this critical review from the NYPost.:

“The X-Files,” then, is just picking up where it left off. With a lot less skill and a lot less deftness, certainly; as the great TV recapper Alan Sepinwall wrote after the finale, “Carter has lost all grasp on how to write these characters and this show.”

It’s too bad Carter is so inarticulate, because he clearly has a sense for the fears — warranted or not — that have swirled through the public’s subconscious since the 1990s. Indeed, they may have only amplified as the world has become increasingly interconnected and the global elite has grown more vocal about the dangers the common man poses to the “common good.”

Wasn't that statement right there a confirmation of what the 'global elite' have been trying to deny for many years, their own existence? No wonder some people aren't 'big fans' of the X-Files. 


The next video is an excellent compilation of X-Files clips that help to tell the story in a way that mere words are unable to do. This video combines excerpts from a couple different shows this season to tell us what the world is really up least via 'art' Chris Carter's 'art' a real warning to humanity about what this 'secretive cabal' has planned for us?  

Also, is it just a coincidence that so many medical doctors have recently met their untimely deaths, many of whom were staunchly opposed to vaccines, the method of transmission of the 'Spartan virus' which threatens to wipe out humanity in this 'art' called 'The X-Files'? Are we witnessing art bordering on the cutting edge of reality? Or is this some kind of predictive programming? The 'solution' to the Spartan virus is to be injected with alien DNA. 

Before the final videos, we'll close with a look at this episode from Deus Nexus who offers us a rather interesting take at a very interesting story that, whether just art, predictive programming or a dire warning to the world ended their season on a very unpredictable note of where the future's going to go showing once more, art and reality are virtually unseperable. 

The episode postulates that a virus, the Spartan Virus, was concealed in the Small Pox Vaccine, which when activated, causes a wide spread failure of people’s immune system, leaving them susceptible to any simple virus or disease. Microwave radiation was used as a trigger. The result is a worldwide pandemic.

Fox Mulder’s purpose in this episode is to confront his old nemesis, the Smoking Man, and basically present a sane argument against the illuminati plan for depopulation. We get a glimpse at the elite mindset, that the world is going to hell anyways because of an an out-of-control, over-population of unwashed non-elite masses.  To justify their end, the elite always seem to paint the un-illuminated population as mindless parasites on the ecology of the planet, when in fact it is the illuminated elite that consciously and consistently behave like alien parasites. 

“Aliens predicted all of this, they saw it happening to themselves.” – Smoking Man

“So you plotted your end game.”  – Fox Mulder

“I just changed the time table. Everyone still dies in the end.” – Smoking Man

And here we have the real agenda – the depopulation of the ‘worthless eaters’ from the planet so that the illuminati elite can take over and shape the world as they see fit.

“They won’t know what hit them, but their fates were sealed since birth. They’re simply puppets.” – Smoking Man

In the next video below from Sgt Report they gave us an excellent breakdown of the 1st episode of the X-Files from this year when the show gave us an entire dump of conspiracy theory related material. From global genocide to chemtrails to banking collapse to alien deception to FEMA camps to martial law, this video gave us a great look at where the X-Files revival was headed in this 'revival' season in the 1st episode alone.

The final three videos below looks at the 'dead doctors, vaccines and depopulation' conspiracy theory that will likely one day be proven to be much more than just mere 'conspiracy'. As KafkaWinstonWorld tells us in the 2nd video, nagalese is in vaccinations. Vaccinations are proven to break down the immune system. Is this what Carter was trying to warn us about? In the final video below we learn that doctors are being killed for trying to save our children from the dangers of vaccines.

Was the X-Files show this year a case of art mimicking life via Chris Carter getting himself and the show up to date with present day 'conspiracy theories'? Was the show simply predictive programming or something much more, a dire warning to the world? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below. 

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